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Atheists need their own ordination just to compete bucolic_frolic Feb 20 #1
that is an interesting concept rurallib Feb 20 #3
More emboldenment than brainwashing. The Grand Illuminist Feb 21 #25
I'm sure the Satanic Temple would be very interested DBoon Feb 21 #26
Priestly counseling led to attempted rape in my life rurallib Feb 20 #2
Paging Freedom from Religion Foundation. no_hypocrisy Feb 20 #4
Calling The Satanic Temple... eggplant Feb 20 #5
This sounds like a job for Lucien Greaves and The Satanic Temple! Gore1FL Feb 20 #6
They will want to include the Godly advice in Genesis 19:32-35 Permanut Feb 20 #7
they should also see the sep of church and state segment along with treaty of tripoly re sec 14 AllaN01Bear Feb 20 #9
Roger that, and the Danbury Baptist letter. Permanut Feb 20 #15
they the rs keep shoving the same stuff on us over and over and over again. AllaN01Bear Feb 20 #8
High school teenagers can't wait to have some Bible thumper tell them what to do dalton99a Feb 20 #10
Letting potential pedo 'ministers' into school pfitz59 Feb 20 #11
The easy cure is for rabbis and imams to volunteer TomSlick Feb 20 #12
I highlighted the statement that really raised my hackles... slightlv Feb 20 #14
Keep your kids protected from the three "C's". republianmushroom Feb 20 #13
What did happen to "the separation of church and state??" Rhiannon12866 Feb 20 #16
These Christian fascists get on my last nerve. SamKnause Feb 20 #17
So, this gives those "youth pastors" a larger Bettie Feb 21 #18
Yuck Owl Feb 21 #19
I've seen this movie. limbicnuminousity Feb 21 #20
Personally I would like any minister accepting such an offer to suffer severe consequences. LiberalFighter Feb 21 #21
cant the FFRF get involved? Theyve got great lawers... samnsara Feb 21 #22
I've been to a few weddings where the groom's best friend/college roomate/younger brother has obtained a..... EarnestPutz Feb 21 #23
Does it allow non believers Conjuay Feb 21 #24
I suspect any student opting out would get severly beaten by other students DBoon Feb 21 #27
Way to open the schools up to Pedo's kimbutgar Feb 21 #28
Texas does this Zincwarrior Feb 21 #29
It's voted on in each district TexasBushwhacker Feb 22 #30
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