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you dont debabte a psycho criminal. Dont diginify TSF. Blues Heron Apr 14 #1
I agree. I couldn't watch those debates. President Biden had to scream and interrupt . He mucifer Apr 14 #5
Don't wrestle with pigs. Buzz Fledderjohn Apr 14 #29
And don't play chess with pigeons Ponietz Apr 14 #58
I didn't see it that way. Prez Biden fought fire with fire. The tinpot dictator wanabe does not know how to debate so onetexan Apr 14 #81
+1... myohmy2 Apr 14 #6
Bad idea indeed. Magoo48 Apr 14 #11
+1 dalton99a Apr 14 #32
"Will you shut up, man!" William Seger Apr 14 #34
But azureblue Apr 14 #56
Pres Biden is ok with it as long as shithole respect.................................... Lovie777 Apr 14 #2
Yes, and the news organizations have done a very poor job of enforcing any rules. tanyev Apr 14 #12
Absolutely Rebl2 Apr 14 #42
He won't nor will the moderators do anything about him,which is worse IMO Bengus81 Apr 14 #13
That's the thing Novara Apr 14 #16
Yeah, unless the mute mics and glue Trump to the floor it will be a problem better avoided dutch777 Apr 14 #22
Put up a phyiscal barrier between the candidates wnylib Apr 14 #79
Trump needs the debate, President Biden doesn't gab13by13 Apr 14 #3
Biden reply?: FalloutShelter Apr 14 #45
"... and debating a pathological liar is pointless, anyway." William Seger Apr 14 #50
Bring up that Trump lied more than 30,000 times while in office. LiberalFighter Apr 14 #60
About those bogus polls that show Trump ahead or close, gab13by13 Apr 14 #4
It's not the popular vote I'm concerned about...it's the SayItLoud Apr 14 #38
They need to stop treating this as normal tulipsandroses Apr 14 #7
I hear Cheeto Benito's dance card is full already EYESORE 9001 Apr 14 #8
The voters expect a debate. everyonematters Apr 14 #9
I think this is the first time that a Presidential debate is unnecessary. 70sEraVet Apr 14 #69
What do the voters want? everyonematters Apr 14 #70
MSM just wants the eyeballs and advert dollars. Biden's answer should be "NO" CousinIT Apr 14 #10
They know there will be chaos durablend Apr 14 #30
Debate what nowforever Apr 14 #14
No debates. Allow journalists to interview them with the same questions bucolic_frolic Apr 14 #15
Of course they are. They have to have a freak show for ratings!!!112!11! PSPS Apr 14 #17
Probably... Mike Nelson Apr 14 #18
They feign concern for the American public, when they constantly misrepresent TSF as normal to create a horse race so keopeli Apr 14 #19
If Biden does agree, BlueMTexpat Apr 14 #20
Fuck the news organizations. SamKnause Apr 14 #21
Totally correct! Bo Zarts Apr 14 #25
Only if I get to write the introduction, which goes like this: jaxexpat Apr 14 #23
IMO it's should be like the 14th Amendment, Sec. 3. brush Apr 14 #24
No! Hope22 Apr 14 #26
I'm with Olbermann on this. sybylla Apr 14 #27
Never wrestle (debate) with a pig (serial liar/sex offender)...the pig loves it and all you get is muddy. n/t CincyDem Apr 14 #28
You don't debate with a Rapist. You toss his ass in jail, chuck the key Traurigkeit Apr 14 #55
Fuck the so-called "news media". The only thing they want is to create a carnival JohnSJ Apr 14 #31
It's a trap. Don't do it. Auggie Apr 14 #33
Catch and Kill Time Again? Dear_Prudence Apr 14 #35
There is entertainment value (RATINGS) in the traitor's incoherent verbal diarrhea dalton99a Apr 14 #36
Damned if do or don't by the media: SayItLoud Apr 14 #37
Fuck them dalton99a Apr 14 #39
Thought: Throw it back on the news orgs. SayItLoud Apr 14 #40
Yes. Explain how they will cut Donny's mike if he goes over, tanyev Apr 14 #48
Biden should debate. a) He's excellent, and b) He has a good record to run on. Qutzupalotl Apr 14 #41
Fully agree BeyondGeography Apr 14 #57
A debate that includes Trump would only be a sideshow. hay rick Apr 14 #43
I hope Biden says NO. MadMike47 Apr 14 #44
And then wear it. onecaliberal Apr 14 #53
No reason to even answer them as far as I can see. efhmc Apr 14 #74
It's not 2020 and Biden has nothing to gain by debating Chump FakeNoose Apr 14 #46
I'd like to see a "debate." I would like to see Biden wipe the floor with Trump. I would like to see Trump humiliated. Doodley Apr 14 #47
6 weeks from now Biden will have the excuse that the president will never debate a felon erodriguez Apr 14 #49
When recons put up a legitimate candidate who isn't running for Putin we can talk. onecaliberal Apr 14 #51
Voting for Biden even if he stays in his "basement for next 8 months." But, think he has to debate if trump shows up. Silent Type Apr 14 #52
President Biden should say, or Dark brandon would say -Pound Sand- @44-0134s Traurigkeit Apr 14 #54
They got some nerve! Xoan Apr 14 #59
Press is being Disingenuous VeryProgressive Apr 14 #61
The last time they debated, Trump lied about having Covid... Mawspam2 Apr 14 #62
Ignore them, Joe. truthisfreedom Apr 14 #63
The GOP, on Trump's orders, withdrew from the debate commission in 2022 Fiendish Thingy Apr 14 #64
I dont think Biden should do it. There's just no upside for him. oldsoftie Apr 14 #65
No Debate(s) needed. The ACTIONS of President Biden and The Rapist speak for themselves. Traurigkeit Apr 14 #66
Don't bite, Joe! lastlib Apr 14 #67
Like Everyone One Is Saying modrepub Apr 14 #68
I would Rebl2 Apr 14 #71
If they do, NO LIVE AUDIENCE Raven123 Apr 14 #72
That these corporate media profiteers want a horserace debate is out of the question. ancianita Apr 14 #73
Why would Biden want to share a stage with an adjudicated sexual offender nakocal Apr 14 #75
Why should our President stage left Apr 14 #84
It's for network dollars, plain and simple. NoMoreRepugs Apr 14 #76
Garbage!! They just want extra clicks. Biophilic Apr 14 #77
Not unexpected. The media want their circus. Aussie105 Apr 14 #78
Trump can commit, no problem. He will just lie and make excuses later. keithbvadu2 Apr 14 #80
☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️ PortTack Apr 14 #82
Only on condition that it take place in the evening when Mr Demento is sundowning... Hekate Apr 14 #83
Bloody hell... NanaCat Apr 15 #85
Fuck No! Blue Idaho Apr 15 #86
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