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Mon Dec 2, 2013, 03:52 PM Dec 2013

Tea party activist: ‘Jesus Christ is weeping in heaven’ over pope’s criticism of capitalism' [View all]

Source: Raw Story

Yet another conservative has taken issue with critical comments made by Pope Francis on capitalism and “trickle-down” economics.

Tea party activist Jonathon Moseley published a World Net Daily column Sunday that challenged the pope’s interpretation of the Bible, saying that Jesus had addressed his comments about helping the poor to individuals, not the government.

Moseley, a Virginia business and criminal defense attorney, supports his claim with a verse from the Book of Luke in which Jesus declines to act as arbitrator when someone asks him to compel a brother to divide their family inheritance.

“In just one verse, we see that God rejects the left-wing ‘Jesus Christ supported socialism’ heresy,” Moseley writes. “When Jesus was asked to support redistribution of wealth — to tell one brother to share the family inheritance with the other — Jesus refused.”

Read more: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/12/02/tea-party-activist-jesus-christ-is-weeping-in-heaven-over-popes-criticism-of-capitalism/

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Read the fucking Book dickhead. Turbineguy Dec 2013 #1
Catholicism isn't really about The Bible. stopbush Dec 2013 #114
You're right. Borchkins Dec 2013 #126
Wrong. There are 3 readings daily from the Bible for every Catholic Mass. Tigress DEM Dec 2013 #128
That is a very nice post. NCarolinawoman Dec 2013 #156
May I remind you that the Pope is INFALLABLE? maxsolomon Dec 2013 #2
I think he was right in the money on this one. Pope is a liberal, so was J.C. olddad56 Dec 2013 #67
+1. n/t Laelth Dec 2013 #135
Is Moseley actually a Catholic? nxylas Dec 2013 #72
Actually not. Scootaloo Dec 2013 #79
I don't think you understand the concept of "infallibility" pertaining to the pope. It Cal33 Dec 2013 #81
I don't think you understand that my post was a joke. maxsolomon Dec 2013 #146
The pope is only infallible when speaking Ex cathedra. Those pronucements are very rare Katashi_itto Dec 2013 #136
A pope hasn't spoken Ex Cathedra in decades. Mz Pip Dec 2013 #141
Seriously man Scairp Dec 2013 #158
The Pope is infallible only when speaking Ex Cathedra Fortinbras Armstrong Dec 2013 #167
that's some powerful stupid there - n/t Locrian Dec 2013 #3
Except didn't Jesus ask his followers to give up their worldly goods CJCRANE Dec 2013 #4
Didn't he say it was easier to get a camel through the eye of a needle Ace Acme Dec 2013 #33
Probably a mistranslation. A single letter distinguished "camel" from eridani Dec 2013 #123
Actually, there is (or was) a gate from Jerusalem called the Eye of the Needle.... Tigress DEM Dec 2013 #129
That's a bit revisionist Sgent Dec 2013 #185
Yes, and he told them to pay their taxes, too Jack Rabbit Dec 2013 #85
But it's God's paper money, can't you see? Ace Acme Dec 2013 #98
"In God we trust" is the US national motto Jack Rabbit Dec 2013 #100
Are you trying to imply that God isn't an American? DisgustipatedinCA Dec 2013 #116
I can easily be mistaken about this. WinstonSmith4740 Dec 2013 #104
He was actually attempting to avoid getting torn to shreds by an anti-Roman mob or eridani Dec 2013 #124
And Jesus told the rich young man to sell all that he had, give it to the poor, and come follow him. Ikonoklast Dec 2013 #106
Liars Augiedog Dec 2013 #5
+1 freshwest Dec 2013 #101
Jesus + heaven = make believe stopbush Dec 2013 #6
link please leftyohiolib Dec 2013 #10
Here ya go: stopbush Dec 2013 #15
Thanks for that link! NastyRiffraff Dec 2013 #52
That site's blog agrees with the Pope. rug Dec 2013 #82
Or maybe The Pope reads that site... stopbush Dec 2013 #83
People criticizing other people's beliefs equals reality. CBGLuthier Dec 2013 #14
Like politics... as they exist nowhere but our imaginations. LanternWaste Dec 2013 #37
Samuel Johnson, speaking circa 1760 Fortinbras Armstrong Dec 2013 #168
Just when you think they cannot say anything SoapBox Dec 2013 #7
The Stupid! It burns! n/t Fortinbras Armstrong Dec 2013 #170
Tea Party types do not believe in Jesus or the Bible Gothmog Dec 2013 #8
As long as it enables them christx30 Dec 2013 #27
Fat lot of good he's going to do up in heaven. Orrex Dec 2013 #9
Jesus is coming and boy is he pissed! Ace Acme Dec 2013 #35
Don't forget jehop61 Dec 2013 #11
I have dgibby Dec 2013 #70
Cuccinelli + Catholicism = Virginia + Tea Party MNBrewer Dec 2013 #71
Cuccinelli + Virginia + Tea Party = Demo Sweep Jack Rabbit Dec 2013 #86
That, too! MNBrewer Dec 2013 #119
Teahadists know nothing about Jesus Christ. nt onehandle Dec 2013 #12
They got it wrong...... trusty elf Dec 2013 #122
Meanwhile in heaven albino65 Dec 2013 #13
What you have done to the least of these, you have done unto me Maeve Dec 2013 #16
best way to reply to a fundy: in their own language. BlancheSplanchnik Dec 2013 #56
Isaiah 32 :5-8 Bandit Dec 2013 #62
From King James version Bandit Dec 2013 #64
Isaiah kicked some biblical ass, didn't he? n/t bitchkitty Dec 2013 #171
Maybe JC's weeping because Moseley can't read. nyquil_man Dec 2013 #17
Quite possible!! nt Tigress DEM Dec 2013 #130
He's referring to Luke >>>> Roland99 Dec 2013 #18
its called cherry picking weissmam Dec 2013 #25
It's even worse than that, really! Roland99 Dec 2013 #26
"not rich toward God"....this is what pukes will never understand: BlancheSplanchnik Dec 2013 #59
Total misinterpretation Dollysmom Dec 2013 #60
Exactly. Great post and welcome, Dollysmom! The Wielding Truth Dec 2013 #65
And welcome Dollysmom zeemike Dec 2013 #76
welcome to du.... madrchsod Dec 2013 #84
Welcome to DU blue14u Dec 2013 #96
I hate to nit pick, that passage has NOTHING to do with Government happyslug Dec 2013 #121
Yep Dollysmom Dec 2013 #139
He's not weeping. He's too busy deciding which football teams get to play in bowl games this year. progressoid Dec 2013 #19
Jesus sure did want Auburn to beat Alabama last Saturday. olddad56 Dec 2013 #68
:>))))))))))))))))) pangaia Dec 2013 #80
HILARIOUS underpants Dec 2013 #90
Bwahahahhahahaha! Baitball Blogger Dec 2013 #20
I thought there was no SADNESS in Heaven? So no TEARS, right?? JoePhilly Dec 2013 #21
Remember that op-ed that argued Goldman Sachs is holier than Mother Theresa? Dopers_Greed Dec 2013 #22
Are they trying to make more atheists? tblue Dec 2013 #23
wow weissmam Dec 2013 #24
YES! Just look at how Jesus loved on those capitalists in the Temple courts! Oh wait. Never mind! yellowcanine Dec 2013 #28
I don't think capitalism even existed back then. Rozlee Dec 2013 #47
But they were practising the greed and corruption part. nt Tigress DEM Dec 2013 #131
Probably the real story behind the actual execution of Jesus. Rozlee Dec 2013 #137
It was the ONLY time he ever went OFF on anyone like this. There was a point to this. Tigress DEM Dec 2013 #157
I have no idea what you interpreted from my post. Rozlee Dec 2013 #169
According to the Bible, Jesus fashioned a scourge and went about beating his stopbush Dec 2013 #95
Cool story. You invented it from nothing, but I like your style. DisgustipatedinCA Dec 2013 #117
I'm not that creative. The story has many sources: stopbush Dec 2013 #118
Thanks for the link. It's informative. DisgustipatedinCA Dec 2013 #120
My point was that back in the day, the Jews accepted the exchange rate fee stopbush Dec 2013 #143
Not completely, but he is taking the side of the money changers. Tigress DEM Dec 2013 #133
NOT fellow human beings as it were - Money Launderers who constantly overcharged during the exchange Tigress DEM Dec 2013 #132
According to one Jewish-sourced site I referenced above, stopbush Dec 2013 #147
There ARE many churches that operate on a business model and for various reasons. Tigress DEM Dec 2013 #159
They hate Catholics SansACause Dec 2013 #29
for the Red Scare, everything they said about the Commies was what they'd been saying about the Jews MisterP Dec 2013 #50
Sorry Loser colsohlibgal Dec 2013 #30
Guy probably doesn't remember Jesus and the moneylenders sakabatou Dec 2013 #31
rec'd because xtain nonsense should be broadly displayed.... mike_c Dec 2013 #32
They just have no idea what's in that book, do they? Arkana Dec 2013 #34
Oh please! Iliyah Dec 2013 #36
Remember when Jesus called the Caananite woman a dog? stopbush Dec 2013 #94
Remember when Jesus cursed the fig tree? nt Ace Acme Dec 2013 #99
In many respects, Jesus was a fairly loathsome creature. stopbush Dec 2013 #113
That was a later interpolation in an era where Mithraism was a serious competitor to Christianity eridani Dec 2013 #127
So sayeth the Cha Dec 2013 #38
No! Jesus is weeping in heaven because heaven05 Dec 2013 #39
Better to go with a Protestant preacher of "personal prosperity". Bible be damned. n/t pampango Dec 2013 #40
Catholic School 50 years ago HockeyMom Dec 2013 #41
Just one verse Mr. Sabbath Dec 2013 #42
Lucifer is snickering in Hell over Moseley's twisted defense of capitalism Jessy169 Dec 2013 #43
Well, here is some other New Testament stuff mindem Dec 2013 #44
None of which actually refutes Moseley's central point nxylas Dec 2013 #74
Jesus Christ never lived in a nation like ours and did not advocate overthrow of the ones He did jwirr Dec 2013 #45
Only in America would the public tolerate this crap. Spitfire of ATJ Dec 2013 #46
Hey, Catholic League guy! Are you going to put up with this shit? Paladin Dec 2013 #48
That is a great point. Where is he? hrmjustin Dec 2013 #51
The Jesus I worship is not a conservative. hrmjustin Dec 2013 #49
"Teasus" KansDem Dec 2013 #53
Ridiculous Jack Rabbit Dec 2013 #63
Well, there's always this one... KansDem Dec 2013 #138
Unexpected Pope Bonus: JHB Dec 2013 #54
The gummint . . . Dollysmom Dec 2013 #55
Here is a good cartoon about the tea party and Jesus Gothmog Dec 2013 #57
Actually, there was a response from Jesus mindem Dec 2013 #58
I truly dislike religion Buck Stopin Harry Dec 2013 #61
Welcome to DU blue14u Dec 2013 #105
thanks much Blue Buck Stopin Harry Dec 2013 #145
And then there is this... Sophiegirl Dec 2013 #66
Obama stated it so succinctly in 2008 rurallib Dec 2013 #69
LOL riverbendviewgal Dec 2013 #73
So what chapter and which verse? These two Bible aspects are strangely absent. That's what 12 years mulsh Dec 2013 #75
Christ does like to appear in a lot of store bought food items Blanket Statements Dec 2013 #77
Mr. Moseley is a major nut job jberryhill Dec 2013 #78
These idiots are dumber than a box of rocks.... Swede Atlanta Dec 2013 #87
Pic and website underpants Dec 2013 #88
If arrogance had a face, this is what it would look like. QuestForSense Dec 2013 #97
Christ the logician. rustbeltvoice Dec 2013 #89
That is a fantastic post underpants Dec 2013 #92
Amazing & thank you Caretha Dec 2013 #103
Well, thank you too. rustbeltvoice Dec 2013 #109
Welcome to DU blue14u Dec 2013 #108
Thank you, Blue 14u. rustbeltvoice Dec 2013 #110
"Jesus never said the government should help the poor," is a favorite rightie talking point Lydia Leftcoast Dec 2013 #91
I think there was a local taxation right to most roman's provinces....nt Sand Wind Dec 2013 #152
But the bulk of it still went to the Romans Lydia Leftcoast Dec 2013 #154
Right, there is that.... Sand Wind Dec 2013 #155
He no ctsnowman Dec 2013 #93
I wonder if the USA would be a "Xian nation" if everybody realized stopbush Dec 2013 #150
These people are truly INSANE. RBInMaine Dec 2013 #102
Eat shit, 'bagger. In case you didn't notice, no one gives a damn what you think. DisgustipatedinCA Dec 2013 #107
Jesus told me that teabillies need a come to Him meeting and quick. marble falls Dec 2013 #111
The Bible Is Far More Leftist Than Right Wing TomCADem Dec 2013 #112
I can thump that Bible right at them. I say they're going to hell. If they act up, I repeat myself! freshwest Dec 2013 #115
Then why does Jesus say that heaven is a kingdom, rather than a democracy? stopbush Dec 2013 #151
Jesus NEVER called himself King. Tigress DEM Dec 2013 #161
+1 Thoughtful post, Tigress. n/t Beartracks Dec 2013 #164
Jesus never called himself a king? stopbush Dec 2013 #172
You are taking it out of context. A) He's being accused of trying to disrupt Roman Rule. Tigress DEM Dec 2013 #173
Sorry, but Jesus thinks he's a king. stopbush Dec 2013 #178
He knows who he is, but not any type of Earthly king and if you don't get that.... Tigress DEM Dec 2013 #183
B) To get to Heaven, you need to break from ALL the BS. You took Matthew 25 out of context also. Tigress DEM Dec 2013 #174
So, if a person lives an exemplary life but renounces Jesus entirely, what then? stopbush Dec 2013 #179
Well, if you renounce Jesus entirely, why would you want to be in Heaven anyway? Tigress DEM Dec 2013 #184
You should read your Bible, because right now, you're just offering opinions. stopbush Dec 2013 #186
C) About the Canaanite woman... had to look it up - not a Biblical scholar Tigress DEM Dec 2013 #175
Wow, you've really ramped up the apologies for Jesus this time. stopbush Dec 2013 #180
I think you put your own spin on it too. Tigress DEM Dec 2013 #182
You're making stuff up to apologize for Jesus. stopbush Dec 2013 #187
Yes, Dufus, those are tears, but in all fairness, I think Jesus is laughin' at y'all. Tigress DEM Dec 2013 #125
How un-Christian can these people be? Laelth Dec 2013 #134
Mr. Moseley must have read a different book. AGREED nt Tigress DEM Dec 2013 #160
Typical 'merka tea-party idiot. Take one quote out of Dash87 Dec 2013 #140
The religion of women and slaves was not going to please a Tea Party asshole. n/t Orsino Dec 2013 #142
Jesus would say, "Go hang out with the money-changers. I'll get my whip and be right there." FiveGoodMen Dec 2013 #144
Jesus was not into any "isms" whatsoever. Indi Guy Dec 2013 #148
Even on World Nut Daily he's catching flak mainer Dec 2013 #149
I'm starting a debate here : Christian's economics theories. Link : Sand Wind Dec 2013 #153
I never saw anything in the New Testament that seemed to me a vision of an economic system struggle4progress Dec 2013 #162
And a Tea Party govt would ensure there are plenty of poor for us to take care of. n/t Beartracks Dec 2013 #163
Rightwing god is a real dick. blkmusclmachine Dec 2013 #165
Absurdity upon absurdity. mwb970 Dec 2013 #166
shouldn't this be posted in the Religion forum? 2banon Dec 2013 #176
Heresy. burnsei sensei Dec 2013 #177
Jesus dies fo somebody's sins DBoon Dec 2013 #181
Moseley quit reading that text as soon as it became a bit challenging struggle4progress Dec 2013 #188
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