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9. They're starting here by charging 3rd party billing with renters
Tue Jan 31, 2012, 08:56 PM
Jan 2012

...this is where the unmetered resident in an apartment building gets a "pooled" billing in addition to their rent and other utility bills (electricity, phone). This is where they take the number of units (or sometimes the number of residents living in the unit), divide the bill by that number and then bill their residents. In the past landlords included water in the rent because if it isn't paid by them, their property can get a lien put on it. Now they can charge high rent AND claim the water bill is also part of the deal. The reason they do this is that they are leeching even more off the residents.

Some problems with this arrangement is that residents have no control over usage, even if their curb their own like they could improve the cost if it were individually metered (which the landlord is too cheap to do). The management or landlord can use the water for their gardens, leave it on all day, use it whatever way they want and add to this cost and assume their residents will pay for it, so who cares?

The most insidious about this "third party" billing is that the same companies that are the billers are also the same companies involved with the takeover of water in developing countries. Where in places like Argentina, they even claimed caught rainwater was "owned" by them and therefore anyone doing this was "stealing".

3rd party billing is creeping into communities all over the nation. FIGHT IT!

Cat in Seattle

Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Jan 2012 #1
You're welcome, polly7 Feb 2012 #17
If anything this will push societies to the breaking point, as more people and the environment Uncle Joe Feb 2012 #19
Fuckers. a simple pattern Jan 2012 #2
Good God - if they do this we are Smilo Jan 2012 #3
Occupy! WHEN CRABS ROAR Jan 2012 #7
*IF* they do???? Water privatization has been going on a for a long time. NYC_SKP Feb 2012 #22
Seems all these guys can do is steal, steal, steal. JDPriestly Jan 2012 #4
Oh HELL no. Richardo Jan 2012 #5
Well I see the World Bank has not abandoned its disaster capital policies even thought they are jwirr Jan 2012 #6
Profit for the 'right' people. Octafish Mar 2012 #24
Of course as Cenk would say. jwirr Mar 2012 #26
Undoubtedly, the Corporate-Hacks will steal our water out from under us truedelphi Jan 2012 #8
They're starting here by charging 3rd party billing with renters mntleo2 Jan 2012 #9
HUGE K & R !!! WillyT Jan 2012 #10
I think Noam Chomsky says it best: marmar Jan 2012 #11
Next they will steal the remaining breathable air.. . . . .n/t annabanana Jan 2012 #12
The corporations want to sell you the sky Ichingcarpenter Feb 2012 #13
And if they get their hands on our water, they will sue you if you collect rainwater. n/t fasttense Feb 2012 #14
Has already happened according to BrendaBrick Feb 2012 #20
Another Enron model... IthinkThereforeIAM Feb 2012 #15
glad to see Maine is not on their list yet magical thyme Feb 2012 #16
How Ironic sulphurdunn Feb 2012 #18
Mother fuckers! Boycott Coca-cola and Nestles. n/t Hotler Feb 2012 #21
Putting water back in public hands polly7 Mar 2012 #23
Make no mistake about the privatization of everything under the sun including nations' water Uncle Joe Mar 2012 #25
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