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k&r; this is a grotesquely wasteful neoliberal "reform" that's harming our children n/t zazen Mar 2014 #1
Rec! progressoid Mar 2014 #2
Wow. zeemike Mar 2014 #3
Sadly... Plucketeer Mar 2014 #4
Thank you for bringing some valuable attention to this totally truedelphi Mar 2014 #5
She just describes a math problem, and incorrectly claims there's only one correct answer process. SunSeeker Mar 2014 #6
Right wing, I see. The concepts she highlights that are being taught, do they make sense to you? Jefferson23 Mar 2014 #10
She just describes a math problem, and incorrectly claims there's only one correct answer process. SunSeeker Mar 2014 #11
She was dishonest about how the children would be marked incorrect if they did not pick the Jefferson23 Mar 2014 #12
Yes, she was dishonest. Just like the right wing link you gave was regarding the NEA position. SunSeeker Mar 2014 #14
Yes, the New American stated their position, what did they get wrong? Jefferson23 Mar 2014 #17
The NEA does not oppose Common Core. The Mom lied about there being only one correct process. SunSeeker Mar 2014 #21
Then you did not read your own link which I stated I used in my previous post to you: Jefferson23 Mar 2014 #23
That was not at my link, and does not evidence opposition to Common Core. SunSeeker Mar 2014 #25
It is at your link, on the left hand side column. If you do not listen to your oppostion you will Jefferson23 Mar 2014 #27
It is you who will not listen. SunSeeker Apr 2014 #78
Do you not understand that her concern is the inefficency and bizarre manner in which the math Jefferson23 Apr 2014 #79
Yes, I understand the Mom in the video doesn't understand the technique. SunSeeker Apr 2014 #97
I am genuinely happy to hear that your son is thriving. Jefferson23 Apr 2014 #98
If there is "more than ample evidence..." BlueState Mar 2014 #15
Certainly: Jefferson23 Mar 2014 #18
Just an advisory, "New American" is a John Birch Society website. alp227 Apr 2014 #80
Yes, alp, they are right wing and they are voicing along with educators on the left and those Jefferson23 Apr 2014 #84
Everyone knows that it is better to count on fingers than use math. LiberalArkie Mar 2014 #13
It's the math problem that's the problem. rocktivity Mar 2014 #16
I never even heard the term "counts around" before this thread. nt valerief Mar 2014 #70
Same Here erpowers Apr 2014 #103
Agreed, SunSeeker cannondale Apr 2014 #82
Thank you. My son is actually being taught math with these techniques. SunSeeker Apr 2014 #96
It's as if they wanted the children dumbed-down. DeSwiss Mar 2014 #7
You quote a fictional character to try to make your point. idendoit Mar 2014 #39
I quoted a fictional character. DeSwiss Mar 2014 #41
In the future I'll be sure to dismiss what you say.... idendoit Mar 2014 #44
No need. DeSwiss Mar 2014 #46
*sticks fingers in ears* idendoit Mar 2014 #47
LOL SunSeeker Apr 2014 #99
She doesn't even come close to obliterating anything! BlueState Mar 2014 #8
The problem is not that no one could do the division, but that the don't understand that jtuck004 Mar 2014 #26
.... DeSwiss Mar 2014 #43
How original. BlueState Mar 2014 #63
I am far from a mathematician but this doesn't seem like a division problem to me. A Simple Game Apr 2014 #88
I missed the part where she obliterated anything. Gore1FL Mar 2014 #9
The Biggest Fallacy of the Common Core Standards Jefferson23 Mar 2014 #19
You should have posted that in the first place BlueState Mar 2014 #20
BlueState, the woman in the video is a Mom, and it does not matter whether she is a Republican Jefferson23 Mar 2014 #22
It does matter that she is lying BlueState Mar 2014 #24
She is not lying, she has a disagreement, clearly. If this approach, Common Core, is Jefferson23 Mar 2014 #29
She has every right to disagree BlueState Mar 2014 #35
She is not correct about how the work sheets were marked and why? Jefferson23 Mar 2014 #36
Yes she is not correct about the worksheets BlueState Mar 2014 #40
Yes, and they do not understand it, why is that? She did not lie, the children were told they were Jefferson23 Mar 2014 #45
I don't look foolish at all. BlueState Mar 2014 #48
For crying out loud, the children are not learning. Jefferson23 Mar 2014 #49
Who says the children are not learning? BlueState Mar 2014 #50
Funny you keep relying on untrustworthy accusations at me to make a point when you are not correct: Jefferson23 Mar 2014 #52
You do know that there are more than 132 Catholic educators in this country don't you? BlueState Mar 2014 #54
Fallacious arguments? I don't believe you know the meaning of that term. You have demonstrated Jefferson23 Mar 2014 #55
I'm not dismissing anything BlueState Mar 2014 #58
No, I have not done any such thing, I posted a variety of sources across numerous demographics Jefferson23 Mar 2014 #59
You are too funny. BlueState Mar 2014 #60
Keep laughing and ignore the politics behind the decisions of those you trust and continue to Jefferson23 Mar 2014 #62
599 educators is not "the majority of all educators" questionseverything Apr 2014 #102
The woman is either ignorant about math or lying. She is completely wrong A Simple Game Apr 2014 #89
You can't "fix" education just by adopting "higher standards." You need HEALTHCARE, universal RBInMaine Mar 2014 #69
Sorry, but as a parent of kids who are using common core.... blackspade Mar 2014 #72
I sat down and did homework with my 4th grade granddaughters mountain grammy Mar 2014 #31
With good reason. It is not an approach that we, as advocates for children, should support. Jefferson23 Mar 2014 #32
I am afraid for our children BlueState Mar 2014 #37
Yea, me and all those top private prep schools who refuse to adopt it. Jefferson23 Mar 2014 #38
You can hardly evaluate any curriculum based lexington filly Mar 2014 #28
She gave one example to highlight the issues behind Common Core. n/t Jefferson23 Mar 2014 #30
I'll give you an example of the "issues" behind cannondale Apr 2014 #83
You find there are no issues with Common Core, is that correct? Jefferson23 Apr 2014 #86
"who I would have thought you would be familiar with, Jason Zimba and William McCallum" cannondale Apr 2014 #87
Your snark is weak. Non-teacher comments are not the only problems for supporters of Common Core. Jefferson23 Apr 2014 #90
"She gave one example to highlight the issues behind Common Core." cannondale Apr 2014 #93
I have followed my own thread and the Mom's example does in fact represent a serious flaw. Jefferson23 Apr 2014 #95
I wonder if the common core sulphurdunn Mar 2014 #33
The goal needs to be to correct mistakes and do better. We should be able to do that and we Jefferson23 Mar 2014 #34
I actually agree with the points in this article BlueState Mar 2014 #42
Wow. I love rational people! Helen Borg Mar 2014 #51
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ blkmusclmachine Mar 2014 #53
Sure, it was a simple division problem. rickford66 Mar 2014 #56
Thank you BlueState Mar 2014 #61
When the students "count around", what are they actually doing? I've never heard the valerief Mar 2014 #71
I believe a teacher at a blackboard would show the students better rickford66 Mar 2014 #74
snip*There is no evidence that those who study these standards will be prepared for careers, Jefferson23 Apr 2014 #77
There is no system which satisfies everyone. rickford66 Apr 2014 #91
I think we need to be very careful with decisions like this, we owe it to the students. Jefferson23 Apr 2014 #92
A few decades ago Thespian2 Mar 2014 #73
probably true rickford66 Mar 2014 #76
This parent is shebornik Mar 2014 #57
No matter what your test score is, your job is going to India until they pass TPP... pragmatic_dem Mar 2014 #64
Wonderful! Well done, Mom! I only hope the School Board gives a damn. Scuba Mar 2014 #65
Outstanding! pacalo Mar 2014 #66
Well done. blackspade Mar 2014 #67
Wow, if Common Core is like that example she gave, it's a whole lot of SHIT. nt valerief Mar 2014 #68
As a math teacher, I'd have to disagree cannondale Apr 2014 #85
perfect rickford66 Apr 2014 #94
States Finding New Names to Rebrand Common Core By dianeravitch Jefferson23 Mar 2014 #75
A math teacher addresses the concerns about Common Core math. alp227 Apr 2014 #81
Wow. Thanks for the link! I think I finally understand what my kid is doing...I think. SunSeeker Apr 2014 #100
Progressives are not behind the Common Core agenda from what I have read. Jefferson23 Apr 2014 #101
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