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120. Supporting Sanders Simply Makes the Most Sense
Fri Mar 18, 2016, 03:32 PM
Mar 2016

When you strip away all the hoopla, propaganda and hype, then examine the record and rhetoric and finally do so with an open-minded attitude it becomes crystal clear that we have a phenomenal opportunity in the Bernie Sanders candidacy. I won't say that we are any less biased here but I will say that I have never lived anywhere more open to and allowing for diversity of thought, expression and way of being. Compound this open-mindedness with better than average education demographics and a deep appreciation for our beautiful environment, add in an unsustainable macro-economic system, changing global climatic conditions and finally an authentic change candidate and there is only one conclusion - supporting Bernie Sanders simply and overwhelmingly makes the most sense.

And to be clear, we are not angry here. We are enthused to have easily the best choice in a generation to support and caucus for. Happy days are here again.

Yes Indeed! Here come all his wins! JimDandy Mar 2016 #1
This is sad but, I heard Hillary use the word Revolution yesterday. I need to get my Flip-Flop juxtaposed Mar 2016 #2
Shut the front door! dorkzilla Mar 2016 #9
the 'R' is silent in her version tomm2thumbs Mar 2016 #11
LOL. nt Snotcicles Mar 2016 #25
And you are summing up why the caucuses will be unpleasant. LisaM Mar 2016 #106
It's a sad, worn staple.. appalachiablue Mar 2016 #24
I wish had indeed turned the page. Skittles Mar 2016 #40
Lest we forget. dchill Mar 2016 #102
I needed this laugh! Samantha Mar 2016 #116
For sure! :-) appalachiablue Mar 2016 #117
I heard f*#king Sarah Palin use it too Matariki Mar 2016 #42
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery - dragonfly301 Mar 2016 #97
It's also a form of theft. dchill Mar 2016 #103
All I can say is...why vote for the imitation, when you can have the REAL THING (no, not Coke!) flor-de-jasmim Mar 2016 #3
Tell it! n/t RoccoR5955 Mar 2016 #4
March 26, I will drive through wilderness to roguevalley Mar 2016 #99
Dreading the caucuses. LisaM Mar 2016 #5
+1000 Capt.Rocky300 Mar 2016 #17
I'm in Colorado BadWolf21 Mar 2016 #77
GO HUSKIES? Is that rght? pangaia Mar 2016 #6
Also known as "The Dawgs"! Capt.Rocky300 Mar 2016 #19
In that case. "GO DAWGS!" pangaia Mar 2016 #59
Go Cougs! JimDandy Mar 2016 #80
I live in NY, what do I know? pangaia Mar 2016 #93
Huskies on the west side MorningFrog Mar 2016 #118
As in Gonzaga? pangaia Mar 2016 #119
We're counting on it! tk2kewl Mar 2016 #7
Oh, please, please do!!! n/t FourScore Mar 2016 #8
Go Washington! zentrum Mar 2016 #10
I like your style. avaistheone1 Mar 2016 #12
Can you promise me he will win BIG!!!???? Helen Borg Mar 2016 #13
Cross my heart. nt Flying Squirrel Mar 2016 #72
Even as a Hillary supporter, I'd be VERY surprised if WA isn't strong Bernie. Amimnoch Mar 2016 #87
Why do they support Bernie so much? Is it because they are more like Vermont? Pot? Jitter65 Mar 2016 #94
Bernie has a message that resonates deeply with a large number of people. Amimnoch Mar 2016 #98
Because they like to go for outsiders. They used to call it the Soviet of Washington, too..... LisaM Mar 2016 #105
Supporting Sanders Simply Makes the Most Sense BBG Mar 2016 #120
Wonderful! Duval Mar 2016 #14
I welcome your Spirit, Go for it! Now or Never, WE CAN DO THIS PEOPLE- appalachiablue Mar 2016 #15
There are shenanigans going on here in..... Capt.Rocky300 Mar 2016 #16
She wins in light turnout... BBG Mar 2016 #20
I've also heard that the local (Seattle) Sanders people are pushing people to submit affidavits LisaM Mar 2016 #22
Actually, the shenanigans with affidavits is out of HRC's campaign... ReallyIAmAnOptimist Mar 2016 #61
You might want to make this its own post in GDP ... Fantastic Anarchist Mar 2016 #91
I didn't get anything from either side LisaM Mar 2016 #130
I agree. Voter fraud is such a big problem in this country. Elmer S. E. Dump Mar 2016 #63
It's not but they need to scrap the caucuses. LisaM Mar 2016 #65
I absolutely agree that caucuses should switch to primaries. Elmer S. E. Dump Mar 2016 #70
OMG! I bet whoever selected that date SheilaT Mar 2016 #101
It messes me up and I will likely make a religious exemption and email my affidavit. LisaM Mar 2016 #104
I also just checked the date for Passover this year. SheilaT Mar 2016 #107
I'm actually not a huge fan of early voting myself. LisaM Mar 2016 #108
Yes, that happened, but it's SheilaT Mar 2016 #109
1) yes, it did change the results in Minnesota , and 2) voter participation hit an historic low LisaM Mar 2016 #110
Sounds like Washington state isn't handling SheilaT Mar 2016 #113
I'm absolutely not against absentee voting LisaM Mar 2016 #115
Plus... bvar22 Mar 2016 #121
Election fraud is the problem. Fantastic Anarchist Mar 2016 #92
There were 500 affidavits in 2008, and 30,000 now. This is because-- eridani Mar 2016 #128
Print flyers post them everywhere that the other flyer is a lie! We are in a fight now. bkkyosemite Mar 2016 #27
Tried and true: voter suppression efforts Divernan Mar 2016 #45
We did get a very high quality Bernie flier.... Capt.Rocky300 Mar 2016 #53
Its a GREAT Mailer & I also got a card letf @ door that told me where... Rockyj Mar 2016 #62
I just saw one that told people to get there at 9:00! They start at 10:00. LisaM Mar 2016 #112
IMO, these types of shenanigans Jenny_92808 Mar 2016 #56
I agree 100% Art_from_Ark Mar 2016 #90
Good grief! none of that crap in WA-07 eridani Mar 2016 #83
Despite Bill's efforts BBG Mar 2016 #18
Just confirmed with the wife, she got one too..... Capt.Rocky300 Mar 2016 #21
Call your media and tell them to put this on the news...we are in a fight...it is escalating on bkkyosemite Mar 2016 #28
how do they know this? redruddyred Mar 2016 #86
Alaska's is on the 26th, also. Blue_In_AK Mar 2016 #23
The MSM (CNN JUST NOW) is playing dirty bkkyosemite Mar 2016 #26
Oregon will follow in the same way:) litlbilly Mar 2016 #29
pushing voters out is the best way to drum up support and determination tomm2thumbs Mar 2016 #30
YES !!! agracie Mar 2016 #31
Get the kids for Bernie out to vote! Dont call me Shirley Mar 2016 #32
Learned something at our practice Mock Caucus yesterday Mike__M Mar 2016 #33
hopefully their enthusiasm will carry the day tomm2thumbs Mar 2016 #46
Let's hope.... Jed28 Mar 2016 #34
hell yeah Tragl1 Mar 2016 #35
Following you the next week in Wisconsin! AllyCat Mar 2016 #36
I'm a Wisconsinite for Bernie too! Elmer S. E. Dump Mar 2016 #64
Me neither AllyCat Mar 2016 #66
California will be almost last, but certainly not least. LibDemAlways Mar 2016 #37
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Mar 2016 #38
That's great! dpatbrown Mar 2016 #39
Go Washington! We're with you in spirit! Show us how it's done! in_cog_ni_to Mar 2016 #41
Haven't seen any polls.. Obama won 67% in 2008 Flying Squirrel Mar 2016 #71
I wish we had primaries Matariki Mar 2016 #43
I'm a night owl, but Flying Squirrel Mar 2016 #73
I am a big fan of caucuses quiller4 Mar 2016 #123
Won't happen unless there is voter registration by party eridani Mar 2016 #129
Go, Bernie...GO!! AzDar Mar 2016 #44
K&R tomm2thumbs Mar 2016 #47
It will be too late. If EVERY ONE of the delegates in the next 8 states, pnwmom Mar 2016 #48
Admittedly in the minority in WA, but I'm caucusing for Hillary. nolabear Mar 2016 #49
Me too Buzz cook Mar 2016 #85
Another Hillary voter here quiller4 Mar 2016 #124
I'll be running my precinct caucus. floriduck Mar 2016 #50
Good luck to you! Mike__M Mar 2016 #54
Back at ya, Mike. nm floriduck Mar 2016 #55
Darn Right!!! WishfulThinker Mar 2016 #51
Must be a lot of lo info voters redstateblues Mar 2016 #52
As if our votes will count scscholar Mar 2016 #57
Can't toss a caucus vote. Flying Squirrel Mar 2016 #74
Rubio/Bernie? fierywoman Mar 2016 #58
I Remember When We Beat The Russians In Hockey JGug1 Mar 2016 #60
I'll be there, rallying the troops! GOOOOOOO BERNIE!!! BigBearJohn Mar 2016 #67
Wonderful. As far as I can see there is absolutely no reason jwirr Mar 2016 #68
ab-so-fucking-lutely. nt JEB Mar 2016 #69
Fucking A, I'll be there! chwaliszewski Mar 2016 #75
This message was self-deleted by its author winterwar Mar 2016 #76
I would not be shocked if Bernie took every county!!! CoffeeCat Mar 2016 #78
I would be surprised quiller4 Mar 2016 #125
Show us. Show the *show me* state. Lead the way! Hiraeth Mar 2016 #79
Kick and R BeanMusical Mar 2016 #81
He may indeed win this state MFM008 Mar 2016 #82
Bernie in Key Arena Sunday 3/20!!!! eridani Mar 2016 #84
We need Bernie Wilferrari Mar 2016 #88
k&r disillusioned73 Mar 2016 #89
Just pre-registered FrostyAusty Mar 2016 #95
Bernie will be just across the river from the "American Oasis" on Sunday. You know what that means. DrBulldog Mar 2016 #96
Since about 30 states have already voted, they're not going to follow. George II Mar 2016 #100
I see the new thing is hijacking the state groups so Bernie Group posts get on the front page. nt SunSeeker Mar 2016 #111
Kick aikoaiko Mar 2016 #114
Bwahahahaha! Over a million votes and 800 delegates behind. NYC Liberal Mar 2016 #122
is this necessary? Skittles Mar 2016 #126
it can't get here soon enough to suit me. nt silvershadow Mar 2016 #127
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