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10. The latest outrages in Afghanistan should focus our attention toward these core problems....
Sat Jan 18, 2014, 07:52 PM
Jan 2014

and Iraq again...........
Has the number of countries with economic-realted terrorism increased or decreased? rug Jan 2014 #1
Given the fashion for terrorism in the world today, likely increased also. dimbear Jan 2014 #2
Yes, edhopper Jan 2014 #3
No, we should do it because it would be stupid to ignore, deliberately or otherwise, reality. rug Jan 2014 #4
And what is your reality? edhopper Jan 2014 #6
Reality doesn't take the second person possesive. rug Jan 2014 #7
What is the reality you speak of edhopper Jan 2014 #8
Economic reality. rug Jan 2014 #9
I think that edhopper Jan 2014 #12
No Danish cartoonist was killed over a Mohammed cartoon. rug Jan 2014 #13
the pro-life movement is because of economics? edhopper Jan 2014 #14
The criminalization of abortion is economics based. rug Jan 2014 #15
so you think the Pope edhopper Jan 2014 #16
He doesn't. The Koch brothers do. rug Jan 2014 #17
And the religious convictions of the billions of people edhopper Jan 2014 #18
I find "poppycock" and "ridiculous" to be persuasive arguments. rug Jan 2014 #19
Not arguments edhopper Jan 2014 #20
Apt is in the eye of the beholder. rug Jan 2014 #21
Difficulty with reading comprehension? edhopper Jan 2014 #22
The difficulty is not mine. rug Jan 2014 #23
I did post this a few days ago and it didn't draw much attention. cbayer Jan 2014 #5
The latest outrages in Afghanistan should focus our attention toward these core problems.... dimbear Jan 2014 #10
Yes it should. It should also be noted that religious intolerance is cbayer Jan 2014 #11
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