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2016 Postmortem

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22. The Constitution delegates the right to run Presidential elections to the states
Sun Apr 24, 2016, 02:33 PM
Apr 2016

as long as the rules are outlined in the state constitution. In Florida, about a year or two or so before Election 2000 a mayoral race was overturned and the person occupying that chair was ejected and the opposition party installed. The latter had filed a lawsuit and won.

Florida revised its State constitution over this. When Election 2000 became a controversy, the Bush* campaign was using the superseded rules; the Gore campaign was using the new and correct rules.

The Florida State Supreme Court should have had the last word on that election. "The right to vote is paramount." It opened its finding with those words ordering a recount to continue. That should have been it.

The United States Supreme Court had zero standing to interfere. But once it jumped in, the laws it cited for halting the recount were laughable on their face. That Safe Harbor law was written right after this Country was formed. States sent their slate of electors to the Electoral College via Pony Express. Often the slates were late for the count. Thus a deadline was set for states to dispatch their Pony Express riders so that the votes would be received in a timely manner. So an approximately two-hundred year old obsolete law was used to discredit The Florida Supreme Court's decision -- rendered at the turn into the 21st Century. That alone is stunningly absurd.

That equal weight argument is also a manufactured legal argument. The Court held to allow the recount to continue and to incorporate the votes of those who had been unsuccessful in voting the first round would give those recounted votes more weight than those originally cast. And that would be unfair to those who had successfully voted the first round. That was the second justification used. It was more than fair to George Bush but less than fair to Al Gore and and a middle finger to those who had been disenfranchised in Florida.

The official final count for Bush gave him a margin of 537 votes. In preserving that margin for Bush in Florida, the Supreme Court effectively nullified the national popular vote margin of 540,000 votes Gore won. In my opinion, those were the voters whose votes did not receive an "equal weight" as a result of the Supreme Court's unconstitutional intervention. In other words, "we was robbed" and the impact to the Country and parts of the world was indeed a heavy price considering the administrations in office Bush* conducted.

We are still to this day trying to recover from the damage and will be for years to come.


WHO Is To Blame? [View all] Segami Apr 2016 OP
Bill Clinton. Segami Apr 2016 #1
Nader/Sarandon with Scalia a close second. (eom) oasis Apr 2016 #2
Name a stirring message the Gore campaign presented... brooklynite Apr 2016 #3
I really do put a lot of blame on those who couldn't see a difference between Bush and Gore. Zynx Apr 2016 #4
SCOTUS of course JaneyVee Apr 2016 #5
it was stolen. reddread Apr 2016 #6
Chad was hanging around as I recall. Blame Chad !! Hiraeth Apr 2016 #7
There is more than one culprit - Bush, SCOTUS, Nader, Katherine Harris, Brooks Brothers riot by Agnosticsherbet Apr 2016 #8
Right on farleftlib Apr 2016 #18
Joe Lieberman laying down for Cheney in the vp debate! MattP Apr 2016 #9
when they come for your vote.. G_j Apr 2016 #10
This is the fact of the matter in a nutshell. Aerows Apr 2016 #41
If Gore had chosen Bob Graham for VP instead of the Schmuck, cureautismnow Apr 2016 #11
Combination of 2,3 and 4. hobbit709 Apr 2016 #12
Gore. He failed to attract enough voters to secure the election. Tierra_y_Libertad Apr 2016 #13
Moxie and Spunk. TheCowsCameHome Apr 2016 #14
Gore was a bad campaigner firebrand80 Apr 2016 #15
SCOTUS rock Apr 2016 #16
Supreme Court Trenzalore Apr 2016 #17
The electorate. Donald Ian Rankin Apr 2016 #19
Al Gore won the popular vote so, the voters clearly did not want a republican president. nt Henhouse Apr 2016 #21
Agree. peace13 Apr 2016 #28
You need to add "Hanging Chad" and Pat Buchanon...nt Henhouse Apr 2016 #20
The Constitution delegates the right to run Presidential elections to the states Samantha Apr 2016 #22
We should not forget the Florida voter purge and Kathleen Harris. senz Apr 2016 #23
Realistically a mixture of all. hrmjustin Apr 2016 #24
SCOTUS behaved abominably but Gore would still have lost if the recount he wanted had been allowed Nye Bevan Apr 2016 #25
I believe Gore won when all was said and done. peace13 Apr 2016 #29
can we add the lovely ballot designer woman in FLorida? Fresh_Start Apr 2016 #26
There was more than one questionable move. NCTraveler Apr 2016 #27
The corporate media conglomerates. Uncle Joe Apr 2016 #30
Clinton tularetom Apr 2016 #31
No one is to blame Algernon Moncrieff Apr 2016 #32
Nader voters in FL. "Not a dimes worth of difference"? redstateblues Apr 2016 #33
I'm surprised nobody on DU has blamed Obama yet redstateblues Apr 2016 #34
I guess we don't have tea party republicans here Fresh_Start Apr 2016 #35
Anyone who blames Nader for Gore's loss is hopelessly ignorant of politics.[n/t] Maedhros Apr 2016 #36
I think Jeb played a part in it too. Ain't Karma cool? nt Live and Learn Apr 2016 #37
Nader is a myth by members of the Democratic Party neo-liberal establishment PufPuf23 Apr 2016 #38
In order: SCOTUS, Bush, Nader. baldguy Apr 2016 #39
Wrong Question. He Didn't Lose. pat_k Apr 2016 #40
Nader! He took votes out of Gore's pot that would have made the difference in 2 states. Either one Persondem Apr 2016 #42
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