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4. True that.
Mon Dec 12, 2016, 08:25 PM
Dec 2016

But this may be a case of party loyalty as opposed to Trump loyalty - and as we've seen, there is little of that.

I think the Republican PTB are freaking out over what a loose cannon Trump is, and how badly he can damage the party "brand". They can still get one of their own in the WH, and I believe they just might jump at that chance.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall while the GOP is discussing among themselves! I think there are probably as many who want him out as there are those willing to let things play out - and it's down to who can convince who to side with them.

As dumb as Repubs can be, surely they know by Trump's cabinet picks that his administration would be an utter disaster - which means they risk losing control of congress in 2018. In addition, there's the whole "illegitimacy" thing hanging over Trump going in, and the specter of "siding with Russia's pick" if they continue supporting him.

Well, I guess we'll know soon enough ...

It's full of party loyalists so no. Renew Deal Dec 2016 #1
True that. NanceGreggs Dec 2016 #4
you're missing an "nfw" option. unblock Dec 2016 #2
We thought there was no way Trump would win either. Jean-Jacques Roussea Dec 2016 #3
i said "salacious", not "scandalous". unblock Dec 2016 #12
I started the poll because I've seen a lot of posts here from people who think it's possible. Ken Burch Dec 2016 #5
honestly i'm not sure we'd be better of with a president pence or ryan or whoever. unblock Dec 2016 #13
At least they aren't in bed with the Russians n/t TexasBushwhacker Dec 2016 #16
russians hacked the rnc as well, and keep the secrets. possibly extortion. unblock Dec 2016 #17
+1, If the situation were reversed would a Clinton elector switch to Trump? That Guy 888 Dec 2016 #6
It would depend on the state and the elector, I think. Ken Burch Dec 2016 #7
*an* elector might be "unfaithful", but 37? no way. unblock Dec 2016 #14
saddly, no demon in basement Dec 2016 #8
And the GOP might prefer that... Yurovsky Dec 2016 #18
I voted 50/50, possibly out of hope mvd Dec 2016 #9
I think impeachmemt is our best bet... Yurovsky Dec 2016 #19
No. it will never happen. Exilednight Dec 2016 #10
No way today, but a lot can happen in 7 days. We don't have all facts. In fact, we have few facts, Coyotl Dec 2016 #11
Republicans don't care about the popular vote. EL34x4 Dec 2016 #15
Impossible to answer with so much uncertainty. NCTraveler Dec 2016 #20
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