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They're so lucky to have this opportunity to hear this particular speech in person! in_cog_ni_to Nov 2015 #1
Lucky they are! Segami Nov 2015 #5
Is there any room left? I'm about an hour's drive away. bobbobbins01 Nov 2015 #2
Do it! aidbo Nov 2015 #7
I'm doin it! bobbobbins01 Nov 2015 #9
:) aidbo Nov 2015 #10
........ daleanime Nov 2015 #30
Cool. bigwillq Nov 2015 #3
Just look at those, bored, unenthusiastic Segami Nov 2015 #4
No doubt waiting for Le Taz Hot Nov 2015 #14
Sort of like the paid attendees at Trump's or the required attendees at rw religious schools. (NOT) erronis Nov 2015 #41
I hear the Bernie Phones are being released next week in the "Bernie Store" Elmer S. E. Dump Nov 2015 #49
yeah, college students just loooooove waking up at 5 a.m.to go wait in a line. kath Nov 2015 #62
Some folks in line are thinking,"damn, wish I'd thought to bring a chair!" aidbo Nov 2015 #6
Look at those young Socialists waiting to hear from Comrade Sanders! seen Raygun warned us lmaoo Truprogressive85 Nov 2015 #8
The first thing that came to mind when I saw the photo was "Look at those young, disengaged people Ed Suspicious Nov 2015 #11
Every time someone makes that claim Le Taz Hot Nov 2015 #15
. merrily Nov 2015 #43
Please see the post linked in my reply 43. merrily Nov 2015 #44
And remember, none of these people pass "likely voter" screens in polls. (nt) jeff47 Nov 2015 #12
Please see the post linked in my reply 43. merrily Nov 2015 #45
HUGE K & R !!! - THANK YOU !!! WillyT Nov 2015 #13
But if they have ejbr Nov 2015 #16
Remember when Hillary gave a speech at Georgetown? Cosmic Kitten Nov 2015 #17
uh oh AtomicKitten Nov 2015 #24
nice ;~) Cosmic Kitten Nov 2015 #25
oh dear nc4bo Nov 2015 #35
LOL Art_from_Ark Nov 2015 #57
LOL.. Segami Nov 2015 #64
Bookmarked daleanime Nov 2015 #31
Both Clintons draw crowds at GU. Students must have tickets spooky3 Nov 2015 #58
And that explains the empty seat? Cosmic Kitten Nov 2015 #61
I don't know what explains that. That speech may have spooky3 Nov 2015 #71
Ohhhhh Myyyyy. When are those pics from? kath Nov 2015 #65
Georgetown University December 3, 2014. Cosmic Kitten Nov 2015 #70
Hahaha! Lorien Nov 2015 #72
I'm not seeing many super delegates or CEOs in that line 99Forever Nov 2015 #18
will c-span be carrying this? DianeK Nov 2015 #19
Sorry. I don't know. 99Forever Nov 2015 #20
Live NOW!!!! Cosmic Kitten Nov 2015 #21
linky aidbo Nov 2015 #22
Live from Georgetown Univ kenn3d Nov 2015 #23
Thanks- DianeK Nov 2015 #28
They are probably too busy smoking marijuana. plus5mace Nov 2015 #52
Sanders is getting a loud reception from his supporters... brooklynite Nov 2015 #26
The peanut gallery has arrived. artislife Nov 2015 #50
Woot! SammyWinstonJack Nov 2015 #27
knr thx nt slipslidingaway Nov 2015 #29
Sanders has college kids easy Lordquinton Nov 2015 #32
Hey, good for those young people! Nye Bevan Nov 2015 #33
It is a good presentation, but none of the networks are covering it. CNN and MSNBC are talking still_one Nov 2015 #34
DOn't kid yourself Robbins Nov 2015 #40
I am not kidding myself, I am listening to the speech on the link supplied in thi thread, and seeing still_one Nov 2015 #42
Is Phish opening for him or something? KamaAina Nov 2015 #36
Kicked and recommended! Enthusiast Nov 2015 #37
He's doing a good job of giving an historical context Duckfan Nov 2015 #38
Georgetown for Bernie 2016 AtomicKitten Nov 2015 #39
Wow. This zentrum Nov 2015 #46
+1 This is what America needs. senz Nov 2015 #63
#BernieAtGU Trending kenn3d Nov 2015 #47
That's great! sabrina 1 Nov 2015 #53
Ssshh, none of those actual human beings matter. They are not 'scientific' like the tsunami of sabrina 1 Nov 2015 #48
The polls cracked me up. artislife Nov 2015 #51
I fully believe the polls are a pack of lies. These crowds showing up for Bernie, that's the truth. reformist2 Nov 2015 #54
I wonder about them. If you've got millions to spend on ad buys, you've got money to spend winter is coming Nov 2015 #60
How many people Segami Nov 2015 #55
He should have given the speech in a bigger room so that Eric J in MN Nov 2015 #56
Agreed. spooky3 Nov 2015 #59
Any idea how many people the room held,and if there was an overflow area or live CCTV coverage there kath Nov 2015 #66
I don't know, but Eric J in MN Nov 2015 #67
Gaston Hall.... Segami Nov 2015 #68
Thanks! kath Nov 2015 #69
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