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sabrina 1

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11. FDR Dems sounds good to me. For a long time the 'left' has been marginalized in their own party.
Fri Nov 14, 2014, 12:25 PM
Nov 2014

Taking control out of the hands of the Third Way, refusing to listen to their stupid talking points 'reality based community' 'purity troll' etc all thought up to aim directly at the left. Attacking FDR in various ways etc.

The goal was to marginalize and weaken the left in the party, to continue to purge real Liberal candidates from the party and back Third Wayers, like Mary Landrieu eg, Baucus et al and it worked because originally the left went along out of fear of Bush, 'anyone but Bush'. And that's what we get, 'anyone'.

Blatantly naming the left voters FDR Dems or something that states who the Dem Party is supposed to represent, is probably a good start. No, we did not go away, we are not only NOT marginailzed we are coming back and we will no longer accept Right Wing policies in this party.

FDR/Roosevelt Dems should be the ones to fear. Instead they have been consistently told to be quiet about issues and 'just vote' because the other guys are worse.

That is stupid, to keep on doing that, I hope it has finally come to an end.

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