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13. I just got an email from actblue, asking me if I thought Bernie still had a chance.
Sat Jun 4, 2016, 08:43 AM
Jun 2016

I said yes, and then was given a list of questions. The last question pissed me off - who would I like to see as VP?

Who would you like to see chosen as Vice President for the Democratic ticket?
Sen. Elizabeth Warren
Sen. Bernie Sanders
Sen. Tim Kaine
Sect. Julián Castro
Sen. Tom Perez
Sen. Corey Booker
Gov. Martin O’Malley
Someone Else (tell us below)

I chose Someone Else, and explained that their list assumes Hillary will be the presidential nominee, and I will not vote for her no matter who her second banana is.

And I will not be chipping in for "the Democrats" - nowadays, that means money straight to the DNC and Hillary.

I need to be sold on Clinton, but I'm not writing her or her potential VP candidates off out of hand Scootaloo Jun 2016 #1
+1 Hiraeth Jun 2016 #8
Umm, what do you still have questions about? Bernin4U Jun 2016 #18
Whether or not she is going to have guarantors for the left Scootaloo Jun 2016 #22
The only time I ever voted for a neocon was when I voted for Clinton the first time he ran as the bjo59 Jun 2016 #2
The only basis on which Warren might run with Hillary would be to replace Hillary leveymg Jun 2016 #3
Who Hillary picks as her running mate doesn't matter. For me it's all going to come down to jillan Jun 2016 #4
what REALLY matters is whether fellow Bernie-supporters IN SWING STATES turn out for Hillary cloudythescribbler Jun 2016 #5
The DNC should have realized this a couple of years ago. djean111 Jun 2016 #14
^^^this^^^ HooptieWagon Jun 2016 #26
I'm hoping for Iwillnevergiveup Jun 2016 #6
If Hillary wins, I don't know yet whether I will vote for president JDPriestly Jun 2016 #7
Agreed Sherman A1 Jun 2016 #9
"If" Hillary wins the dem. nom. is a BIG if deepestblue Jun 2016 #10
I'm not there yet on who I will support IF Bernie loses. As long as Bernie is still in the race, I B Calm Jun 2016 #11
Leftover Halloween candy sprinkled with sugar or Famous Junior's Cheesecake in Brooklyn... Donkees Jun 2016 #12
I just got an email from actblue, asking me if I thought Bernie still had a chance. djean111 Jun 2016 #13
I will vote against Trump n/t mockmonkey Jun 2016 #15
No Hillary, no matter what. There is no lesser of two evils this time. ladyVet Jun 2016 #16
I am voting for Sanders and/or Stein - TBF Jun 2016 #17
nope. putting warren on the ticket does not elevate hillary. restorefreedom Jun 2016 #19
Just the optics suck...two nearly 70 year old white women? Really? libdem4life Jun 2016 #27
Down ballot Democrats especially Bernie Democrats NEED us. nc4bo Jun 2016 #20
Voting against Trump, BUT undecided on voting for Hillary mvd Jun 2016 #21
morbidly ridiculous. nt hopemountain Jun 2016 #23
Bernie: Either President or VP Party Nominee RobertEarl Jun 2016 #24
I may just vote for down ballot Dems TexasBushwhacker Jun 2016 #25
VP is a powerless position and a waste of Warren's talents. senz Jun 2016 #28
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