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George II

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Fri Dec 13, 2019, 02:33 PM Dec 2019

Why Did Bernie Sanders Endorse the Extremely Gross Sexist Cenk Uygur [View all]

It has long been a narrative online and on Twitter that the Bernie Sanders campaign has a sexism problem. Namely, that some of his supporters, the oft-cited “Bernie Bros,” have a sexism problem. And while his campaign counts an equal number of women among its supporters as it does men, and young women in particular flock to his campaign, the Sanders campaign has struggled at times to overcome the perception that it has done too little to address the issue.

Which makes Sanders’s decision to throw his support behind Cenk Uygur, the founder of the Young Turks now running for Congress in California’s 25th Congressional District, all the more perplexing. According to the Los Angeles Times, Sanders described Uygur as “a voice that we desperately need in Congress” and someone who “has shown enormous courage in standing up to the greed and power of the corporate elite, and has spent his entire life fighting for justice and the needs of the working people of our country” in making his endorsement. The problem, as the Times noted, is that Uygur has a long history of making wildly sexist comments, which is all the more infuriating given that he’s running to take over former Representative Katie Hill’s seat. Hill, as you probably recall, stepped down after nude photos were published of her in rightwing media outlets, part of a smear campaign likely orchestrated by her estranged husband.


Here’s some of what Uygur, who was in his late 20s and early 30s at the time he authored these blogs, wrote (per HuffPost):

“Obviously, the genes of women are flawed,” Uygur wrote in a 1999 post lamenting the inadequate amount of sex he was having while living in Miami, Florida. “They are poorly designed creatures who do not want to have sex nearly as often as needed for the human race to get along peaceably and fruitfully.”

In a 2002 entry in which Uygur described the “rules of dating,” he specified that “there must be orgasm by the fifth date.” And in a 2003 column, he described drunken revelry at Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he “kissed over 23 different women, saw and felt countless breasts.”

LOTS more at the link.....



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Because TYT worships Bernie Sanders? dewsgirl Dec 2019 #1
Excellent question. greatauntoftriplets Dec 2019 #2
Bernie's beholding to Cenk because of his support. I guess he's just not beholding to corporations. Skya Rhen Dec 2019 #3
Cenk is the very definition of a Bernie Bro...nt SidDithers Dec 2019 #4
:) Beautifully concise. As Sanders himself put it: Hortensis Dec 2019 #84
So in this Fourm Rollerman Dec 2019 #5
He hasn't really changed. TwilightZone Dec 2019 #10
He also declared Miami women "outrageously, almost unacceptably, hot" Polybius Dec 2019 #113
Please show how Cenk has changed... SidDithers Dec 2019 #11
From the same HuffPost article: Rollerman Dec 2019 #17
He wasn't a conservative when he spoke about bestiality in 2013, and he didn't write it.... George II Dec 2019 #66
I don't know--ask all the people who thought "Goldwater Girl" was cool Starry Messenger Dec 2019 #44
Boom! mcar Dec 2019 #48
Clinton was a "Goldwater Girl" 55 years ago; Uygur was talking bestiality 6 years ago LongtimeAZDem Dec 2019 #89
+1000 sheshe2 Dec 2019 #101
+1 betsuni Dec 2019 #106
Yep. When HRC was a teenager. Bernie... not so much. (nt) ehrnst Dec 2019 #128
Was she a "Goldwater girl" in the last fifty years? ... marble falls Jan 2020 #132
No quickesst Dec 2019 #67
Do a search on Sanders supporters here attacking Biden all the way back to 1972 LongtimeAZDem Dec 2019 #85
cenk is Whining.. trying to shift the Blame.. not working.. Cha Dec 2019 #123
The enemy of our enemy is not necessarily our friend. Cenk has ... marble falls Jan 2020 #131
Rewarding those who support you? Hav Dec 2019 #6
I wish I could have posted more of the article. He's expressed similar sentiments as recently.... George II Dec 2019 #8
Cenk is toxic. It reflects poorly on the judgement of anyone who would endorse him. NurseJackie Dec 2019 #7
Cenk will be like an anchorweight around BS's neck PhoenixDem Dec 2019 #40
Yes. I believe you're correct about that. This will hurt BS for a very long time... NurseJackie Dec 2019 #41
they finally woke up to that. Cha Dec 2019 #124
Because Cenk Uygur has a "a voice that we desperately need in Congress" according to Sanders. The Valley Below Dec 2019 #9
BS also says ". because I know he will serve ordinary people.." lol Cha Dec 2019 #20
I wonder if Cenk has ever even visited the CA 25th? The Valley Below Dec 2019 #28
For the record, Christy Smith was a Republican Rollerman Dec 2019 #74
Link? sheshe2 Dec 2019 #78
I can find nothing to support that allegation; please provide proof LongtimeAZDem Dec 2019 #87
I hear crickets. sheshe2 Dec 2019 #100
Because you say so? ehrnst Dec 2019 #129
Is that his "horse voice"? LongtimeAZDem Dec 2019 #91
... PhoenixDem Dec 2019 #96
4 out of 5 horses NYMinute Dec 2019 #98
Does Cenk still advocate for beastiality? comradebillyboy Dec 2019 #12
Not sure, but he certainly hasn't disavowed it. That was only six years ago, not a long time. George II Dec 2019 #13
Oh boy . . . treestar Dec 2019 #14
OMG! Insane! WTF is wrong with him??? NurseJackie Dec 2019 #19
Good question.. you don't support vile shite and Cha Dec 2019 #22
The thought of it makes me want to vomit! Disgusting! Bernie made a BIG mistake... NurseJackie Dec 2019 #30
Are we sure it was a mistake? Has anyone asked Bernie his position on bestiality? LongtimeAZDem Dec 2019 #90
I completely agree. NurseJackie Dec 2019 #93
"The campaign declined to comment, as the spokesman was a little horse" LongtimeAZDem Dec 2019 #94
OMG NurseJackie Dec 2019 #95
..... ehrnst Dec 2019 #111
I was expecting him to be saying it as a joke or just to be shocking/trollish Sapient Donkey Dec 2019 #130
standing up to the greed and power of the corporate elite, and has spent his entire life fighting fo treestar Dec 2019 #15
Bernie camp doubles down. OldRed2450 Dec 2019 #16
"mistakes"! "Beastiality is more than Cha Dec 2019 #25
Cenk is a disgusting liar. He defends/advocates bestiality (as long as the horse is satisfied) NurseJackie Dec 2019 #88
What Is Wrong With The Set-up Over There Me. Dec 2019 #103
It was all over when cenk got Kicked out of jd..BS knew of cenk's past lewd serial Cha Dec 2019 #104
This Me. Dec 2019 #108
Exactly.. Mahalo, Me.. Cha Dec 2019 #116
Because Cenk runs what is basically a PAC for Sanders. NT TidalWave46 Dec 2019 #18
Please Show Me Rollerman Dec 2019 #23
You can't be serious. TidalWave46 Dec 2019 #26
Not an Answer Rollerman Dec 2019 #65
Have you not heard of Wolf PAC? George II Dec 2019 #45
Yes I Have. Rollerman Dec 2019 #68
Wolf PAC is a Super PAC. By law they're prohibited from contributing to any candidates.... George II Dec 2019 #69
Have you attended a Wolf PAC planning session? Rollerman Dec 2019 #71
And what fine work this Super PAC does! lapucelle Dec 2019 #75
This message was self-deleted by its author lapucelle Dec 2019 #80
National Nurses United's Super PAC has spent close to $5M supporting him: George II Dec 2019 #81
Maybe because Cenk denounced/apologized years ago? booley Dec 2019 #21
He continues to be vile... OldRed2450 Dec 2019 #24
Think the laughter might be a clue he isnt' really being serious? booley Dec 2019 #31
Ah the ol' fallback "I was just joking"? George II Dec 2019 #43
If you wanna make this argument, be my guest.... Happy Hoosier Dec 2019 #50
Since weinstein never ran for office I would be surprised if Clinton endorsed him booley Dec 2019 #34
Hillary denounced Weinstein. OldRed2450 Dec 2019 #36
One of the big differences is that Clinton became aquainted with him years before anything.... George II Dec 2019 #38
He has never apologized for some of the things he's said in the past, and some of them.... George II Dec 2019 #32
Secretary Clinton was "closely associated" with Harvey Weinstein? lapucelle Dec 2019 #35
Did Weinstein endorse Clinton for President, or did Clinton endorse Weinstein for Congress? George II Dec 2019 #37
I'm sorry but bestiality is something unforgetable MaryMagdaline Dec 2019 #77
justice dems KICKED cenk OUT in 2017 as UNFIT to serve.. Cha Dec 2019 #118
Immediate disqualifier apcalc Dec 2019 #27
Cenk is a pussy grabber Wawannabe Dec 2019 #29
I would like to answer, but rules you know. Nt BootinUp Dec 2019 #33
Birds of a feather flock together NYMinute Dec 2019 #39
Dear Goddess! sheshe2 Dec 2019 #42
Another misstep by team Sanders mcar Dec 2019 #46
Not denouncing it was another misstep. Taking the easy way out reveals much. NurseJackie Dec 2019 #49
I am not a fan of the Young Turks but Cenk is not the devil bluedye33139 Dec 2019 #47
You understand the significance of the "Young Turks" name? NurseJackie Dec 2019 #51
As I say, I'm not a fan. As for the name Young Turks, bluedye33139 Dec 2019 #52
A group who called themselves "The Young Turks" perpetrated the Armenian genocide.... George II Dec 2019 #54
Idiomatically, it also refers to many other things bluedye33139 Dec 2019 #56
The idiom traces back to The Young Turks who were a revolutionary group in the Ottoman Empire..... George II Dec 2019 #57
Yes, it does. And it is utilized today in a variety of ways idiomatically bluedye33139 Dec 2019 #58
You asked for an explanation about why The Young Turks is considered in a negative light.... George II Dec 2019 #59
This message was self-deleted by its author bluedye33139 Dec 2019 #60
I didn't "come at you like this"! I very clearly answered your question about the notoriety.... George II Dec 2019 #61
This message was self-deleted by its author bluedye33139 Dec 2019 #63
No I didn't ask you that. Sorry, but we're finished. George II Dec 2019 #64
Wow, that is just sad. What an absolutely vile R B Garr Dec 2019 #109
This message was self-deleted by its author LongtimeAZDem Dec 2019 #117
"You understand the significance of the "Young Turks" name?" Polybius Dec 2019 #114
Maybe this will help. Scroll up to post 54, or... NurseJackie Dec 2019 #115
I've lost count of how many times I've been told we want a "purist" candidate. brutus smith Dec 2019 #53
Strom Thurmond: "one of my closest friends" floppyboo Dec 2019 #55
"Bernie Sanders endorses bestiality advocate" Picture that commercial running in every market. LongtimeAZDem Dec 2019 #86
Next we'll be hear that it's just a "youthful indiscretion" BuffaloJackalope Dec 2019 #62
It's very rare indeed when we can find a perfect candidate. totodeinhere Dec 2019 #70
guess he hasn't been paying attention lillypaddle Dec 2019 #72
Just read his recent Twitter messages and you know why Hav Dec 2019 #73
Didn't Cenk get millions in seed money from a firm headed by a Republican billionaire? lapucelle Dec 2019 #82
Yep NYMinute Dec 2019 #97
Convincing his audience not to vote for the Democrat in 2016 is worse, in my opinion. betsuni Dec 2019 #76
Says a lot about BS's character. democratisphere Dec 2019 #79
This: "As I said yesterday, Cenk has been a longtime fighter against Hortensis Dec 2019 #83
I like how Cenk doesn't insinuate like "corrupt forces in our politics" but comes right out betsuni Dec 2019 #92
Good One Me. Dec 2019 #102
Exactly! OldRed2450 Dec 2019 #112
Yes. His profitable niche market is mostly the same naive Hortensis Dec 2019 #121
From the Hoarse Whisperer Gothmog Dec 2019 #99
Gotta Love the Hoarse Whisperer! Cha Dec 2019 #105
I wonder if Hoarse whisperer's horses OldRed2450 Dec 2019 #119
I know Hoarse doesn't Cha Dec 2019 #120
Imagining a lemonade stand staffed by Sirota and Sarsour... Hortensis Dec 2019 #107
+1 dalton99a Dec 2019 #110
When he was warned not to by the BS CA branch. Cha Dec 2019 #122
Still an open question.. Cha Dec 2019 #125
I would like to Hear Sanders explanation too, since he is being deemed a feminist. Lexee Dec 2019 #126
That would be only fair since The Nation Cha Dec 2019 #127
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