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Joe BidenCongratulations to our presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden!


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118. I know.. I'm really disappointed, too..
Sat Dec 21, 2019, 07:37 PM
Dec 2019

I hate the bogus purity contests that have already brought us so much grief.

I wish she never would have gone down this Sanders road..

Cory Booker didn't like Warren's "wine cave" attack on Buttigieg

Therein lies the risk that Booker identifies for the Democrats, that not only is very little gained from this line of attack, it also might embitter voters toward other candidates who fail the test. And as Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders demonstrated Thursday night, that risk extends to Warren.

Seconds after Warren and Pete finished up, Sanders swooped in to boast that he is “the only candidate up here that doesn’t have any billionaire contributions,” which includes Warren. Her current presidential campaign, not her old pre-pledge Senate campaign, has accepted donations at or near the $2800 individual contribution limit from at least six billionaires.

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
Joe Biden
When Democratic candidates PatSeg Dec 2019 #1
Correct, it was a silly thing kacekwl Dec 2019 #64
Yes, a total waste of time and energy PatSeg Dec 2019 #71
Tell that to Joe!! InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2019 #76
+1000 at140 Dec 2019 #102
Why Are we doing this? onecaliberal Dec 2019 #2
Thank you. Bleacher Creature Dec 2019 #16
Yes. onecaliberal Dec 2019 #83
Like clockwork. blm Dec 2019 #24
Because someone has a Warren fixation BeyondGeography Dec 2019 #26
We aren't doing this. Warren did it. LakeArenal Dec 2019 #84
I know you don't care to listen, but this will never help your candidate of choice. onecaliberal Dec 2019 #85
Your opinion is what doesn't count to me. LakeArenal Dec 2019 #88
Bless your heart... onecaliberal Dec 2019 #96
Eh, I use that one myself. LakeArenal Dec 2019 #97
We're vetting the candidates nini Dec 2019 #116
" ..crystal chandelier.." was acually mentioned? Cha Dec 2019 #3
Vox article: highplainsdem Dec 2019 #6
The Warren-Buttigieg wine cave controversy, explained Cha Dec 2019 #11
Photograph crazytown Dec 2019 #12
We don't know what the swankiest venue for a Warren fundraiser looks like. The point is that both highplainsdem Dec 2019 #17
Wine Track Virginiaboy154 Dec 2019 #18
Agree.. Cha Dec 2019 #135
+1 dalton99a Dec 2019 #25
That's pretty upperclass. Question. Is it a thing to go without a dinner jacket, just a white RestoreAmerica2020 Dec 2019 #54
Doesn't look that upperclass but I wouldn't know Hav Dec 2019 #82
Doesn't look any more swanky than the banquet room at Barclay Prime: LongtimeAZDem Dec 2019 #90
Looks like bricks, some wine glasses, and lights hung from a dead tree root to me. The Valley Below Dec 2019 #28
All that's missing is an alter, eom. crazytown Dec 2019 #30
Do you find most churches to be ostentatious? The Valley Below Dec 2019 #31
Pretty? crazytown Dec 2019 #32
Yeah, Pretty lighting. Sort of like Amy's Wind Cave The Valley Below Dec 2019 #36
Oligarchs in caves drinking wine. betsuni Dec 2019 #42
Silly? crazytown Dec 2019 #43
Why do you think people who vote for Democrats are bad because they have money? betsuni Dec 2019 #45
That is obnoxious display of wealth! at140 Dec 2019 #104
she's right... myohmy2 Dec 2019 #33
and... myohmy2 Dec 2019 #74
Not a good look for Sen. Warren whom I admire n/t PhoenixDem Dec 2019 #4
Why does it matter if you pay... zaj Dec 2019 #5
Warren blundered tonight with this attack. The Valley Below Dec 2019 #7
The filet is $45. That's pretty normal for a steakhouse Recursion Dec 2019 #8
That $45 8-oz. filet is far and away the cheapest steak entree on the menu. Appetizers range from highplainsdem Dec 2019 #20
"far and away the cheapest steak entree on the menu" crazytown Dec 2019 #44
See reply 67. This is one of the most expensive steakhouses in the country. highplainsdem Dec 2019 #68
It's just not. I've been to much more expensive steakhouses Recursion Dec 2019 #78
I'll take that news site's ranking over yours. highplainsdem Dec 2019 #81
He's right though Polybius Dec 2019 #129
What I've read about Peter Luger's pricing is that they price the steak as steak for one, for two, highplainsdem Dec 2019 #130
They have several different steaks Polybius Dec 2019 #131
That would have been the steak for 4, judging by the menus and reviews I've seen. They apparently highplainsdem Dec 2019 #132
Than I stand corrected Polybius Dec 2019 #133
Unfortunately, Peter Luger doesn't just put their menu prices on their website. I checked highplainsdem Dec 2019 #134
I don't think so. drray23 Dec 2019 #126
See reply 86 below. The Wagyu steaks at Barlay Prime go as high as $195. And that's just the highplainsdem Dec 2019 #128
FWIW, that's 1lb, 3/4lb and 1 1/8th lb DeminPennswoods Dec 2019 #105
Those sound like steakhouse prices to me Recursion Dec 2019 #46
See reply 67. This is one of the most expensive steakhouses in the country, highplainsdem Dec 2019 #69
Not even close Recursion Dec 2019 #79
Hahah. Cities in NC have restaurants with menus similar to BP. blm Dec 2019 #113
Sure it is. BlueTsunami2018 Dec 2019 #55
See reply 67. Barclay Prime was ranked the 15th most expensive steakhouse in the country. highplainsdem Dec 2019 #70
Yeah, all those top end steakhouses are expensive. BlueTsunami2018 Dec 2019 #73
I was pointing out that Warren fundraisers have also been in venues she'd probably deride as swanky highplainsdem Dec 2019 #75
That's right. BlueTsunami2018 Dec 2019 #92
You must have never eaten in a nice steakhouse in a big city. drray23 Dec 2019 #127
According to this article on the 25 most expensive steakhouses in the US, Barclay Prime is #15. highplainsdem Dec 2019 #67
No, it's not even close to a really expensive steakhouse Recursion Dec 2019 #80
I just checked the dinner menu for The Palm in DC. Prices are very similar to Barclay Prime. highplainsdem Dec 2019 #86
And this conversation is why we lose Recursion Dec 2019 #91
It was Warren who made a fuss criticizing candidates going to "swanky" fundraisers. I'm only highplainsdem Dec 2019 #95
The single mindedness, the obsessiveness of the attacks have become a hallmark blm Dec 2019 #114
Post removed Post removed Dec 2019 #9
"crystal chandeliers" sheshe2 Dec 2019 #10
Ridiculous Virginiaboy154 Dec 2019 #13
And the funds, from last year, were rolled into her presidential campaign question everything Dec 2019 #14
Wasn't it 10 million she rolled over? emmaverybo Dec 2019 #21
That's what I recall reading. highplainsdem Dec 2019 #22
rich people. evil. stopdiggin Dec 2019 #15
Especially when her net worth is about 100 times Buttigieg's LongtimeAZDem Dec 2019 #77
it was the mayor in the winecellar with the chandelier :-) nt msongs Dec 2019 #19
LOL! That line belongs either in a cozy mystery or a board game. highplainsdem Dec 2019 #23
Lol grantcart Dec 2019 #29
I must admit the wine-cave looks ostentatious... at140 Dec 2019 #107
Who, in the Warren camp, thought this was a good idea? Stop attacking each other. Tarheel_Dem Dec 2019 #27
Did they charge $900 a bottle? Tiggeroshii Dec 2019 #34
It's a CAVE. betsuni Dec 2019 #35
More like beholden to Big Oligarch wellst0nev0ter Dec 2019 #37
Who were the oligarchs there? People who donated the legal limit to Pete's campaign? betsuni Dec 2019 #40
You won't get an answer Hav Dec 2019 #60
Yes. betsuni Dec 2019 #62
The guy who owns the cave. redqueen Dec 2019 #89
Millionaires aren't oligarchs. betsuni Dec 2019 #100
Hall is a billionaire. And he's already called on Dems for favors in the past redqueen Dec 2019 #101
He contributes to Democrats. Not an oligarch. betsuni Dec 2019 #103
Debatable redqueen Dec 2019 #106
Oligarchs can legally donate unlimited funds to at140 Dec 2019 #109
Oligarch... LakeArenal Dec 2019 #87
Wow, just look at these people defending rich people wellst0nev0ter Dec 2019 #117
Oh brother. Yes rich people are protected under law LakeArenal Dec 2019 #119
60% of the wealth is inherited wellst0nev0ter Dec 2019 #121
This post signifies that wealthy people are Oligarchs LakeArenal Dec 2019 #122
Who said I'm rich. LakeArenal Dec 2019 #123
You misread my post wellst0nev0ter Dec 2019 #125
... Cha Dec 2019 #41
Did they serve ... betsuni Dec 2019 #49
If they didn't serve canapes then Cha Dec 2019 #50
Al Franken: "Campaign contributions don't buy votes. They buy access." betsuni Dec 2019 #57
I hate it, too.. It's brought us too much Grief already. Cha Dec 2019 #58
Sad to see people furiously trying to make Democrats corrupted by diabolical oligarchs. betsuni Dec 2019 #108
Good line from the West Wing: LongtimeAZDem Dec 2019 #72
''Chandelier" my ass. That's a tree stump with some lights strung all over it. YOHABLO Dec 2019 #38
You forgot to mention the article's headline wellst0nev0ter Dec 2019 #39
I think Buttigieg's assessment is right. still_one Dec 2019 #47
Mahalo for that, still_one.. it just Cha Dec 2019 #52
Former Sen. Claire McCaskill said this last week: madaboutharry Dec 2019 #48
Thanks for that.. I really do Not Cha Dec 2019 #51
2018 is kind of current. TidalWave46 Dec 2019 #53
People in glass houses... Kahuna7 Dec 2019 #56
Warren has seen the light and sagesnow Dec 2019 #59
What other "corporate pandering Democrats?" The Valley Below Dec 2019 #120
cool! I wanna go see that wine cave! samnsara Dec 2019 #61
Me too! greatauntoftriplets Dec 2019 #99
Elizabeth Warren is a millionaire. stonecutter357 Dec 2019 #63
Multimillionaire at that, lives in a 3 million dollar house madville Dec 2019 #124
I'm still confused: when I wrote checks to attend events with Warren (for her Senate races)... brooklynite Dec 2019 #65
Her attacks felt petty and mean. Happy Hoosier Dec 2019 #66
This message was self-deleted by its author LongtimeAZDem Dec 2019 #93
She is saying that those billionaires are going to corrupt Buttigieg OKNancy Dec 2019 #94
I'm trying to, but I just can't seem to get worked up over this one way or the other. LanternWaste Dec 2019 #98
Yeah, I don't get why she did that. cwydro Dec 2019 #110
This message was self-deleted by its author geralmar Dec 2019 #111
Exactly, she also caved to Massachusetts' medical device manufacturers who didn't like paying ACA Hoyt Dec 2019 #112
Disappointed to see Warren purity testing other candidates. There was neither comradebillyboy Dec 2019 #115
I know.. I'm really disappointed, too.. Cha Dec 2019 #118
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