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2naSalit's Journal
2naSalit's Journal
July 11, 2024

It's time to remember...

July 10, 2024

Hey WORDLERS!! (Cominations spoiler)

One of you turned me on to this game, Combinations ( https://combinations.org/) and I am hooked on it, play it every day.

I usually challenge myself by clearing the cache and playing it again, especially if I don't many of the bonus words. Well, today I am in a strange position in the game where I have solved all but one word, even when I solved the last two words there was one left and I don't think there are any words left yet I still have all these impossible options.

As you can see, I have already submitted "mattress" and "mattresses"

Now what do I do?

July 3, 2024

WHAT A DAY! Ukrainians LIBERATED Part of Kreminna. "Trump-Proof" Supply of Weapons. PEACE OFFER 2.0

Jul 3, 2024 4 products
Wow! Russian propaganda again outdid itself. This time they presented a true Z-Hero, who singlehandedly intercepted 13 F-16s and eliminated hundreds of Ukrainians. Before Ukrainians literally ate him. NATO wants to create a "Trump-Proof" method to continue supplying weapons to Ukraine no matter what. Trump also suggested his peace offer 2.0. Ukrainians were also able to liberate a part of Kreminna. Putin begs one of his allies, Hungary, to speak with Ukraine on his behalf. Belarus escalates the situation.

0:00 Absolute hero of Z-Propaganda
1:35 "Trump-Proof" conditions for Ukraine
3:15 New Peace Offer 2.0 was suggested
6:41 Ukrainians liberated part of Kreminna
9:59 Putin begs ally to speak with Ukraine
July 2, 2024

30 Jun: BRILLIANT OPERATION: Ukrainian Forces CLOSE IN on Hlyboke with Mechanized Assault!

Today, there are a lot of updates from the Kharkiv direction.

Here, Ukrainians have consistently seized the initiative in all directions in the region, inflicting heavy losses on Russian forces not only in the city of Vovchansk but also through counterattacks north of Lyptsi. Following their successful recapture of lost positions southwest of Hlyboke, they began amassing additional forces around Lyptsi for the next steps in their plan to push the enemy back across the international border.

Firstly, the Ukrainian commanders initiated the deployment of fresh reinforcements, a move confirmed by frontline Ukrainian soldiers who reported that approximately two brigades had been assembled around Lyptsi in anticipation of future assault operations. Russian soldiers confirmed these statements, sharing with their military bloggers that they had noticed a buildup of equipment near the frontline and the reinforcement of second-echelon reserves over several days. Russian commanders provided further details, warning of a high concentration of Ukrainian strike battalion tactical groups along the entire front line. This buildup suggests that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing a major counteroffensive in the coming days, supported by long-range artillery and Western multiple rocket launch systems. They also highlighted the recent arrival of new shipments of ATACMS missiles from Poland, totaling over 75 missiles, with at least half of them equipped with cluster warheads.

Secondly, the Ukrainians persisted with their audacious raids against Russian positions in and around Hlyboke, aiming to realign the frontline, push the Russians back to the southeast of the village, and simultaneously initiate storming operations. Leveraging the strength and quality of their forces in the region, the Ukrainians succeeded, with intense fighting erupting soon within the village itself. In response to these developments and the mounting signs of an imminent large-scale Ukrainian offensive, the Russian high command decided to intervene preemptively, attempting to disrupt the Ukrainian buildup before all forces could be fully assembled.

The initial Russian response was to escalate the use of loitering munitions systems, such as the Lancet drone, to target Ukrainian heavy equipment, which is crucial for any successful operations in the area due to the expansive open fields that favor mechanized offensives. A geolocated video released by Russian drone operators vividly illustrates the extent of Ukrainian penetration into Russian positions. The footage captures a Ukrainian Stryker armored fighting vehicle concealed in a tree line at the western entrance of Hlyboke, attempting a surprise flank attack to destabilize Russian defenses. The Lancet drone is shown successfully targeting the Stryker and setting it ablaze.

These Ukrainian assaults from the west of Hlyboke were aimed at distracting the Russians from the main push towards the village which came from the east as can be seen on this geolocated video shared by drone operators of the Ukrainian brigade Khartiia. The footage shows at least two Ukrainian armored vehicles maneuvering into position to storm a Russian holdout in a tree line. As they arrive, a Ukrainian BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicle opens fire with its main gun to suppress the Russian defenders, allowing the assault group to dismount from an M113 armored personnel carrier. The BMP-1 then begins to slowly advance to the other flank, continuing its suppressive fire to support the ground troops. Subsequently, another M113 arrives, delivering additional soldiers and evacuating the wounded. Notably, the Western-made vehicle is equipped with a cage to protect against FPV drones. This proves invaluable moments later when an enemy drone detonates, unable to penetrate the M113's defenses, ensuring the successful delivery of reinforcements to the battlefield. Complete uncensored footage of this Ukrainian counterattack can be found on our Telegram channel via the link in the description.

As a result of several coordinated operations, the Ukrainians successfully pushed the Russians back, leading to confirmed reports from soldiers on both sides that the fighting has now moved into the village of Hlyboke. The exhausted and heavily depleted Russian forces, facing imminent rotations, began mining the approaches to their positions in a bid to slow the Ukrainian advance...
July 2, 2024

01 Jul: Nice Try! Russian Sudden Flank Attack FAILED MISERABLY

01 Jul: Nice Try! Russian Sudden Flank Attack FAILED MISERABLY

Jul 1, 2024
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Today, there are a lot of updates from the Kharkiv direction.

Here, after suffering terrible losses while attempting to move forward in two initial vectors of advancements, Russian forces have suddenly opened a new vector of attack, west of their initial offensive through the international border near the villages of Udy and Zolochiv.

Reports emerged in the past days detailing a cross-border evening assault by a Russian sabotage group in the Zolochiv direction, northwest of Kharkiv. This operation, however, was identified as a reconnaissance mission rather than the onset of a larger offensive. The Ukrainian General Staff confirmed that border guards successfully repelled the Russian assault near Sotnyskyi Kozachok. Andriy Demchenko, a spokesperson for the Ukrainian Border Guard, stated that the group crossed the border near the settlement and engaged in a small arms skirmish before being neutralized. A Russian military blogger suggested that Russian forces are testing Ukrainian defenses in the area, with the assault likely aimed at creating operational ambiguity along the international border.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has warned that Russian forces are preparing for new offensive actions, concentrating a grouping of unspecified size near the border. Ukrainian military analysts have emphasized that these efforts should not be overlooked due to the tactical significance of the targeted area. The concentration of forces around the Russian settlement of Grayvoron creates uncertainty for Ukrainian armed forces, as it is situated almost equidistant from the major Ukrainian cities of Sumy and Kharkiv, approximately 100 km apart from each one. Although the Russians currently lack sufficient troops and equipment to pose a substantial threat to either city, these maneuvers are likely part of a strategy to fix and draw Ukrainian forces along a broader front in northeast Ukraine.

One possible initial target for a new Russian offensive could be the village of Bohodukhiv. Capturing this village would allow the Russians to disrupt Ukrainian logistics by controlling the local roads P45 and P46, which connect the Sumy and Kharkiv regions. This potential strategy was confirmed by the Institute for the Study of War, which observed satellite imagery indicating increased Russian activity at depots and warehouses in nearby settlements over recent weeks. Consequently, Ukrainian forces have had to allocate manpower and resources across a wider section of the border to mitigate these threats. Kharkiv's Head of Military Administration, Oleh Synehubov, expressed concerns that Russian forces might intensify their operations in the Zolochiv direction, prompting Ukraine to closely monitor Russian movements in the area. Additionally, the Ukrainian Main Military Intelligence Directorate intercepted and published Russian communications that confirmed the possibility of such attempts. These intercepted calls have provided valuable insights into Russian plans, reinforcing the urgency for Ukrainian forces to remain vigilant and prepared for a potential large-scale operation. The intelligence gathered highlights the continuous need for strategic planning and readiness to adapt to evolving threats along the northeastern front.

In response, Ukrainian drone operator units were swiftly deployed to act on the already gathered surveillance information. They conducted a series of precision attacks aimed at disrupting Russian logistics and hindering the concentration of forces behind the international border. The initial footage emerged from the Ukrainian 92nd Assault Brigade, which released several geolocated videos demonstrating their engagement with enemy targets. These targets included transport vehicles both stationary and in transit, enemy soldiers, and an observation post equipped with surveillance cameras used for monitoring Ukrainian activities near the border. These attacks quickly became a daily occurrence, with various other drone units operating in the region sharing additional footage. This showcased their efforts in sabotaging Russian logistical operations, creating significant disruptions, and forcing the Russians to constantly adapt to the new threats. The concerted efforts of these drone units have made it increasingly difficult for the Russians to maintain their supply lines and operational momentum in the...
July 2, 2024

Trump's Second Term: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver discusses Donald Trump’s plans for a second term, why it could be much worse than his first term, and what Trump has in common with a hamster. (aired 06/20/24)
July 2, 2024


From a couple hours ago...

Russians created their own card trading game about the heroes of Special Military Operation. It didn't work. There are some very loud noises across entire Ukraine against Russian military targets. In Belgorod, Russians dropped at least 38 FABs on their own civilians. Russian soldiers took a picture and accidentally revealed their secret base.Seek and Destroy campaign against Lukashenko, allegedly, started.

0:00 Russian card trading game
1:53 Russians dropped 38 FABs on Belgorod
4:52 Z-Army accidentally revealed their base
7:33 "Seek and Destroy" against Lukashenko

Meanwhile, for those who occasionally watch Artur Rehi, he just got married and is on hiatus until August first.

July 2, 2024


(I just realized, this morning, that Texas Towelie was not well and that's why some of the regularly post videos I like to watch were not being posted! Imagine that! So I will try and take up some of the slack and post those that I miss seeing and hope others will do the same while our beloved DUer is not able to do what they do so well.)

Russian propaganda seriously claims that NATO brought Palestinian venomous snakes to Ukraine in order to release them in Russia. More and more evidence shows that Z-Army falls back to Crimea. In the East, Russia accepted defeat. The withdrawal from Kharkiv frontline is complete.

0:00 NATO snakes from Palestine
3:17 Russians fall back to Crimea
6:46 Z-Army withdrawal is complete
July 2, 2024

Woo Hoo! It's here!

And I'm online with my brand spanking newly refurbished modem and now paying $15/month for 5G.

Suck it spectrum rectum! Your shit is already in the BOX! Goes out tomorrow!

Wednesday is the turn around date for my account where they start charging me if I don't cancel. So guess what tomorrow's all about!

And a kazillion thanks to jmbar2 for telling me about this ISP* service!! And as many thanks to DU for being here when I really needed you!!

Clearly the best thing that happened today.


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