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Member since: Sat Mar 16, 2019, 03:14 PM
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Syria withdrawal was Trump's birthday gift to Putin

Syria withdrawal was Trump's birthday gift to Putin!

I first heard this as an aside on one of the talk shows and had to Independently verify because, even for Trump, this would have been particularly brazen. 

October 7 is Vlad's birthday, for sure. The very day Trump ordered the withdrawal. 

Now, I know I had been wondering about the timing of this move by Trump. Why take such action now, with impeachment investigations gaining steam? 

Not that Trump is all that bright, but it has been widely reported that he calls Moscow Mitch 2 or 3 times a day to shore up repub solidarity in the Senate. He knows that this solidarity is essential to his very survival. 

So even Trump had to know - especially after he had to cancel under fire his first Syria withdrawal attempt - that his repub solidarity would be strained by his abandonment of our Kurd allies. 

So what explains move, imbecilic even by Tumpian standards of measure? 

"Happy Birthday Dear Vlady. Happy Birthday to you."

Talking with other supporters of Mayor Pete is nice, but...

More importantly, I hope that all of his supporters are also talking about Pete with those who still have no idea as to who he is. I've certainly taken every opportunity to introduce him to all those around me, with the exception of the very few Trump supporters in my social circle.
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