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AnneD's Journal
AnneD's Journal
July 9, 2013

Canada developing biological weapons.....

I was doing some recon here in Vancouver and have discover their biological weapons cache. They have this weapon they call poutine.

It looks harmless enough. Cheese curds over French fries with gravy over all. But let me tell you, this poutine, even in small doses can render one helplessly satiated for hours. No wonder the folks around here are so nice. It is a defense mechanism as they are so helpless.

They are also developing the japadog. This is a direct assault on the American Hot Dog. I fear for our wieners. The Chicago dog doesn't have a prayer.

I will later be investigating Canadian cults. I hear the biggest one here is called Tim Horton.

Happy Hunting and watch out for the bears.

July 2, 2013

I am....

An advanced scouting party....so to speak. I am finding this very intreresing. This may be one of the times when being aboriginal (as they say here) has it's advantages.

I am just visiting but living here or near the border may be an option. Been mulling this over since GWB first elected.

January 23, 2013

Morning Marketeers.....

It is time once again for the mutual masturbatory economic session known as Davos to start.

Again my brother has agree to host the summit for a fraction of the cost of the Switzerland digs. Due to the drought, the fish pond is low so fishing is spotty, but the drought has forced wildlife in so that more than makes up for the fishing.

Shopping is great as the local WalMart is well stocked. If WalMart is too rich for you, there are a host of Dollar stores and second hand shops and SIL will be happy to organize a shopping expedition. The local radio station has a popular swap meet on the air. You can pick up some sweet deals if you are a first caller.

Dining is good too. They have an all you can eat Chinese Food buffet, Braum's, and several local spots. There is a drive thru liquor store, but the local law enforcement keep the roads well policed.

Bro has lots of fresh eggs and honey and a fully stocked pantry and SIL can whip up a spread in no time. My niece plays piano rather well now so we will be able to have a floor show, esp if Bro plays his 12 string guitar.

There is lots of other entertainment. The girls (hens) have a few beaus, and that is always interesting. SIL added rabbits to the farm and menu. It is breeding time for the doe rabbits and that is the only x rated entertainment, but it is over pretty quickly so there is no point in charging. They still have cable but the Internet is rather slow. The stars at night are really good and brother has binoculars and a telescope. He has a gun range of sorts so that is available but use is limited as it scares the girls and they may stop laying.

No nation took up his offer so I will post the Davos TV. Jamie Dimon and Marie Blowjob are on right now but other than that, I recommend you not watch this and operate heavy machinery.


The Theme this year is Resilient Dynamism....

Happy hunting and watch out for the bears.
June 1, 2012

Morning Marketeers......

and lurkers. If Hollywood ever makes a movie about my life. This month will be entitled Four Graduations and a Funeral. The most touching graduation will be tomorrow morning. My younger, long time friend that lost her husband in October will see her first child graduate from the DeBakey High School for the Medical Professions. She is with the wonderful Italian family that I always spend Thanksgiving with. Her son wants to build and design better prosthetics for people. He is very bright, responsible, and really could do anything he wants...and he chose this. In fact, he has the personality and manual dexterity more fitting a reconstructive plastic surgeon. We are so proud of him. He will go to UT-Dallas. We have him all set up so Mom will not have to worry about him.

Last night was the most difficult and emotionally wrenching thing I have done in a long time. A former co-worker and friend lost her only daughter to spinal cancer several days ago and the wake was last night. My co-worker is the sweetest and most creative person I know. Her daughter was in her early 30's and just really getting started. My friend and I would always talk and laugh at the crazy things our daughters would do. Her daughter complained about headaches and had some trouble walking. They went to the ER just thinking she maybe had migraines. It was advanced spinal cancer diagnosed in the ER. She was given 4-6 months at that time. Well, my friend took a leave and spent most of the time battling Docs that basically wanted to to use Cassandra as a guinea pig. My friend and her daughter accepted the eventual outcome and wanted to make her time as pleasant as possible. She lived almost 2 years after the diagnosis. During that time, there wasn't but a few days that I didn't think about or pray for my friend and her daughter. My friend, who is Cajun, told me that she didn't have time to cry while her daughter was alive, but that she would have plenty of time for tears later. Well, the dam bust last night. I know now even more so what the inconsolable cries of grief sound like. It just makes your blood chill.

I will wait a few days but I will visit my friend through out the summer. A strong pot of coffee and a sympathetic ear goes a long way to help mend a broken heart

So my dear Marketeers, our treasure is not only measured in money but in friend ships too. In really difficult times, I personally would rather have a few good friends than a pocket full of gold. Just something to think about.

Happy hunting and watch out for the bears.
January 24, 2012

Today was an interesting day in the clinic.....

Because of the construction, etc we have started having a rat problem. This is not the lab type rats, these are field rats on steroids that will give the wharf rats in NYC a smack down. They have been in the library but we haven't been able to get them.

So I come in today and have a meeting with a PRS (pregancy related services nurse) and we are interrupted but the kids are good and say they will come back. We finish up. Then some kids that are friends of a run away come in and try to tell me about their friend. They are as worried as I am and this kid is abused so our first concern is that she is safe. I have been on the phone with CPS every day for the last 4 days on this one.

As I am ready to let the girls out I look over at the window heating grate. There are all these chocolate covered cookies lying about. Oh someone must have left me a treat I said. I take a closer look and see claw marks and bite marks. I pull up a piece of plastic that was once a zip lock bag. From the weight of all the cookies and the pilfered baggie-that had to be a roid rat. "They may have to cancel the cooking class in here this Friday" I said. The girls cracked up. "Nurse you're so crazy" they said as they left-promising me that they would try to talk to their friend and get her to contact us.

I called our police officer to the clinic. Well, I never call him to the clinic so he rushed over. I told him he had to see this and I wanted to swear out a warrant to have the rat arrested. He just thinks I have lost my ever loving mind but says he will get the plant operator in.

Plant operator comes in and views the mess He sets out some sticky traps and promises to check them before I get to school tomorrow. I told him those cookies weren't mine it was a moveable feast and they partied in the clinic last night. You know, the windows, the moonlight, the aroma diffuser.....

Then I get my shy petite little 6th grader. His uncle that was addicted to drugs was released from prison. He has not gotten treatment and has given this multi-generational family all kinds of grief. The student wears this god awful skull on a chain necklace. I ask him the other day why he wore it. He said it was his protection. I guess when you are small and in the 6th grade and you wrestle with demons and monsters, you need all the help you can get.

So he tells me that they had to call the cops last night, his Uncle took the keys to the car but not the car. It didn't matter, his cousins still couldn't get a ride to school and missed school this morning. He said he had to call the cops because his Uncle was beating his Grandmother out on the lawn and Mom told him to call while his Dad and Mom were trying to stop the fight. His eyes were welling up with tears and I took off a section of toilet paper for him to dry his eyes (I couldn't keep enough tissues in my office-we don't have the budget for it).

As I gave him the tissue, I was struck by how powerless he must feel and how scary his world must seem to him right now. All I could think of was to ask him, "Do you need a hug. Come here" And before I knew it, I had broken half a dozen EEOC rules, even more board policy rules. "It will be all right, you will get through it. Your parents are doing what they can to protect you and keep everyone safe." I said as I patted and rubbed his back. Yes, I had unlawful contact-but the poor kid just needed a hug to get through the day. And frankly I think it helped me get through the rest of mine.

Rats and monsters, monsters and rat.

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