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B.See's Journal
B.See's Journal
July 21, 2024

START THE STEAL: Trump & Co. Are Making Big Plans to Throw the November election into chaos

Trump allies pursuing a 'legally dubious' plot to throw the election into chaos - Rawstory

Under the guise of "formally accusing" President Biden's administration of "creating conditions for zero chance of a free and fair election," The Heritage Foundation's Mike Howell, one of the architects of Project 2025, and his co-conspirators, have plans for another attempted coup.

As reported in a NY Times article, "The campaign involves a powerful network of Republican lawyers and activist groups, working loosely in concert with the Republican National Committee."

From the article:

Democrats, civil rights lawyers and even some Republicans say that the threat is clear.

Even if the cases fail, Trump’s allies are building excuses to dispute the results, while trying to empower thousands of local election officials to disrupt the process.

Already, election board members in several states have moved to block certification of primary election tallies, including in a major swing county in Nevada last week."

July 20, 2024

The good ol boy KKangaroo Kourt of the 5th strikes again


(all caps headline copied and pasted as was)

Tens of thousands of Mississippi residents will continue to be affected by a lifetime voting ban on those with felony convictions.

On July 18, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned a 2023 ruling dismantling Mississippi’s harsh lifetime voting ban.

As the nation’s most conservative federal appeals court, civil rights advocates knew the moment could happen despite a shocking ruling made by a three-judge panel that deemed the no voting for life penalty as a “cruel and unusual punishment.”

How bout that. And just in time for the election.

JIM CROW, alive and well, in Trump's fascist America.
July 18, 2024

Comcast scrambling to 'clean up' mess made by booting Morning Joe off the air: report

Comcast scrambling to 'clean up' mess made by booting Morning Joe off the air: report - Rawstory

I know some here don't like Rawstory for (whatever) reasons. But the interesting thing I find in this report is how Trump had been behind the scenes putting pressure on Comcast,

which immediately reminded me of how he threatened to jail Zuckerberg, after which all of the convicted felon's FB restrictions were lifted.

The man and his fascist party are a menace. LITERALLY a threat to democracy.

And we should have no compunctions about saying so.
July 18, 2024

No MIGHT About It: What's In Trump's Plan and

What the MAGAs Have Long Been Pushing.

Reposted from another thread as requested by Baron 2024 (with additional points)

Trump and his MAGAs will end Social Security. They've been trying for QUITE some time.

The only reason why they're trying to "REFRAME" the discussion (to use sack-o-sht Vance's terminology) is to SNEAK that past voters.

Just like they ALSO WILL:

Institute Nationwide abortions

Undermine or end the availability of all contraceptives.

Criminalize the distribution or sale of contraceptives.

Track, persecute and/or criminalize women seeking abortion, and their doctors.

End the Affordable Care Act

Decimate or undermine Medicare and Medicaid.

End student loan forgiveness.

Destroy governmental checks and balances and balance of powers, via the elimination or undermining of oversight and regulatory agencies.

Fire millions of civil servants and replace them with partisan lackeys, loyal to and obedient only to Trump, and

Reorganize and rewrite government itself, so as to make it subject to the whims and will of Donald Trump.

Reinstitute child labour.

Further legalize child marriage.

Decimate unions and workers' rights.

Ban books considered subversive (as in WOKE) from public libraries.

Decimate environmental protection.

Deny climate change, and abandon clean energy initiatives.

Purge people from voter rolls via Jim Crow like manipulations aimed a disenfranchising certain sectors of the populace.

Refuse to certify and/or throw out election results they don't like.

Seize control of Democratic, mostly minority populated urban centers.

End the Department of Education and decimate public schools

Dictate a fascist fundamentalist based curriculum in TAXPAYER funded private schools.

Obliterate Black history, slavery, racism and other subjects that make certain people "uncomfortable" from textbooks.

Replace evolution with creationism.

Criminalize the teaching of "woke" ideologies.

End separation of church and state via the governmental enshrining of Christan fundamentalism.

End consumer protections from ridiculous interest rates and bank junk fees, etc. by destroying the CFPB.

Make it illegal to record police.

Pass bills obscuring legislative processes from public disclosure.

Restore the right to segregate and discriminate in hiring, housing, banking and lending, and in the public and private sector, by rendering anything having to do with diversity and inclusion "illegal."

Militarize the police to institute mass stops and searches, arrests, raids, and incarcerations, all under the guise of deporting millions of immigrants.

All of the above and WORSE. How do I know?

Because THEY HAVE ALREADY BEGUN working toward most of this and are PROMISING THE REST.

July 17, 2024

What U WON'T See on MSM network TV: 'Fight, fight, fight' against Donald Trump

seeing as how they're all so concerned nowadays with offending MAGA's sensibilities by broadcasting uncomfortable TRUTHS:

‘Fight, fight, fight’ against Donald Trump vow Republican National Convention protesters - Rawstory


at a Secret Service checkpoint leading to Fiserv Forum on Monday, where the first day of the Republican National Convention kicked off, demonstrators were angling for another kind of fight.

“Fight, fight, fight, abortion is a human right,” the protesters chanted in an effort to make their faces seen and voices heard to the thousands of Republican politicians and convention delegates in attendance.

“We are within sight and sound,” Alan Chavoya, a co-chair of the Coalition to March on the RNC 2024, declared. The crowd, numbering in the thousands, chanted back: “Sight and sound! Sight and sound!”

Milwaukee officials have not made this easy for the demonstrators.

Photos: Thousands of demonstrators flood downtown Milwaukee protesting the first day of the RNC - Yahoo

‘Not welcome in our city’: protesters march on Republican convention - The Guardian

The GOP Convention Kicks Off in a City Where Republicans Don’t Want People to Vote – Mother Jones


Charlamagne tha God Hammers Trump After Shooting: ‘Solely Responsible’ For Violent Rhetoric in US - Mediaite
July 16, 2024

Trump Criminality: Betrayal and Collusion, Threats and Intimidation, Fraud, and Scandal


Trump Hosts Russian Puppet Viktor Orbán as Biden Hosts NATO Leaders - The New Civil Rights Movement

Fmr. UN Ambassador Says Trump “Doesn’t Understand” Most Foreign Policy Issues - 2 Paragraphs

Possible Trump is communicating with Putin during campaign: National security expert - Raw Story

While Biden Defended His Candidacy, Donald Trump Hung Out With Viktor Orbán – Mother Jones

Trump reportedly wants to reduce NATO intelligence sharing - Audacy

Security expert warns of NATO's risk under a second Donald Trump term - Irish Star


Meta Removes Restrictions On Trump's Social Media Accounts - Mediaite

So the despotic threats worked?: Outrage as Facebook lifts limits on Trump's accounts - Raw Story

Donald Trump Threatened Mark Zuckerberg With Prison If He Is Elected - Business Insider

Trump Vowed to Send ‘Election Fraudsters’ to Prison For ‘Long Periods of Time’: ‘ZUCKERBUCKS, Be Careful!’


Do you have no shame?: Outrage as fake electors head to GOP Convention as delegates - Raw Story

Judge gives approval for Arizona fake elector to head to Republican convention - Raw Story

Trump taps "fake elector" to present him with official nomination - Salon.com


Trump Admitted to Entering Changing Rooms of Beauty Pageant Contestants. Here's What We Found Out - Yahoo

Congressman shames media for ignoring Trump's name in newly released Epstein documents - Raw Story

Donald Trump Flew Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, & A VERY Young Girl On His Private Jet! - Perez Hilton

July 16, 2024

In Trump's Fascist America: A "Secretary of Retribution"??

Trump Ally Exposed for Horrific Hit List of Political Enemies - The New Republic Ivan Raiklin, Donald Trump’s self-proclaimed “secretary of retribution” is even more bloodthirsty than Trump.

Donald Trump’s self-proclaimed “secretary of retribution” is touting a wild plan to arrest politicians, police officers, and journalists he views as disloyal to the former president, according to a sweeping new investigation by Raw Story.

Conservative political activist Ivan Raiklin claims to have assembled a “Deep State target list” that includes high-ranking Democrats and Republicans, U.S. Capitol Police officers, officials at the FBI and other intelligence agencies, witnesses in Trump’s impeachment trials, and journalists at The New York Times, CNN, The Washington Post, and other news outlets. Their supposed crime? Being Trump’s political enemies. And Raiklin views himself as justice incarnate.

Trump’s ‘secretary of retribution’ has a ‘target list’ of 350 people he wants arrested - Raw Story

Rep. Jamie Raskin Sounds the Alarm on Trump’s Self-Declared ‘Secretary of Retribution’ - UK News, Yahoo

Mary Trump Sounds The Alarm On MAGA: ‘Spreading Like A Virus’ - HuffPost

Tom Hanks' son Chet condemns bigots using 'white boy summer' to spread hate - Page Six

Chet Hanks Condemns Hate Groups' Use of 'White Boy Summer' - People

‘What Do You Want Us to Do About It?’: Texas Man Terrorized Neighbor’s Black Sons, Allegedly Hung Noose to Threaten Them. Police Told Her It Was Freedom of Speech - Atlanta Black Star

Trump’s Rumored AG Candidate Warns of Retaliation Against Liberal Prosecutors, Judges, Witnesses: 'Go to Hell' - People "We need to give them retribution," attorney Mike Davis recently said on a right-wing YouTube show, calling payback "a big part of justice"

"She’s a woman, she's colored": Ex-Trump official Seb Gorka calls Kamala Harris a "DEI hire" - Yahoo

GOP Representative Refuses to Disavow Armed Rebellion Against U.S. - The New Republic Representative Jim Banks is running to represent Indiana in the Senate, categorically refuses to reject an armed rebellion against the federal government.

GOP candidate’s threat foreshadows Trump sequel’s savagery: ex-federal prosecutor - Alternet.org

During a recent speech at an evangelical church, North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson — the state's 2024 GOP gubernatorial nominee and a Donald Trump ally — openly advocated violence against his political foes.

The far-right Christian nationalist and MAGA Republican told the crowd, "Some folks need killing…. It's not a matter of vengeance. It's a matter of necessity."

gee...wonder of Holt will have him on, asking him about "soul searching."
July 16, 2024

New York Times Editorial Board Says Donald Trump Is Unfit to Lead: 'Clear Lack of Moral Fitness'

New York Times Editorial Board Says Donald Trump Is Unfit to Lead: ‘Clear Lack of Moral Fitness’ - The Wrap “A once great political party now serves the interests of one man,” the scathing opinion piece said.

A once great political party now serves the interests of one man, a man as demonstrably unsuited for the office of president as any to run in the long history of the Republic, a man whose values, temperament, ideas and language are directly opposed to so much of what has made this country great,” the board said ahead of [the] Republican National Convention, at which Trump will receive the party’s nomination for president.

“Mr. Trump has shown a character unworthy of the responsibilities of the presidency. He has demonstrated an utter lack of respect for the Constitution, the rule of law and the American people,” the piece continues.

“Instead of a cogent vision for the country’s future, Mr. Trump is animated by a thirst for political power: to use the levers of government to advance his interests, satisfy his impulses and exact retribution against those who he thinks have wronged him.”

Pointedly, the editorial follows with: “He is, quite simply, unfit to lead.”

and in related news:

Judge Mathis: Trump is ‘dishonest,’ insults Black people and shouldn’t be reelected - The Grio The celebrity court judge also praised VP Kamala Harris, saying she is more than qualified to step up if President Biden needs her to during a new term.
July 16, 2024


Very scary: ex-Trump official lays out how Project 2025 will break the government - Raw Story

Developed by the far-right Heritage Foundation, Project 2025 proposes replacing the federal civil service with Republican partisans, ending the independence the FBI and DOJ to let the president oversee prosecutions, imposing Christian nationalism in law, and the defunding or abolition of a wide range of essential federal programs

there's some very controversial parts of it," said Griffin. "One is eradicating Social Security, which he knows is obviously a political loser. But listen, people deeply connected to Donald Trump were part of this. He obviously praised it. He's going to be the first to tell you that Agenda 47 is actually his plan and platform."

"But the key part of Project 2025 ... I think it's the most important part for Americans to understand, is this reshaping of the federal government," Griffin continued. "And I saw the actual executive order at the end of the last administration, ready to go, that would remake every civil servant into a political appointee and a loyalist to Trump. And it goes beyond Social Security and some of these technical things. It's the national security apparatus. It's our emergency management. It's FEMA, it's responding to natural disasters, pandemics, those would all be our subject matter experts, the Dr. Faucis of the world, would be replaced with whatever loyalist he puts into those positions."

"So it's a very, very scary thing that's actionable and ready to go by Donald Trump," she concluded.

Political leaders say Black voters should be terrified of Project 2025 - TheGrio

Vice President Kamala Harris warned that the 900-page document of proposals includes cutting Social Security, repealing the Biden-Harris administration’s $35 cap on insulin, eliminating the Department of Education and ending federal programs like Head Start.

“Let us be clear: This represents an outright attack on our children, our families, and our future,” said Harris.

Project 2025 Is Twisting Disability Rights Law to Attack Abortion – Mother Jones

Project 2025, the Heritage Foundation’s guidebook for Republican control of the presidency and Congress, is, unsurprisingly, coming for abortion rights. But in a new twist, they want to use a key disability rights law to do it.

Project 2025 Director Paul Dans in Resurfaced Interview: Donald Trump Is ‘Very Bought In’ - DailyBeast

Stunning Report Reveals Just How Closely Trump Is Tied to Project 2025 - The New Republic

What Is Project 2025? Inside the Far-Right Plan for a Second Trump Term - People

The policy guidebook — compiled by the conservative think tank Heritage Foundation in partnership with more than 100 other conservative organizations — lays out a far-right, Christian nationalist vision for America that would corrode the separation of church and state, replace nonpartisan government employees with Trump loyalists and bolster the president's authority over independent agencies.

Project 2025 will radically revise taxes. You're not going to like it - Dailykos

During Trump’s time in the White House, his biggest priority was a huge tax cut for corporations and billionaires that Republicans raced to pass in 2017, mere months after Trump sat down in the Oval Office.

Republicans are now trying to extend that tax cut, at a cost of adding $4.6 trillion to the deficit over the next decade. But the Project 2025 plan goes much further than simply extending these cuts.

Trump's deceptive “no tax on tips” scheme isn't in there. Neither is replacing the income tax with an all-tariff system, as Trump has proposed.

Video from 2022 Shows Trump Praising Project 2025's 'Colossal Mandate' at Heritage Foundation Event - Snopes

The View's Ana Navarro Says Project 2025’s Plan To “Criminalize Pornography” Should “Scare The Hell Out Of Republicans” - Decider

Project 2025 would fundamentally change public education - The Hill The Department of Education would be eliminated, student loans would be privatized and federal legislation on parental rights would be pushed under Project 2025, the conservative wish list of policies put together for the next Republican president that has sparked widespread controversy.

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