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Member since: Tue Aug 23, 2016, 05:33 PM
Number of posts: 8,091

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You could find more people to eat butthole soup than attended that J6 rally.

Why do I have to keep logging in? Then redirected to a different thread?

This has just started happening a few weeks ago.

Really bad EV legislation needs to be changed. Watch the video for details

If this goes ahead as proposed it will be a horrible mistake.

Basically it props up failing car companies once again and ignores Tesla.


When should we tell the magats that eating their own crap is a cure?

Planning attacks gets a man 18 years. In CA. Sets the bar for drumpf surely?

It was not an actual attack and nobody died.

So what should happen to the instigator drumpf? Who caused the deaths.


Weird car event: Toyota Rav 4, 2011 rear lights came on without any cause

No keys or fobs active. Both in the house untouched.

Car started OK so battery was not drained.

Not sure how long the lights had been on.

This was noticed at 7 am today.

Really weird.

Nothing similar seen after a search on Google.

I need to contact Toyota I guess.

We had two SCOTUS members stolen by rethugs. Let us not forget what they did.

Amidst everything else this seems to have been largely neglected.

They rub our faces in shit and will do so again.

Did drumpf ever formally give up control of his business as POTUS?

And if he did has he now formally taken over his company again?

I wonder if there are actually records of such moves?

It may be a small matter like so many of his lies, but worth knowing.

Beware scammer asking to send you a code

Then you have to send them a screen "short" to verify that you are real Yes, he can't spell.

Put an ad on CL and had this scammer text me immediately. Another clue that its a scam

What is the status of charges against drumpf?

It is beyond believe that he incited a revolt and now walks around free.

Not to mention a myriad other crimes.

His arrest ought to be priority one. At least as serious as any other concern.

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