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Member since: Tue Aug 23, 2016, 05:33 PM
Number of posts: 7,901

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I'm hoping Barr gets caught up in Epstein's / Maxwell's sleaze as well as corruption as DOJ head.

Why is he still free right now?

Time to release the full Mueller Report and talk to Mr Mueller re Barr?

Old Barr has slipped under the radar recently.

Perhaps he's ready to deal.

Great video showing real world Tesla STARLINK testing. High speed internet almost anywhere

Another game changer.

No more Comcast for us. Currently we pay $174 per month even with our own modem/router

$100 usd per month and about $600 for the hardware that is portable.

Speed for downloads is high and is likely to double to 300 mbs

Energy storage possible huge advance


If this can be applied to Tesla batteries, for example, it would be a major advance.

Storage is all.

Same number of batteries with double the distance possibly


Half the batteries , less weight, more distance?


I would imagine it would not cost much to change the battery production.

Hammer drumpf about his increasing death toll. Now over 550,000 largely his doing

Was any evidence presented to show that drumpf acted to defend the Congress or his own VP?

Any hint of him acting as he is supposed to as potus?

Some ironic relief from the shit


Uvula problem

Just went to the dentist for a clean.
He says my uvula is size 4 - huge. Causes swallowing constantly as well as snoring.
Can be reduced by an operation. A bit risky right now of course.
Might be causing my sleep problem too.

I want to get the op asap. Swallowing constantly, especially at night, is a drag.

The next time Hawley is being questioned by a reporter ask if he would pose for a picture with his

feet on his desk.

If he refuses pester him with questions about why nor.

As the evidence is so overwhelming the gop is duty bound to convict drumpf Anything else means

they have broken their oaths of office and must resign

They ought to be charged for that. Its treason.

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