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Member since: Sat Aug 20, 2016, 08:24 PM
Number of posts: 2,912

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WHAT DO THEY KNOW THAT WE DON'T? In 2018, we saw a steady parade of Repubs fleeing office, not

running for re-election.
I may have missed it , but I'm not seeing it now. In fact, McConnell, Trump, Barr, and countless others seem to be proceeding with total non-chalance, not even breaking a sweat about Election Day. And doing and saying even WORSE things than they've ever done. QAnon, conspiracy theories, racism running amok. Trump can't even be bothered to prepare for the sham "debate"...because he knows it's meaningless???
Something's up.

And before you flame me, I'll just say that I have never voted anything but Democratic in my life, and I cast my first vote in 1970.
The problem with being around that long is having to watch so many GREAT democratic candidates go down, Gore, Kerry, Hillary, to all sorts of skullduggery. I DON'T WANT TO SEE IT AGAIN!

Any websites that give fire updates? The Bobcat fire is burning in the mountains just north of me.

I've been watching the progress every night and day as it gets closer, but today, visibilty is maybe 100 feet, the mountains are invisible, no idea what's happening.
My PD was totally blase' about it over the phone, saying *maybe* they'll do some kind of Amber Alert on phones if needed or *maybe* they'll drive around with loudspeakers on telling people to leave.
I'd like some actual information though!
Here's the view from my balcony last night before bed. No idea this morning how much further down the fire has come:

They don't give a f*** about us...

They went SUPER-LOW in Kenosha, so what unreachable HIGH are we supposed to go for now?

Are we extending open arms to gun toters?
Reaching across the aisle to people who think a killer should be President?
Finding "common ground" with common criminals?

We have to come up with a strategy that crushes this fascist bullshit, no holds barred. No compromises. No namby pamby koom-bye-ah "healing conversations", fuck it, this has to be dealt with, rooted out, stomped on, and exterminated.

Republicans release their festive "BACK TO SCHOOL" campaign poster!

I keep getting messages from people saying it's great that Biden picked someone half-Asian.??? They

say CNN has described Harris like that several times in the last 20 minutes?
I thought she had Black and Indian roots via Jamaica.
Am I wrong?
Doesn't matter to me really, just wondering.
BIDEN/HARRIS 2020 and Beyond!

Can any self employed folks help with EDD question?

I filed for UI based on my NET, per my accountant, and my payments are pitiful because due to Covid I couldn't do my 2019 taxes til July, so I had to use my 2018 net, (I filed late March when I had to close my business) and in 2018 I had 2 major surgeries and lost lots of working time because I had to stay home and recover from each of them.
Lost a TON of income. I've done 2019 taxes now.

1. So how do I get them to now base my UI on 2019? Is there a place online I can put in new numbers? I can't find it.

2. Most importantly, they say that if I work, I have to put in the amount I made *when I get paid*, and they subtract that from my UI payment. But the amount I get paid would be GROSS income. I have no idea what my net would be until the end of the year...so if they subtract gross from my tiny payment I am screwed...anyone know how to proceed with this?
Thanks for any help!

Looking for something FUN to do while quarantined? I'm a lifelong scale model builder, and it has

saved my sanity since being shut in the house for over 4 months.
But it takes a long time to acquire all the tools you need, the skillsets, and the kits to build. I get all that. (I have a kit stash that would take me 10 years to build them all!).
GOOD NEWS. Now you can build models digitally, and photograph your finished model.
This could be a great way to pass some time, and also great for kids, they can learn lots of skills, such as "following instructions", something that us experienced modelers have long forgotten how to do!




I gaze into my crystal ball and see the future for Ghislaine

Sent to me from my buddy in Scotland
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