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BlueKota's Journal
BlueKota's Journal
June 23, 2024

Who Is To Blame?

Say you are driving and following all the traffic laws. Yet there is an irresponsible driver on the road with you whose recklessness is about to result in an accident. Yet there is action you can take that will prevent that from happening, yet for whatever reason you chose not to do it.

So the accident happens. Whose ultimate responsibility was the accident? According to my driving instructor it is the person who had the best and last chance to avoid it.

It doesn't absolve the recklessness of the other driver, but it's equally the responsibility of any licensed driver to do what they can to stop others from getting hurt, if at all possible.

That's the way I feel about the situation with Trump. If he is allowed to cheat to win, which he is practically announcing he intends to do, and no one with the ability to stop him from doing it stops him, they will be almost as responsible for the cheating as he is, but also anything he does to harm others in the dictatorship he is admitting he intends to establish, if he is successful.

I am not expecting anyone to agree with me it's just the way I feel about it.

June 21, 2024

What Song Lyrics Have Badly Misheard?

I have a couple- The worst being in the English version of Ave Maria. I thought in the Celine Dione cover on her Christmas album, she was singing the monkey caverns there so happily, my 2nd cousin even agreed with me even though it made no sense. We later found out the line is "the murky cavern air so heavy." 😄

My second was a Monkees song. I thought Mike Nesmith was singing, "just around Mount Yankee I went down to Mexico." I have since heard it remastered, and the lyrics are actually, "just a loud mouth Yankee I went down to Mexico." At least I had the last part right!" 😁 The song was "What Am I Doing Hanging Round," which Mike wrote.

June 20, 2024

That Storm last night was worse than I thought

The lighting was constant, it hailed, the wind gusts went up to 60 mph, and there was even some snow mixed in according to a local meteorologist. Although I question that because it was in the 80 degrees Fahrenheit range, but that's what the report said.

Luckily I had no major damage just minor flooding in the basement and some tree branches down. The nearby city was a different story. Several trees in the lakeside park I worked in to help pay for college, were either hit by lightning or toppled by the wind and some picnic tables toppled over. A family friend thinks it might have been a microburst.

There's been a few over the years near the lake. A friend of mine from Writer's Group had her family boat sink in one. Luckily it was docked with no one on it at the time.

So far no reports of injuries, which is good news.

June 20, 2024

I hate thunderstorms

Got a really wild one going on right now. I don't know how to just relax and not be afraid. My Mom loved them. I thought she was nuts.

June 18, 2024

So June has 1 week and six days left,

yet the there is still no Supreme Court ruling on Immunity. It sure seems to me like they are deliberately dragging it out until the last possible minute.

I know my reasons for thinking six of them care more about Trump and their own personal finances than they do about the Constitution, the majority of citizens of the US, or even the public's perception of their integrity. Thomas and Alito's received and unreported gifts, those two refusing to recuse themselves on January 6 cases, the Trump appointees saying Roe was settled law to get confirmed, yet overturning it at the first opportunity etc

So for those that still think they can be trusted with the immunity decision and any potential election cases brought before them especially in regards to the 2024 Presidental Election, what are your reasons for believing their rulings will not be based on partisan loyalty versus the actual law? Especially when there is no way to hold them legally responsible should they violate the Constitution and the Public Trust?

June 15, 2024

To repair or not to repair?

My dryer has been making awful noise. It sounds kind of like a car side swiping another car. It's been going on for about 2 and a half weeks. It would stop after a few minutes, so I didn't worry about it too much, and between my left eye still off from the injection, and lot of other unexpected things I didn’t call anyone.

Monday the noise got constant and louder and the dryer stopped drying all together. I have a repair man scheduled for Wednesday. My cousin stopped by this morning to see if it was anything simple that he could fix, but he thinks it is something to do with the drum and probably best left to a professional.

So watched some You Tube Videos of the same model making noises, but none were even close to being as bad as mine. Also while a few of the repairmen in the videos, said there's a few minor problems that could cause the problems, there also might be a major problem too expensive to fix like a cracked drum, so getting a new dryer might be the way to go instead.

I'm torn. Do I spend $130 dollars just to have the repair person come to determine whether it can be fixed or not, only to find out it can't be fixed? Then I am out $130 towards a new one. On the other hand if it turns out it is just an easy thing to fix, then I will have spent money on a new one I really didn't need!

Opinions on whether to fix or go straight to a new one? Will appreciate any suggestions.

June 13, 2024

Ok I know some names have multiple spelling variations!

But seriously I was trying to see, if a pharmacy had my dog's prescription ready, and two different representatives asked me how to spell Dakota?

They still couldn't find the prescription order. Our vet's staff had to call the order in a second time. They were laughing because they said, "like how many other ways are to spell it?" Another said, "they've never seen North Dakota or South Dakota spelled out?" 🤦?♀️

June 11, 2024

Legal Question

I have a paralegal certificate, but none of the classes covered criminal law.

So am I understanding it right that the prosecution can offer a plea deal, the defendant pleads guilty, but only on the understanding that the deal was in place. Yet the judge gets to decide whether or not the plea will be honored, even if there is no compelling reason to reject it?

I am not saying that's what happened in Hunter Biden's case, but if that happens a lot, why would people agree to a plea deal knowing the judge doesn't have to honor it?

And what if an innocent person accepts a plea deal because the police convince them that a jury are more likely to believe the police, so they just decide a plea deal is less risky and to get the police to leave them alone? It's not like innocent people have never confessed to things they didn't do.

June 10, 2024

When You Know It's Not Just You

In grade school there were these two sisters, one in my class, one a year ahead. They looked down on many of us, or as a friend of my family says of narcissists, "they think their shit smells like ice cream."

Well years later I was at a picnic with my fellow park workers. One of whom was those girls' younger brother. All of a sudden one of the lifeguards turns to him, and asks in all seriousness, "how come you're so nice and your sisters are such bitches?" A bunch of us who knew them choked on our drinks, because we couldn't believe,she'd asked him that. She looked at us, and said, "come on! It's true, and you know you're all wondering the same thing."

The guy answered, "I can't comment for them, but I am who I chose to be." I thought that was a great answer. While I thought it unfair to him that the lifeguard put him on the spot, I at least learned that myself and my friends weren't the only ones his sisters treated like we were beneath them.

I think those two and their pals were where my loathing of narcissists took root. I think that's one of the major reasons I hate Trump with a passion, and want to see him get knocked on his ass. I honestly felt that way before he ran for President.

June 7, 2024

Be careful when watering hanging baskets

Bird just scared the crap out of me. Was watering my hanging geranium basket and didn't realize the bird was in it. Apparently it got sprayed, flapped it's wings, flew off to a nearby tree, and kept screeching at me. Not that it understood me but I told it to shut up because I wasn't too pleased with the situation either. 🤣

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