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Conjuay's Journal
Conjuay's Journal
June 13, 2024

I don't want to see *THAT* face, or hear *THAT VOICE* ever again (Dirty sneaky fund raising suggestion)

I'm sure many of you ignore me, I'm neither very good at bringing forth profound thoughts or interesting prospectives.

But every hundred years or so, even the 'Century plant' puts up a display of brilliance.

Fund raiser/ penalty Program:

ANYONE wanting to put articles/ pictures of the orange one has to Pay a fee make an extra donation to the site.
It will add a new revenue stream and lessen the shock of scrolling up to THAT abysmal face every three or four posts.

I've been looking at fucknuts since the eighties; I am begging for mercy.

June 2, 2024

Haven't heard from Republican Mushroom

I was expecting a response from them with what has happened.
Hope everything is ok.

May 12, 2024

I'r really upset-

I don't know who sprayed what, but I have not seen any other pollinators (Beside one Sulfur and one monarch ) in TWO WEEKS!

May 10, 2024

I gotta go buy some mealworms!

I have lived in my home over thirty years, and in all that time I've seen one bluebird.
Today I was having a coffee and reading DU, and I heard a bird call I'm not familiar with.
Merlin told me it is a bluebird, and that made my morning! 🌄

May 6, 2024

Having a moral dilemma

I've been contributing a small amount monthly to the Biden/ Harris campaign.
Today I received a bumper sticker from their campaign.
I'm tempted to put it on my car, but I'm afraid the cracker, pick up driving, mental case, trump loving, citizens might take issue with it.
with MY First Amendment rights.
I hate the feeling of cowardice, and I hate that I am yielding to the goons.

April 24, 2024

Think about it -

My card was flagged because of a single transaction; and shortly after I got a call asking if I had made the transaction.

I confirmed it; and thought about it later.

I got a fraud alert
for. a. single. transaction.
One item.
A prescription.


April 22, 2024

As an old man, can I start grousing about the price of things?

Humana is dragging its feet approving my wife for medicare part B. And I think I know why - they are avoiding having to cover one of her prescriptions, a eye drop that costs $385.00 for 2.5 ml.

I'm not thrilled.

February 28, 2024

I never wanted to turn on the GPS feature on my phone,

but two weeks ago Merlin informed me that I had recorded a Common Tailorbird. (I don’t think they are that common in Central Florida)
Tonight I was told I recorded a Tody Motmot. If we had some severe storm come through, well, then I might have believed it.
So I’ll turn on GPS and see if that helps me record local birds.

February 7, 2024

Yikes! I just figured out why

Medicare Part B has an eight month enrollment period.

And they wonder why seniors have high blood pressure.

January 6, 2024

...and he came up to me, with tears in his eyes, and says, Sir,

It was so painful to see you bitchslapped by an eighty year old…”

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