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Gender: Male
Hometown: Palm Beach County, Florida
Member since: Fri Apr 16, 2004, 02:36 PM
Number of posts: 13,757

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Lindsey Graham tells Georgia to fuck off


The state of Georgia has subpoenaed Senator Lindsey Graham to testify in their investigation into Trump's attempt to overturn the 2020 presidential election in Georgia. Graham evidently made calls to Georgia, as did Trump, on tape, who was trying to influence the Georgia outcome of the election. They want to know what Graham knows about this and what his own calls were about.

He's fighting the subpoena in court, as he has every right to do. The latest argument is that he has something called "sovereign immunity" because he's a United States Senator.

Assume for a moment that he was an eye witness to a murder. Would he still be able to refuse to testify because of this "sovereign immunity" thing? Actually, he's being called to testify in an investigation that is, however you want to phrase it, the president of the United States making calls to Georgia officials as part of, what we all now know, to be a coup d'etat. But Lindsey doesn't want to talk about anything to do with what we call, sedition. (After all, what would a United States Senator know about such a horrible crime?)

If you or I were subpoenaed by Georgia, we could also hire a lawyer, but we don't have any of that "sovereign immunity" stuff. And you can bet your ass we'd end up testifying in this investigation.

Can we once and for all put this "No One Is Above The Law" bullshit to rest and never mention it again. If you live in this country and don't hold a position of power, you are not above the law. If you hold a position of power, (or vast wealth), the law doesn't apply to you.

Will Lindsey end up testifying in Georgia? I wouldn't bet two cents on it. He's too important. He's too powerful. And he's obviously got something to hide about his own phone calls.

Let me close this mini rant by saying that "The Law" in America is fucked up and will remain so as long as we keep electing corrupt people to positions of power.

Back in a different lifetime, I was in the army

I didn't join. I was drafted.

It's in some ways an enlightening experience, as you meet people from just about everywhere. And, over time, you bond with some of them. Some of those bonds last a lifetime.

In many ways, we were all still children. Few of us understood or cared about politics. All we knew was that we were there and had to do battle against any "enemy" the government told us was an "enemy." We were well fed, well housed, well clothed, well trained and were able to put up with some of the horrible shit the army makes you put up with. It wasn't "fun & games," but you were a member of the "club." You belonged.

Many of the people I served with came from the South and, at first, I resented them. At that time, finding good employment in the South was difficult, so many men decided that their best bet was going into the service. Coming from the North, I wasn't used to their opinions, their world views and, in some cases, their bigotries. Nonetheless, when you live closely 24 hours a day with people, you get to know them, you get to know their beliefs, you get to know their strengths and weaknesses, and, most importantly, you get to know their character (even if you didn't understand the word "character" at the time). And, since many of our noncoms and officers were black, or brown, or Jewish, many from the South, (and some from elsewhere), were able to overcome the "teachings" of the society in which they'd grown up.

My own army experiences are not important here. But the bullshit the Republican Party has fed to the American public for generations is where I'm going with this. The Republican Party has always claimed to be "holier than thou" on any issue concerning the well-being of the military and of its veterans. ITS ALWAYS BEEN BULLSHIT. It was just one more facade they put up to con the American public into thinking that Republicans are the "real" Americans and that all Democrats are "Commies" and worse.

What they just did yesterday, is what they've always done. But most of it wasn't this high profile. They've spent decades fucking veterans in the same way they just did. But few noticed before now. I'm still in touch with some friends I made in the military and even though some were "hard core Southerners," they know the Republican Party is fucking them and has been fucking them since day one. They "get it."

Meanwhile, those so-called "Commie" Democrats have done everything possible to improve benefits for veterans and to raise the standard of living for all.

Fuck Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Mitch McConnell, Tom Cotton, and every one of those motherfu***ng pieces of garbage. They don't care who lives or who dies, who prospers or who ends up homeless, or anyone living out their days, helpless and hopeless, in some dilapidated VA hospital. Fuck the Republican Party in which so many seek to hold the title of America's first "fuehrer."

UFOs explained

I have this on the best authority.

There are countless worlds in our galaxy on which intelligent life has evolved. Most of them are many millennia ahead of us and have overcome the problems of interstellar travel. They are joined in a vast union of civilizations who intermingle in peace and prosperity for all.

Occasionally, a planet produces a somewhat intelligent life form on which evolution goes awry and produces a dangerous, self-destructive species. We are one of those planets.

The UFOs are here to make sure we don't escape and spread whatever disease infects our existence. They mean us no harm. They are simply protecting the sane civilizations with whom we share this galaxy.

Everything Trump touches turns to shit. A short list:

Trump Steaks, Trump Airlines, Trump Vodka, Trump Mortgage, Trump Magazine, Trump University, The New Jersey Generals, Trump Network, Trump Taj Mahal, Trumpís Castle, Trump Plaza Casinos, Trump Plaza Hotel, Trump Hotels and Casinos Resorts, Trump Entertainment Resorts.

What he fucked up most recently is democracy. And it remains to be seen if it can be fixed, or if he's destroyed our constitution, our country and our freedoms. And if he did, that's on each and every brainless fool who voted for him, or still wears a MAGA hat.

And one more thing. He's one of the dumbest people who ever lived. Which means democracy is so fragile, it can be destroyed by a moron.

Trump and the Saudis are trying to fuck the PGA and American golf

I'm not a golfer, and I may only watch the last day of a major tournament on TV. But it seems that the Saudis, with the help of Trump, have a major golf scam going.

The Saudis have started a new golf organization of sorts called LIV. Phil Mickelson, Greg Norman, and a few other well known golf pros have become involved in their tournaments, (probably because of the huge money prizes). The PGA has banned any pro golfer who plays in LIV tournaments from remaining a member of the PGA, or playing in PGA tournaments.

You know that anything that Trump is involved in is a scam. And it will probably come crashing down, like every other business he has ever been involved in. (He was once involved in trying to establish a new football league called the USFL, the United States Football league, which didn't last long.)

So I guess my bottom line is fuck Trump, fuck the Saudis, (the people who brought us 9/11), and fuck any pro golfer who has anything to do with them.

I know that golf is not one of our major concerns, but it's amazing how Trump never tires of finding new self-enrichment scams, and how many morons will buy into it.


Dear Americans: Joe Biden does not control the price of gas

The Russia/Ukraine war has affected the cost of natural resources. Like it or not, the economy of the world is interconnected.

But Joe Biden can no more control the price of goods/services, than I can click my heels and return to the prices of 1990.

Every time people pay higher prices at the store, they're going to blame Joe Biden.

Every time people pay more at the gas pump, they're going to blame Joe Biden.

Every time people pay more for anything, they're going to blame Joe Biden. And they'll also blame the Democratic Party.

Does anyone really believe that politicians control the economy?

Does anyone really believe that voting for Republicans is going to "put more food on the table?"

Private industry, international incidents, war, and supply and demand, drive what things cost. Politicians love to toss out bullshit at election time, that they're going to make thing better, but that's bullshit. They'd tell us they'll create where and when hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcano eruptions and ice storms will occur if they thought it would get them more votes.

World leaders control much less than we think they do. At this moment, Joe Biden is being blamed for high prices at the gas pump and the supermarket. And many morons actually believe that Joe Biden and the Democratic Party are intentionally fucking them.

So I'll tell you what. If you really believe that, vote for Republicans. They won't change what you pay for gas, or food, or cars, or anything else you buy. But they will destroy our constitution, our laws, our democracy, our country, and all of our freedoms. These are things they do control. And, when you vote Republican, try to understand that they have become infected by an insanity that will fuck you beyond anything you could have imagined any Democrat would ever do to you.

Biden shouldn't go to Saudi Arabia

No American president should ever go to Saudi Arabia, or meet with their murderous crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, the murderer of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Not to mention that nineteen of those who attacked us on 9/11 were Saudis. Usama Bin Laden was a Saudi with close ties to the royal family. Does anyone really believe the Saudi powers that be didn't finance 9/11? Or that they had nothing at all to do with it? Or that, at the very least, they knew about it in advance? Give. Me. A. Fucking Break.

So instead of attacking Saudi Arabia, we attacked Iraq. The WMDs were bullshit and Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.

Let's face it. It is, and always has been, about oil. Look at what Russia's invasion of Ukraine has done to oil prices. Had we attacked Saudi Arabia, the country that made 9/11 possible, oil would probably be $200 a gallon and we'd have to go back to horses and buggies.

Nonetheless, no American president should ever set foot in Saudi Arabia, or meet with the Royal Family that owns the country, the oil, and everyone who lives there.

President Biden. Please. Stay the fuck away from Prince Mohammid Bin Salman.

(Just read that Biden has put off this trip until July. Gotta' wonder why.)

I've come to hate cowboy hats

Yeah, I know a lot of you love them and I'll take much shit for this post.

As much as I've always loved Hollywood westerns, I've come to view people who wear cowboy hats as the equivalent of someone walking around wearing a tee shirt with a Confederate flag on it. I know that's unfair and does not reflect everyone who chooses to wear one. However, that's the way I feel.

Seeing those guys with big cowboy hats, outside of the school in Uvalde, Texas really pissed me off. Those hats didn't make me think of Alan Ladd in "Shane," or Gary Cooper in "High Noon." They just made me feel like I was looking at some "hero" wannabees with blood on their hands.

Sorry if this post offends you. And your hat.

Imagine cutting a huge fart while speaking at a podium

Imagine* taking a crap on America with a camera and microphone in your face.

Imagine lighting a match to the Constitution and being cheered for it.

Imagine loudly spewing hatred and bigotry countrywide to turn Americans against each other.

Imagine doing a weird little dance at an NRA Convention, after stumbling through reading the names of children murdered in Texas.

We don't have to imagine it. It happened. TFG, yeah, Trump, is a disease that's far more dangerous than Covid.

He's a leech that clings. We're stuck with him. Far too many Republicans love the ignorance, the cruelty, the maliciousness, and the illusion of "superiority" he holds out to them.

But here's the reality of what he's done and is still doing. He's infected America with the the deadly poison that has existed within the Republican Party for decades. He tore their mask off. He pulled back the curtain. He made it plain who and what they are. He kicked open the door to hell.

Those who are not paying attention may soon be wondering how Republicans turned America into a dictatorship.

And if/when that happens, MAGAs who actually are paying attention, will be as happy as pigs in a pit of diarrhea.

Trump was the final straw that broke the elephant's back. He exposed them as people who don't give a shit about democracy or other people. He brought their ignorance and greed out into the open, along with, what so many of his followers call, "Christianity."

I know Joe, Nancy and Chuck are doing everything they can. But somehow, the Republicans/Fascists, always seem to be holding the upper hand. But this time around, all of our freedoms are on the line. We can't afford to lose. If we do, America is over. -- And the clock is running.

*(With apologies to John Lennon for using "Imagine" in this way.)

Texas Governor Abbott returns to the murder scene

President and First Lady Biden visited the site of the horrific murders of children and others in Uvalde, Texas today. While they were there, Governor Abbott, the enabler of the murderer, had the gall to show up. How dare he? How dare Abbott show his face on this hallowed ground. I find it hard to imagine how long it took to scrub the blood off his hands.

Abbott, Texas Republicans, and the entire Republican Party are drowning in the blood of countless children and adults who have been murdered. The reason they died was because Republicans are a wholly owned subsidiary of the NRA, weapons manufacturers, and billionaires who have their own agenda for turning America into a fascist state run by themselves.

But at this moment, it all comes into focus when you see Abbott, showing up with his "thoughts and prayers," in Uvalde, Texas. There just aren't words to cover this outrage. A man who allowed a weapon of war to be put into the hands of an unhinged teenager, knew beyond any doubt what the probable outcome would be, and didn't give a shit. Abbott, and the entire Republican establishment, are the face of evil.

It's past time for all of us to get into the fight for the soul of America.
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