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Gender: Male
Hometown: Palm Beach County, Florida
Member since: Fri Apr 16, 2004, 02:36 PM
Number of posts: 11,344

Journal Archives

Nancy, I know what you're doing. But so do Republicans.

You know that voters have very short memories. And you are therefore trying to push impeachment of Trump off as long as you can, and as close as possible to next year's election. After all, the more unpopular he is, the better chance the Dem candidate will have of winning.

But here's one major problem with your plan. The damage that Trump does on a daily basis is going to take decades to repair. Therefore, each day he is in power adds that much more damage to our democracy.

You really need to reexamine your determination to delay impeaching him as long as possible. My guess is that you believe that Trump is becoming so despicable to so many voters, that public opinion will make it impossible for the Republican Senate to not throw him out when it's their turn to act.

Put simply, you're stalling to let more people see that he's a con man, an immediate danger, and a cruel, malicious prick.

But here's a bit of reality. If Trump hasn't already reached that point, (and beyond), it just ain't gonna' happen. Forget your pipe dream that a majority of them will desert him.

In the meantime, Congressional Democrats, and who knows how many millions of Dem voters, are screaming for his impeachment. So how are you going to handle that?

The Nixon comparison is meaningless in many ways. But there is one lesson that can be learned.

When the Nixon impeachment began, it was a given that the Republicans in the Senate would never convict him. Yet, the facts and the really ugly crimes that came out during the House hearings, put the Senate in a position in which they had to go to him and ask him to resign.(Rather than fuck themselves in the next election by having to convict and remove him.)

That's not today's world. It's possible that Trump could rape a nun on TV and it wouldn't matter. The crazies, the fearful, and the haters would find a way to justify it and stand by him.

Time has run out, Nancy. This horrible creature must be removed from office by any and all means. But those means are in your hands. Impeachment is the last resort. If not you, who? If not now, when?

All I can add to this is that I am projecting my own opinions onto Nancy Pelosi's actions, and I am coming to my own conclusions. If you have a different explanation of her actions or lack of actions, let's hear it.

Trump talking about tariffs on Mexico. It will fuck us beyond belief.

Want to pay more for your underwear, your jeans, your shirts, your shoes, and hundreds of everyday things you buy? And even if items are not made in Mexico, American sellers will raise the prices on all equivalent items made elsewhere. After all, why pass up an opportunity to fuck Americans who are stuck buying necessities.

There are many thousands of reasons that Trump, and the Republican Party need to just go away and get out of our lives.

It's so ironic that many people who consistently vote for them are getting fucked beyond belief. Yet, they don't/can't "get it." It's possible that this form of ignorance is an unrecognized disease.

Rotten human beings

To be a Republican in today’s world, you’ve got to be a really shitty human being.

They’re not just people with a different legislative agenda. They’re not just people who have differences with us on the role of government. They don’t care about a functioning government, or about democracy, or decency, or the well being of others, or about anything other than their own power and wealth.

And the tools they use to con the various factions of rubes into voting for them are a perverted form of religion, love of guns, hatred of abortion, white supremacy and permanent war.

The majority of people have seen through them long ago. But majorities no longer matter due to gerrymandering, multiple voter suppression tactics, and a huge propaganda machine.

Think what a miserable person you’d have to be to live by the words: “I’ve got mine. Fuck everybody else.” This is not to say that all Dems are “saints.” But today’s Republicans are truly malignant people, predators, and our deadly enemies. We forget that at our peril.

A man who walks onto the stage and hugs a flag is pretty fucked up

But what's more fucked up is the audience at CPAC that stood, and applauded and cheered him.

Someone really needs to explain to me the difference between that crowd, and those who cheered and adored Hitler during his torch lit rallies where the highlight was burning books.

This is frightening. And anyone who doesn't see it and recognize it for a fascist rally is a fool.

This is how it starts. This is how it begins. It doesn't take a majority. It just takes a minority of fanatics.

And the next thing you know, your country is gone. And whenever you go out, some uniformed thug will stop you and say "Papers please."

Am I being an alarmist? Watch the video of that CPAC rally where the orange madman spoke for two hours and was cheered from moment to moment. Then tell me what country you think you're living in.

Republicans: Fuck truth. We must protect our Fuhrer

Republican questioning during today's hearings with Cohen, were disgusting.

What was going on was obvious. Democrats were asking questions to reveal the truth. Republicans were asking questions that avoided any references to Trump. All of their questions were intended to show that Cohen was a swine.

Here's the reality. The Republicans on this committee, along with all the other Republicans, are going to protect their orange Fuher till the bitter end.

This brings to mind the Nuremberg Trials where the top echelons of Germans were put on trial for their crimes.

Many say this isn't the same thing. Really? Kidnapping children at the Mexican border seems like a crime against humanity to me. The fact that people have died in the custody of ICE seems like crimes to me.

Are we talking about millions of deaths? No. But when you let that first death go without comment, millions could follow.

Today, the Republican Party once again showed us who they are.

Political Assassination should be a major story

But it seems that it's a page one or two story that got covered for a day or two.

No, No one tried to assassinate the president.

But some nut was building up an arsenal to assassinate all of the presidenr's foes.

Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, AOC, and most of the people on MSNBC and CNN were on the list of this crazy.

I won't give you his name. He wanted fame, so let's deny it to him.

He built up an arsenal. He Had a list, He'd researched their protection on Google. And he wanted to be one of the greatest murderer in American history..

Is there any sane human being who doesn't believe that this man's insanity is tied to Donald Trump's words and hatred?

C'mon, people. Wake the fuck up. There are a lot of crazy people in this world. And Trump has inspired a lot of them to go after his enemies.

Can I prove it? No. But think about it and see where it leads you. And let me know what you decide.

Stepping in shit is a mistake. Stepping in it on purpose is crazy.

No one really knows how many Americans voted for Trump. For some reason, they didn't know shit when they saw it, so they voted for him. But given Russian interference, machines that switched votes, "lost" votes, and a variety of other tactics used to fuck up elections, was he actually elected?

Now, we're headed toward another presidential election. And, assuming he's still in office, he's planning to run again.

Stepping in shit by accident is one thing. Stepping in shit intentionally is inexplicable.

There are a lot of fools who I just don't understand. They've gotten fucked over for the past two plus years, yet, they just can't wait to vote again to get fucked over some more: -- On taxes, on benefits due them, on healthcare, and on countless public services.

I know that bigotry plays a huge role here. I know that ignorance of reality is a part of it. And I know that a lot of it is just plain stupidity.

It seems we've reached a point where the obituary of America may read: This great Democracy was brought down by greed, hate, and ignorance. Many citizens saw the shit and waded into it.

"Wait, wait. Hold it for a minute. I have to answer this."

So you're speaking with someone face-to-face and your phone rings.

You whip it out, glance at it, say, "Oh, I've gotta' get this." You pick it up and whoever you were speaking with is left waiting with their thumb up their ass.

And to one degree or another, you have one pissed off, (or at least annoyed), friend, acquaintance or whoever.

If that's been done to you, try doing what I do. If you're speaking with someone, face-to- face and they answer their phone, walk away when they pick up. If you're speaking with them on a land line, hang up, walk away, and don't worry about it.

Why does some random phone call get priority over you? In effect, when you're speaking with someone, their phone rings, and they tell you to "Hold on a minute," what they're really saying is "I must answer this call that may or may not be more important than you."

If there has ever been a bigger "Fuck You" that existed before smart phones existed, tell me about it. Because that's what smart phones have done to society. They've made "whoever" more important than you while you're having a conversation with someone. They've made you a second class citizen. They've made you a slave to the person you're speaking whose phone suddenly rings and they consider that answering it, is more important than speaking with you.

If I'm speaking with someone and my phone rings in my pocket, I ignore it. The phone has captured the number and I will call back. Perhaps it was a call in which I was going to be informed that a meteor was going to destroy Earth in five minutes. Well, if I had answered the call, it really wouldn't have made much difference.

Do yourself a favor. Be polite and put whatever conversation you're having with someone at the head of the line. If you're phone rings, just say, "I'll get it later," and continue your conversation. Don't let a ring in your pocket control you. As far as I know, there's no law (yet) that says you have to drop everything you're doing and answer it.

And recognize the fact that if you stop whatever you're doing to answer a ring, Pavlov's dogs were trained to answer a bell, no matter what, in order to get food.

So try this out for a while. When you're speaking with someone, or you're even in the middle of making yourself an omelet, let the fucking thing ring. The world won't end because you didn't grab it immediately. And 99.9% of the time, it won't matter that you didn't drop everything to immediately answer a bell from whoever.

We need to protect our candidate against the tidal wave of GOP attacks

Whoever our candidate for president turns out to be, the Republican propaganda/lie/smear machine will go into overdrive. She/He will be accused of eating babies. She/He will be accused of fucking a yak. He/She will be accused of sexual harassment and perhaps rape. He/She will be accused of being an illegal immigrant from wherever. She/He will be accused of being a horrible, perverted, dangerous threat to America.

This is what the right wing propaganda machine does. This is who they are. And make no mistake about it. They are an arm of the Republican Party. And all of that shit mentioned above will be believed by millions of fools, know nothings, and those who just don't pay attention.

We know this is coming during the 2020 presidential race. But we can't wait until then to fight it.

Our counter attack against Republican shit flinging must start now. We must make people aware of what Republicans do to smear their opponents. We must make people aware that they are going to be drowned in Republican lies. We must make Americans aware that we have two parties: Democrats who believe in our freedoms; and Republicans who have spent the last 40 years fucking us and trying to destroy our democracy and our constitution.

Talk, write, reply to any shit thrown at you, march, and do everything possible to make your fellow citizens aware that the Republican party doesn't care whether they live or die. Make them understand that Republicans will fuck up their Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Veteran's benefits, and do everything possible to line their own pockets with funds that should be going to the well being of the American people.

So, about that low-keyed, quiet guy who could nail down the presidency

No Republican can win the presidency without winning Ohio. It's become a purple state. But Sherrod Brown, Democratic Senator of Ohio, has been winning elections there since 2006.

He's liberal, he's smart, and when he speaks, everyone can understand his positions, his beliefs, his values, and his dedication to healing America after a couple of years of Trump madness, and a few decades of Republican insanity.

In 2020, I will vote for any Democrat who is nominated. I believe that virtually any Democratic candidate can beat the orange creature. Or, if the creature is gone, that any Dem can beat the malicious, hollow man named Mike Pence.

Right now, we have enough Dems running for president to jam a Manhattan subway car. Many will drop out along the way. And we will eventually end up with a front runner and then a candidate.

Put the name Sherrod Brown in the back of your mind. It's possible to be low-keyed, soft-spoken, yet be endowed with greatness. No one can predict what lies ahead. But Brown might just be the one to put America back onto the tracks from which we've fallen.
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