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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 03:07 PM
Number of posts: 489

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Seattle Mass Shooting - My Instincts Were Right This Time

The assassins in mass shootings are different in every case. Since I was familiar with the "bad area" the shooting in Seattle took place, I figured the shooters were violent people who should be behind bars where they can't shoot anyone. Not someone "mentally ill" or "homeless" even though the area shows depravity on a huge scale on most days.

I was 1000% right.

Previously convicted violent felons with multiple arrests shot all them people in Seattle. People who should have been locked up.

The right wing blowhard media scumbags are having a field day here in Seattle. They are partially right though. Violent criminals need to be locked up until they are rehabilitated. If they repeat offend, they need to be removed from society. Sorry. It is not a cop issue, it is a jail issue. If you join a gang, any gang "you will spend your entire life behind bars if you do crimes" should be the message.


Dori Monson is a RWNJ but when it comes to babying gangstas he is right. It is not "socialism" or "liberals" that is the problem though Dori. It is basically lack of socialism is one crass way to put it. Giving Boeing 10 billion in aid but not taking care of the problems THAT CREATE GANGS, or taking care of drug users with treatment, or helping the mentally ill PROPERLY is insane.

Career criminals need to be somewhere they can't hurt anyone until they have been rehabilitated. If they don't help themselves, they need to be somewhere they can't hurt others.

Maybe if the gangstas went to Davos and opened fire things would be different. Oh wait. They can't even get close to Davos. The filthy rich have security. We don't. We have to live with the result of their pillaging.

I Have A Gift For Republicans - Every Republican Senator Vote To Remove Trump - Every Single One

Then you can go about doing Republican things once Trump is arrested. If every single Republican Senator voted to remove the f-king lying criminal traitor, they you could convince your lemming followers it was the right thing to do. He is threatening you (illegally) and you will what? Surrender? Again? And again? And over and over. Time you for once did the right thing. If you all stood together we could actually Make America Great Again. Locking up the criminal in chief.

I don't usually try to help Republicans, but in this case, I think it would be best for my country, and my planet.

Not removing Trump will probably be much worse for many more people. If you stick together, as Republicans always do, you can weather the storm. Then you can go about helping the 1% rob little old ladies, and poison our families some more like the good old days before Trump. Raging about socialism, and the deficit (have you looked at the numbers) or god knows what else.

You have a choice Republicans. Destruction or oblivion.

Everything Trump Touches Dies.

Time you turned off Fox and figured it out on your own.

There can't be only one party that cares about that constitution thing.

Please Rec.

Santorum Is Lying Again - Majority Of Americans Want Trump Removed - Period

This is with billionaires running our media for greater returns, and not for democracy.

Santorum says Democrats should have went to the courts and waited years.

Classified Now Means "Evidence Of Trump's Crimes"

With nothing to do with protecting America's secrets as far as security.

The sooner Trump is behind bars, the safer we will be.

It's the right of congress to see what the criminals (when they are) in the White House are up to. Selling us out.

Mass Shooting In Downtown Seattle Tonight

Unknown victims. Right in front of the McDonald's on 3rd Ave. A place my wife says is the most dangerous place in the city.

One of the people in the area told the media "in Seattle crime is legal".

Unfortunately they are right. Crime is legal.

You have to be arrested 50 times before you go to jail here.

Houston we have a problem....

For The Love Of God Adam Please Stop - I Am Now Laughing At How Juvenile This Plot Was

Stop texting. Congress may read this some day!!!!

I gotta got get a snack.

A corrupt gang of thugs led by a spoiled brat cooking the books. Again.

Time to do something Republicans.

Is It King Trump Dictator Trump Emperor Trump

Or Fuhrer Trump?



Jurors absent.

Must start over.

Trump's Lawyers Are Not Defending Trump - They Are Creating Sound Bites For Fox

Everyone knows there is no defending what Trump did with the Ukraine shakedown. Regardless how many lies are told, and stunts are performed the facts remain the same. Trump was trying to take an opponent off the field like they do in other countries.

The lawyers (sic) representing Trump are not doing anything but creating sound bites to be played on an endless loop on Fox to keep the Trump Cult in a brainwashed state. There is no other explanation.

Lies for the cult.

Lies for the cult.

It has worked so far....

Trump Should Stay In Switzerland

And seek asylum.

SDNY around the corner.
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