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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 2,936

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George Floyd Was A Better Human Being Than Anyone Who Voted For Trump

Just to keep things in perspective.

This Is The Way The System Is Supposed To Work

A doctor was explaining why they were pausing the Johnson and Johnson vaccine on Anderson Cooper. To do a quick investigation, and to talk to doctors about what to watch out for.

"This is the way the system is supposed to work" he said.

A few months ago the system worked differently.

If anyone said anything about anything the president would give you a real mean look.
He would then tweet out attacks on your abilities.
He would next move you to an office in the basement.
Then he would then take away your stapler.

Gosh I am glad the system is now working the way it should!

Get vaccinated!

F You Pat Robertson 700 Club Propaganda Outlet And Kevin McCarthy Where Is The Border Legislation?

When the local news is over, the psycho 700 Club propaganda channel comes on. I came out of the garage and saw a some news show displaying a tweet from Kevin McCarthy complaining about the "situation" at the border. Boy they wanna beat up 'ol Biden and Harris about the "crisis". Blah, blah, blah, all the money we are spending when so many Americans are going without.

Where is the legislation to deal with the problem Kevin, and Pat? It's not Joe Biden't fault Republicans want to solve zero problems, including the influx of people fleeing for their lives, or from starvation.

Where is the bill Kevin?

Where is the plan, and compromise Kevin?

What about the dreamers Kevin?

Until Republicans start working on solutions to our problems, including at the border, they should just STFU.

They need to be called out on this garbage including Kevin's garbage crybaby tweet.

Crying about stuff is all Republicans can do any more. They have no plan other than helping the 1% get richer, and pay lower taxes while the ice melts faster, and faster every day.

Anyone Remember What The Joke Of The Week Was?

This week?

So How Is It That Someone So Insane They Think T...p Won The 2020 Election Can Buy A Gun

In America?

They keep talking about mental health.

No one that thinks T...p won the election is mentally healthy in any way shape or form.

Just sayyin....

Read All The Red Text In My Bible - Saw Nothing About Abortion

Feed the hungry. Check.
Heal the sick. Check.
Welcome the stranger. Yep.
Love thy neighbor. Uh huh.
Turn the other cheek. Right.
As you do to the least among us you do unto me. That's in there somewhere.

Harass or punish unfortunate girls but not the fathers? Didn't see that anywhere. Maybe my Bible is broke. Maybe it written by dudes ya think?

Greenberg Hired The Big Lebowski To Act Like His Attorney - Hilarious

The dude did a press conference.

Anyone else see it?

I'm still laughing.

Chauvin Wanted To Kill George Floyd No Other Explanation

He choked Mr. Floyd to death. He kept choking him long after he stopped moving. He kept others from rendering aid. He wanted to make sure the victim was dead.

Chauvin wanted to and did kill George Floyd on purpose.

No other explanation.

He just wanted to kill.

Rec if you agree plz.

Isn't Showing Nude Pictures Of Girls You Took Illegal Matt?

Without their consent?


What Should The Penalty Be For Lying About Being Vaccinated Or Holding Counterfeit Cards?


I read an OP about a DU user saying her RWNJ in laws were saying they were vaccinated to travel, and she knew they were anti-vaxxers.
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