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Home country: Canada
Current location: Alberta
Member since: Thu Jul 4, 2019, 08:50 PM
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Journal Archives

We may never know now

what the Yukon, Alaska and Lake Huron objects actually were. Heard on radio this AM that the search has been called off for all three - snow fall and remote terrain cited for Alaska and Yukon. I guess the "cylindrical object with no visible means of propulsion" for one will remain a mystery.

Let the coverup/conspiracy theories begin!

Space-X booster full meal deal!

Space-X test fired (successfully) their StarShip mega booster full bore for the first time:


Thirty-one of thirty-three engines all fired for the five second test (one was shut down just b/f the test and one other shut down during).

Balloon Question.

If the Chinese balloon is a "spy" balloon, why is it coloured white? One would think black or dark blue would be much more likely to evade visual detection.

Dr. Harriet Hall (SkepDoc),

a well known and respected health fraud skeptic, has passed away.


She will be missed...

Why on earth are classified documents in the US

apparently not properly tracked and accounted for?? Is there no-one person or department that tracks the whereabouts of classified docs at all times and, responds rapidly whenever they go "missing" or wind up in unauthorized hands.

It seems to me that classified document provenance would be even more important than for valuable works of art for instance. Trump's purloined documents should have been detected from the outset (and maybe Biden's misplaced docs as well).

Be careful what you wish for??

It occurs to me that the satisfaction expressed in recent weeks that the Repugs won the House by only a few seats (no Red Tide) might have missed the downside i.e. a half dozen of so Repug extremists now have control of the agenda (which they would not have had if a larger majority had been realized).

Has anyone switched from

Donalds to McCarthy yet?

Donalds didn't vote.


Wondering if Trump's tax returns

show that he donated his salary, as he claimed, while President? If so, he presumably would have claimed a deduction(?).

Can anyone please reiterate what the legal basis is for

public disclosure of Trump's personal tax returns (in the absence of criminal charges). I'm not clear on that and is it not a rather unusual or unprecedented action?
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