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Doctor_J's Journal
Doctor_J's Journal
June 15, 2016

you authoritarians just don't get it, and never will.

sanders does not care about leverage, or getting to speak in prime time at the convention. he believes that the American people are entitled to healthcare, decent wages, a good education, and clean air and water, and that the Democratic Party should fight for them. he also knows that mrs Clinton doesn't believe any of these things. he wants the party to be the progressive powerhouse it was for all those decades, instead of the republicans whipping boys.

May 27, 2016

And Truman's and JFK and LBJ

Basically everything gained in the 20th century was the initiative of the will power of democratic presidents.

May 19, 2016

She and the rest of the establishment (rich corporate) dems will try to reconstitute it with

rich moderate corporate republicans replacing the traditional democratic voters. As we've seen over the past six years, this is a very effective coalition for the owning class. They will maintain the facade of two parties and "negotiate" a poverty level minimum wage, small increase to our military budget (especially Israel), ridiculous, cosmetic changes to TPP, fracking only on even numbered days, etc. The Clinton supporters who call themselves democrats will cheer all of it, and anyone who protests will be labelled a sexist communist.

March 16, 2016

Low Information Voters tend to vote conservative

and against their interests. That's why so many poor people vote republican in the GE's. They either don't know or don't grasp the effects of the fact that healthcare costs will continue to rise, insurance and drug companies will continue to rape us, Wall street will continue to rule the country, the death penalty will remain the law of the land, the prison industrial complex will continue to grow, fracking will go on, the minimum wage will stay at poverty level, TPP will depress wages and take decent jobs overseas, college will become even less affordable, our ridiculous (and murderous) intervention all through the middle east and latin america will grow, and it's very likely that Hillary will cut Social Security benefits.

I continue to be surprised at the pervasiveness and effect of propaganda and the politics of personality.

September 28, 2015

on electing a president who will "get things done"

I have seen many posts from Clinton supporters that say they want her as president because she'll negotiate with the republicans in congress, and thus "get things done". This is in contrast to Sanders, who will give them nothing. Some Clinton supporters say that it will be good to have a president who will "meet them half way". Bearing in mind that Hillary is already in favor of profit based health care, tpp, offshore drilling, h1b expansions, fracking, poverty level minimum wage, and more aggressive foreign policy, here is my question in two parts.

1. What exactly is half way between Clinton and the borderline insane McCarthy?
2. Do you really want that?

September 26, 2015

Well, Sanders is polling about 25% nationally among Dems

Let's say 70 million people vote Dem in the GE, that's about 17 million votes that the hillarians think they can do without. Obama won by 5 million in 2012. The situation is not going to improve if we keep voting for DINOs. Regardless what any of the "pragmatists" say, 4 years of Clinton with a Republican Congress will be 95% indistinguishable from Bush with a Republican Congress. It's time to make a stand.

BTW for those who think I am not an actual Dem, or a racist, or a DU mole (for 14 years), and you lurkers, haters, DINOs, and PUMAs, please read this one from the way-bak machine.


August 4, 2015

Have you seen this position comparison?

Why is there even a debate?
December 30, 2014

The dc dems already abandoned many of their voters

The dc repukes actually give their voters what they want. That's why the republican voters show up. The dc dems give us TPP, corporate healthcare, corporate schools, wheeler, Weiss, bank-friendly budget "compromises", etc. The only use the current party has for liberals is as scapegoats when their incompetence results in electoral disaster.

December 26, 2014

But the swooning worship has all but killed the party

Those like yourself who cheer for heritage care, drone murder, austerity, extension of the Bush tax cuts, continued war in the middle east, failure to prosecute Bush and Cheney, TPP, and the rest of the republican policies pushed by the president, have completely run off millions of hopeful new voters from 2008. And then you pile on by calling them racists. After they voted him into office.

My advice would be to try to develop some actual principles by which you want to live your life, then stick with them. If you believe in the things I mentioned above, I'd say that you're closer in ideology to Bush or Romney than to Sanders or Grayson, and should vote accordingly. Regardless, calling those who disagree with the policies I listed above racists is not helping the president, the party, or yourself.

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