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Evolve Dammit

Evolve Dammit's Journal
Evolve Dammit's Journal
July 8, 2024

Biden will be fine and God Forbid that changes, Kamala is ready.

That’s why we have a competent, experienced VP. Stop the hand wringing please.
I know 90 year olds who are just fine. Hell, some were sharp all through their 90’s.

July 8, 2024

Remember when Donalds longtime Physicians office was raided by his thugs?

Remember he said he “felt raped?” When the office was broken into and records seized.
And again, the Dems are held to actual standards vs. a free pass on unhinged, sociopathic behavior for 9 years and counting. I’m infuriated at this obvious double standard after watching Press Sec being grilled at presser. They gaslit us years ago with the liberal-media crap.
They just want a criminal mob boss so they can carve up the US like Putin did in Russia. I’m with Michael Steele. “Lock his behind up” to stop his “criming.”

July 3, 2024

I have done a bit of cogitating in the last days. Joe's values are "America's" values. At least in my time here since

the 1960's. The dystopian agenda from the "other side" is not tolerable for any kind of a functioning society. And (God Forbid) Joe may have issues, but we have a fully capable VP. That's what they are there for. Go Joe. You beat him "like a drum" the first time, and you will kick his orange ass again.
Joe's values are my values. Period.

June 25, 2024

MSM is devoting ALL their time to this debate. It's like the USA and free world will choose this moment as a watershed

I disagree. This is a snapshot into one event. Verbal judo will conclude nothing on so many serious issues; at least I don't think so. Drumph will denigrate us all and Joe will state what he has done. Optics is what matters, right?
Sadly, half of USA doesn't really care and don't vote. Willfully ignorant and can't be bothered to inform themselves.
I don't care how Joe does, because he has done a damn good job on so many issues and received very little acknowledgement from MSM. Meanwhile they treat it as a normal election. We know it is not anywhere near "normal." Coup attempt, fake electors, stealing classified docs and almost hanging VP Mike Pence. Not in my lifetime. We're in Bizzaro World.

Let me know your take, and Best to you all in DU land,

June 21, 2024

I'm not good at this but just wanted to express my sincere appreciation of DU and all the community.

You kept me sane since 2000, when I wondered how many felt similarly. Went to DC after we invaded the country that didn't attack us, and whom we had given weapons to when it was advantageous ("Rummy&quot against Iran. The 3-400,000 that filled the streets in DC that day made me realize how strong we were when we get out and are visible. MSM was, and is falling down on the job. I exclude most of MSNBC.
In any case, I love this forum and the insightful, heartfelt and meaningful communication.
Best always and thank you.

June 9, 2024

I cannot accept that MSM is doing its best to make this a "normal" election. The GOP presumed nominee

is not only a convicted felon (unprecedented), but a coup plotter who damn near succeeded (unprecedented), had it not been for incredibly brave interns carrying those electoral votes in mahogany chests through the tunnels to uphold our Republic. Were it not for Capitol Police fighting 10,000 kool-aid sucking RIOTERS, and were it not for Mike Pence who upheld his Constitutionally sworn duty, while being threatened to be hanged (not sure he knew that, but plenty of GOP were running for their lives while Orange Julius watched on the big screen. By himself.

He was impeached twice. Unprecedented.

The number of States finally getting around to prosecuting the fake elector schemes. We need to see way more of that. And the litany of losses (for the Loser) in contesting 2020 results. I believe 60 cases were brought and all dismissed. Unprecedented to my knowledge.

I am convinced MSM is guilty of normalizing insanity and a mob boss who controls the House (and probably way more) then has ever been imagined. There is nothing normal about any of that. Total dereliction of duty.

PS. I do exclude Rachel, Joy, Chris, Ari, Ali, Lawrence, Jonathan, Connie, the Weekend hosts (all), and I even respect Morning Joe. Don't always agree, but Mika sorta keeps him from falling off a cliff. The both siderisms on other networks is too much for my BS meter. Keeps pegging in red.

Love DU.

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