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Gender: Male
Hometown: Northern VA
Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 10:34 AM
Number of posts: 36,911

Journal Archives

Cadavers: Delightfully Delectable 😋 or Disgustingly Detestable 🤢 ?

Asking for a friend.

Turns out the best ways to defeat Nazis is to punch them:

Richard Spencer says that antifa sucked all the fun out of college appearances, calls it quits

Elements of the left say that antifa tactics -- direct, physical confrontations with fascists and racists -- are a "gift to the alt-right," letting them play victim and validating their paranoid fantasies about the persecution of white dudes -- but punched Nazi Richard Spencer says that antifa tactics have worked as intended, making it impossible for him to continue his on-campus recruitment tour for his forthcoming race-war.

More at Boing Boing https://boingboing.net/2018/03/17/horses-mouth.html

LOL, the whiny nazis give up.

#metoo hits the world of architecture

Five Women Accuse Richard Meier of Sexual Harassment, According to New York Times

According to a story published online Tuesday afternoon in the New York Times, five women have come forward with accusations of sexual harassment by Richard Meier, the 83-year-old, Pritzker Prize–winning architect. According to a statement issued by the firm, the founder will take a six-month leave of absence.

“I am deeply troubled and embarrassed by the accounts of several women who were offended by my words and actions,” Meier said in the statement. “While our recollections may differ, I sincerely apologize to anyone who was offended by my behavior.

Four of the women identified in the Times story worked for Meier, with two describing similar instances of the architect exposing himself to them at his apartment in New York. A third employee alleges that Meier asked her to undress at his apartment, while a fourth referenced an incident, which was witnessed by coworkers, that occurred at a holiday party. Two of the four recalled having been “warned” by colleagues about the founder’s behavior before their experiences with Meier.


Cornell also declined the architect's gift to name the chair of the School of Architecture.

Chocolate Wobbies

From Bob and Ray's overstocked warehouse.

Space Force makes me think of Bob and Ray's Intergalactic Officer Candidate School

"You know, when I signed up for the Intergalactic Space Corps, I never thought I'd get stationed in Walpo, Kansas."

Meanwhile, all over the campus of Howard Unversity, Washington, DC

Candy shop owner makes 'misfit chocolates' with broken Easter candy

Easter is a busy time for chocolatier Andy Karandzieff (aka "Andy Candy". He expects to sell over 10K chocolate bunnies this month at his candy shop, a St. Louis institution since 1913.

However, when one of his hand-poured chocolates breaks coming out of its mold, the Crown Candy Kitchen owner doesn't toss it or re-melt the chocolate. He instead takes the broken pieces and starts franken-ing them together, forming "misfit chocolates."

He told KSDK, "You can start getting creative and you get these oddball, misfit things that come out of my demented imagination sometimes."



School resource officer accidentally discharges sidearm at Va. school

A school resource officer accidentally discharged his service weapon Tuesday morning at a middle school in Alexandria, Va., police said.

No one was injured in the incident.


Whoops! The only thing that can fix this is more gunz in schools, right?

Goob: a notional paltrovian newage woozine generated by Botnik's AI

Botnik used its predictive AI to generate a Gwyneth Paltrow-style website full of woo: goob! It's all very Poe's Law.

Here's some of the headlines it came up with:

* Listen to your body: your migraines are podcasts trying to be produced

* We asked 200 experts: should you feel embarrassed by the gluten in your skin?

* Ever think shooting our souls full of hormones might make our subconscious grow too powerful?

* Our famous doctor of candles, John Benjamin Expert, gives mental health advice to anyone having to let their wait staff go for the season

Goob can be found here: http://botnik.org/content/goob.html

Boing Boing article on Goob. They had me laughing at Paltrovian.

Prediction: Thursday night Nunberg enters a rehab facility and finds Jesus!

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