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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: New England
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 71,414

Journal Archives

Update: I'm calling it done so I can put it up at school tomorrow. Dunluce

Castle, Co. Antrim, where a branch of the family tree is from. Watercolor on cotton.

Play with the clouds to make them more 3d or call them done?

Thanks for the hearts!

Thank you for the hearts!

Did not get a pic, but a little Barred Owl stopped by for a brief visit. I wonder if it's the same

one I see each winter? I would love to see a Sawhet, but they're so teensy. I think I miss them.

Kept busy with some little line and wash bookmarks while the power was out.

I wanted to do a Solstice piece, so I worked it out in a little 5x5 journal w w/c pencils. Wayyyy

harder than I thought to take it up to a 14x20" format. At any rate I like the concept, and the galaxy was kind of cool to play with once I let go and let it happen.

Looking for a large, nice Campground down around

York. We have a large tent for car camping and like breathing room around us. Any suggestions? (Pinedarosa looks amazing, and not too far from York, but seems like it's hard to get reservations.)

Health question for women...

I've already finished going through the change. Do the hot flashes ever go away, or do I get to enjoy them for the rest of my life?

So who is running for potus on the GOP side? Who will

throw their hat into the ring?

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