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Gender: Female
Hometown: California Coast
Home country: USA
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 84,072

Journal Archives

Absolutely iconic photo of Mme Speaker in her J'Accuse moment against Trump

Nancy Pelosi was right. She's always right...

CNN should be ashamed. What the hell happened to them to sink so low?


Oh twaddle. So you want to break this nation apart? You know who else really really wants to?


Putin had a hand in Brexit. He has a hand in trying to get France to leave the EU. He so wants the EU to break apart.

NATO? If Trump had gotten back into the White House, NATO would already be ancient history.

Oh, here’s a laugh. Ever hear of Calexit? The attempt to get an initiative onto the California state ballot to break us off from the US and form a separate country? The head of the group working toward this cockamamie idea had his headquarters in ….. wait for it ….. Siberia.

So why in HELL would any of us go along with this idea to finish the work of the Civil War and diminish the USA in every way?

Please do tell us.

Strom Thurmond was a Senator until age 100. Robert Byrd until 92. Ted Kennedy missed months...

…before dying of a brain tumor at age 77.

Where was the yammering for them to resign “for the good of their constituents” or for any other reason?

To reiterate: She has zero government experience, like Trump only with warm fuzzies

Look where that got us, Merrill.

The presidency is not for amateurs.

You keep pushing Marianne W and I’ll keep saying this.

Marianne is successful in one arena only -- kinda like Donald Trump, only with warm fuzzies...

She is not our friend. She has zero government experience, not so much as city council.

So am I. She is not our friend. She has zero government experience, not so much as city council.

Marianne Williamson is successful in one arena only — kinda like Donald Trump, only with warm fuzzies.

"DeSantis snoozes, loses to Disney" -- LA Times today, page 1 below the fold

Michael Hiltzik explains it so well I had to write a Letter to the Editor:

Thank you, Mr Hiltzik for explaining DeSantis vs Disney

Anyone following the career of the ambitious Governor DeSantis can tell he fancies himself a right-wing autocrat.
However, he put his wanna-be autocracy up against a kingdom — a Magic Kingdom.
I am still chuckling over my morning coffee.

From the opening of the article:

Did you really believe that Florida’s arrogant Gov. Ron DeSantis would get the better of Walt Disney Co. in their fight over Disney’s supposed “wokeness”?

If so, you don’t know your Disney.

DeSantis handpicked a board of cronies to take over control of Reedy Creek Improvement District — the quasi-governmental entity that Disney and Florida established more than 55 years ago to control development and management of the land on which Walt Disney World, Epcot and the company’s related enterprises sit.

DeSantis’ board has now revealed that, while they were snoozing, Disney executed an agreement with their predecessors that strips the new board of all its powers except the authority to “maintain the roads and maintain basic infrastructure,” according to one of the new board members.

Hilariously, the agreement Disney reached will remain in effect at least until 21 years “after the death of the last survivor of the descendants of King Charles III, King of England,” currently living. More on this delicious provision in a moment. First, let’s get a legal commentator’s opinion of where the Disney-DeSantis battle stands.



I am Pro-Choice. However as of the heinous Dobbs decision, I'm now emphatically Pro-Abortion...

It was not I who decided to change the definition of every OB/GYN procedure to “abortion” and outlaw it.

We all know that women are now dying from blood loss and sepsis because doctors are scared to death for themselves if they interfere with with what’s going on in a woman’s uterus.

It was only this level of barbarism that finally made me say: I am Emphatically Pro-Abortion. It is Part of Women’s Necessary Health Care.
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