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Member since: Sat Apr 2, 2005, 03:11 PM
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Can you imagine the outrage?

If democrats held their annual political action conference in another country because we were cozying up to a leader that our nightly talk show told us was a good role model? We'd never hear the end of it and conservatives would accuse us of being "in bed with" that leader. They would hold multiple investigations and trials.

This should not be allowed to stand. This is totally unacceptable and a new low from them. All from the party that claims to be "America First!!! God Jesus Bible Flag Gun 2nd Amendment!!!!".

The comments in this tweet from Morgan Freeman are literally everything wrong with America.


The gun nuts are in denial, delusional, and dangerous. They really think the only solution to a gun problem is more guns. It's fucking scary.

The Buffalo Shooting And Fox News: Don't Look Up!

I've been saying for years how dangerous and divisive the rhetoric being pushed on Fox News is. And since Trump lost the election and they don't have their nightly direct line to the White House anymore, they've been upping the hostility to dangerous new extremes. In all honesty, since Trump lost the election, Fox News lost their plaything. They don't have a nightly direct line to the White House anymore. They are acting like a three year old who's mad that their parents won't buy them a toy when they are shopping at Target. So guess what? They've cranked the hate and division up way past 11. And now guess what? It's getting people killed.

Honestly I could say that I saw this one coming. It's no secret how openly racist Tucker Carlson is, and now his hateful rhetoric has inspired people to kill. Hell, John Oliver did an entire episode about how racists are watching and learning from Tucker's show in huge numbers. And trust me when I say this won't be the only one. Tucker now has blood on his hands. And he probably doesn't care as long as he's getting good ratings. It's truly sickening.

What's really disturbing is that thanks to Alex Jones, you have candidates who are running for fucking office - calling this latest shooting a "false flag"! 10 people dead isn't a false flag you fucking morons! Everything is a false flag to these morons. Or it didn't happen. Or the people involved were actors. It's 10 people - DEAD! This isn't a damn video game. It's not Call Of Duty. If you get shot in real life, you don't get a second chance. You don't get power ups and invulnerability.

It's seriously like we're living the plot of "Don't Look Up", only instead of an asteroid - it's guns. Hey gun nuts, guess what? Your guns kill people! And they are doing so right now in record numbers! We had two mass shootings, in one weekend, on opposite ends of the country. One of the killers was directly inspired by Tucker Carlson's white supremacist rhetoric, and even had the number "14" (which is white supremacist code for the "14 words" ) painted on his gun and posted a hate-filled manifesto with rhetoric that can be traced back directly back to Tucker Carlson. And this is after he failed a psych evaluation from his school and was nearly committed, was still able to purchase guns anyway thanks to insane NRA laws. But facts don't matter to this crowd.

Yet their only solution to a violence problem is more violence. Their solution to a gun problem is more guns! Their only solution to encountering a mass shooter is to go Superman on them! Yes, I'm personally taking classes at a public school right now. I've seen the posters. I've been in classes that have had mass shooting drills. This is the only solution that they have come up with should it happen to you. Even more insane are their other solutions. Instead of preventing a mass shooter from coming into a classroom, they've done everything but that - they give kids bulletproof backpacks, turn classrooms into fortresses, and place their fucking wannabe GI Joes on the rooftops of nearby buildings to act out their wannabe sniper fantasies. All because they will do anything but realize what the real fucking problem is. And guess what, gun nuts? The real problem isn't us. It's you.

It's truly fucking insane what is happening to this country. And literally what happened in Buffalo or Laguna Woods this weekend could happen at anytime, anywhere, for any reason. Thanks to the NRA, we're all sitting ducks.

Where's Leonardo DiCarprio screaming about how the world is going to end when you need him?

Holy shit, Ted Nugent goes there...


I've seen where this kind of hateful rhetoric goes and it never ends well. Fuck these fucking assholes.

MAGA isn't a lifestyle choice. It's a hobby.

Let's think about this for a minute:

- MAGAs spend crazy amounts of money to decorate their cars and houses

- they all wear similar t-shirts and cover their cars in MAGA bumper stickers

- They all spend a ton of money to meet with like minded MAGAs

- They write fan fiction that caters to their interests

- They do unspeakable things to get them elevated to the top of the MAGA social media world

Seriously imagine having a mind so fucked up and depraved that it involves around praising the former president at the expense of the current president.

Why letting Trump back on Twitter sets a dangerous precedent:


It's not just Trump - it's many people who should stay banned like Alex Jones and Roger Stone. Letting them back on would open the floodgates.

Here's Marjorie Greene endorsing "2000 Mules"


That's right - a sitting member of Congress is on far right social media actively endorsing a far right propaganda flick attempting to discredit the 2020 election that's probably going to get people killed. Dinesh is treading into some very dangerous territory here. This is truly "awful everything".

Seth MacFarlane gets it!


People vote. And get out the vote. In every election. It doesn't matter if it's a school board, comptroller, judge, city council, state rep, mayor, sheriff, congressional representative, senator, yes, even president. If we don't vote, if we leave any unchecked box on a ballot, they win. And it starts at the local level.

Mike Lindell Back On Twitter, Immediately Gets Re-Banned

MyPillow CEO turned 2020 election truther Mike Lindell returned to Twitter on Sunday afternoon after Elon Musk agreed to purchase the platform for $44 billion this past week.

However, Lindell’s revival was short-lived. Three and a half hours after sending out his first tweet, he was re-banned.

“Hello, everyone at Twitter. This is Mike Lindell,” Lindell said in a video posted Sunday to the new account around 1 p.m. Eastern. “I’m here to tell you about my new account here, @MikeJLindell. That’s the only account over here at Twitter that I’m using.”

“So we started this account,” he continued. “Please share it with everybody you know. Let everybody you know so we can get the word out over here at Twitter in case they do take it down.”

By the time he was banned again on Sunday, he had accumulated over 39,000 followers.

“The account you referenced was permanently suspended for violating the Twitter Rules on ban evasion,” a Twitter spokesperson told The Daily Beast Sunday evening regarding the Lindell account.

Asked to comment on the suspension, the pillow executive told The Daily Beast that the decision to give him the boot was “a shame.”

Circumventing a ban? That's a ban.

These are the people who have the nerve to call us "sheep".


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