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Jack-o-Lantern's Journal
Jack-o-Lantern's Journal
May 26, 2022

So I was watching Chris Hays on MSNBC...

During a break I switched to FUX to see how they were reporting on the Texas child murders.
WTF! There was Tucker Carlson breathlessly reporting new (BS) so called bombshell evidence on Hunter Biden’s laptop.
I couldn’t believe that shit! I nearly crushed the remote switching back to MSNBC.

May 24, 2022

Well here we go again...

The gun-humpers will just grin, shrug their collective shoulders and say: “It’s the price of freedom baby”!
But OMG life is sacred! We must save at all costs, holy zygotes, fetuses, eggs, sperm, dead and deformed unborn babies!
Yes, but there must be forced births! Prison for miscarriages! Death sentences for abortion providers…because you know, life is sacred.
Will it ever change? Not in this fucked-up country full of sick and crazy republicans.

…and so it goes.
February 15, 2022

Has anyone seen the TV ad for the all new Trumpy Bear?

Only 3 easy payments of $20.00 each and it’s yours.
As an added bonus you get a frameable
And still at no extra cost, find the secret zipper on Trumpy Bear and pull out a genuine American Flag!
There is a lot more to this ad, but I think you get the drift.
This ad is absolutely hilarious! I would like to see the mindless numbnuts who will spend $60 bucks for this thing.

November 6, 2021

"The ship of democracy, which has weathered all storms,

may sink through the mutiny of those on board.”

- Grover Cleveland

September 16, 2020

I flew in the US Air Force for eight years during the Vietnam era...

We flew huge C-141 Starlifter cargo jets between the US and southeast Asia.
We carried supplies and munitions eastbound, but not westbound.
There is a huge US hospital/mortuary in Yokota Japan where the injured and dead service people were flown from Vietnam to the Yokota facility.

The dead were processed there and placed in hermetical sealed aluminum coffins (called human remains transfer cases). The C-141 carried ten cargo pallets, each pallet was loaded with eight HRTC’s, so each westbound flight carried 80 bodies.

During the long overwater flights I would I step down into the cargo bay and read… you see each case was equipped with container holding the paperwork accompanying the remains. The paperwork indicated the name, age, hometown, next of kin, cause of death, and whether the remains were viewable or not. The average age of the deceased was 19 years old.
Those who were from the western states were unloaded at the Travis AFB California mortuary, and those from the eastern states were unloaded at Dover AFB Delaware.

I flew two or three SEA runs every month, with many more aircraft making these same depressing SEA runs…no flags draped over the cases, no honor guards meeting the planes, the pallets were simply rolled onto flatbed K-loaders and driven away.

On other occasions the aircraft was reconfigured into a flying fully staffed med-evac hospital.

These flights were loaded with litters, two high down the cargo bay accompanied by two doctors, three nurses and an array of medical machines. Some injuries were moderate while others were horribly wounded, paralyzed, burned, amputees etc.

Now am proud of my service, but ashamed of the waste, and the futility of that war (as is true of most wars).

The point of this story is the red hot rage and loathing I harbor toward the bloated stinking piece of shit who calls these people, my people, and the others who have served our country over the years “SUCKERS and LOSERS”!

I will not rest until this putrid orange monster lies rotting in the ground, food for worms and maggots! That will be one hell of a happy day.

…and so it goes.

April 22, 2020

Could it be...

That tRump wants to prolong the Covid 19 crisis or even make it worse until November so that he can declare a full-blown national emergency, call out the National Guard and cancel the election indefinitely?

Wouldn’t surprise me at all.

March 19, 2020

What the hell is with this toilet paper hording??

People are fighting in the isles of super markets to grab the last rolls.

February 20, 2020

Bernie's idealistic utopian promises sound wonderful. But,

...in reality, they cannot come to fruition at this time in this country.

The orange yam is salivating at the prospect of facing Sanders, and I am convinced that there is no way in hell that Bernie can beat trump in the general election.

Never mind that the election will be rigged to the hilt by trump and his imps, I believe that only Biden and Amy or Elisabeth as VP can overcome this rigged and hacked system.

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