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Jamastiene's Journal
Jamastiene's Journal
June 26, 2020

Has anyone else noticed that any time Trump accuses others of doing something illegal,

he is really doing it himself?

He keeps claiming voter fraud for the upcoming election. Well, the Republicans did just that with absentee ballots here in NC back in 2016.

He keeps coming up with "Obamagate" conspiracy theories, and calling Obama treasonous, and giving no examples or evidence as to why he is doing it. Yet, everything Trump has done has been a "gate" or treasonous.

Every time he calls Democrats or Obama did something, it turns out it was Trump and the Republican Party who actually have done those things, not the people he is accusing.

He reminds me of the person in a relationship who is always obsessively claiming the other person either is cheating or will. Usually, those are the ones who are actually doing the cheating, then projecting the accusation onto the other person.

Any time Trump accuses someone else of something, we can skip, "Go," and just go find out what kind of crap he just did, because he's really the one who is doing it and trying to point elsewhere to get the attention off of him.

June 18, 2020

Someone asked what causes people to amass lots of assault weapons.

A couple of reasons mentioned were fear and power.

I replied and a very nice poster suggested I make it an OP.

I hope this post is helpful. I decided to add a link to the web site I mentioned.

I think it is a little bit of both.

A lot of them are poor, dumb white guys who haven't spent much time around anyone but other white people. They get told horror stories and believe them because they have no basis for comparison.

A lot are rich, conniving white guys with an agenda who know better and want their cushy little world to stay the way they want it. These are usually the ones telling the poor, dumb ones the horror stories and suggesting they buy more and more guns. And yes, I'm talking about at least The Republican Party and other people too, who are right in there with them doing this stuff, on purpose.

A good read is on the Southern Poverty Law Center's web site. The white supremacist, and I hate to call them that, because there is nothing supreme about them, groups aka hate groups, prey on the poor, dumb white guys and build their self esteem up while simultaneously poisoning their minds. That creates a feedback loop of associating bigotry with power. They want that power like the richer white guys, the leaders of these groups, have. So, they become hardcore and build up these weapons caches. Often, they find themselves running drugs and guns, illegally, of course, for the richer white guys who recruited them. The easiest way to look it up and read it is to read about one of the members of a hate group who turned himself around, married a Palestinian woman, and now travels the country talking about what turned him around. He explains the psychology involved.

There is a definite psychology involved.

Most of the racists are not actually IN hate groups, but they do have contact with them. They are poorer than dirt and the hate groups build up their self esteem, by preying on them, poisoning their minds, getting them to do the dirty work, like hate crimes, bombings, drug and gun running, etc. then let them go to jail for their own crimes. Of course, they should go to jail for their own crimes. They committed them. The people who put them up to those crimes are the first ones to cry "lone wolf" and go on back to their rich, white lives and do it all again. They hardly EVER go to prison. They are actually dangerous too, but they rarely ever go to prison.

It's messed up. I've been reading about this for years and trying to get others involved in learning more about how they do things, and try to think of ways to counteract them, but it involves quite a bit more reading and studying and most people don't normally have time to do it, I guess.

Anywhere you start on the Southern Poverty Law Center web site will show you more than you ever knew, especially about just how involved The Republican Party is with the hate groups and just how many people are not actually IN hate groups, but still are in contact with them and do quite a bit of their dirty work. So, the richer ones in the hate groups can keep right on going without ever going to prison for the crap they do.

So, actually, I think it is a little bit of both. There is a lot of fear from the ones who are not wealthy, don't know anything about other races, but have been told to fear them. And the richer ones want to keep their cushy lives where they are in power over the vast majority of the population and they want it to stay that way. Look how Tucker Carlson acts. He is a classic example of one of the more mainstream richer ones who tells horror stories based on total lies he also tells. He is not the only one. He is just one that is well known. Most doing this stuff are not as well known. That is how they get by with it. They don't get caught, because lots of people don't see them doing it.


June 17, 2020

Army veteran, arrested at Kansas City protest, says police use of force uncalled for

Army veteran, arrested at Kansas City protest, says police use of force uncalled for

By CORTLYNN STARK | The Kansas City Star | Published: June 13, 2020

KANSAS CITY (Tribune News Service) — If someone threw rocks at James Gillcrist and his fellow U.S. Army service members in Iraq 10 years ago, they would simply reposition.

Responding with force wasn't worth it.

The Rockhurst High School theology teacher, during the second night of protests May 30 in Kansas City at the Country Club Plaza, saw police use tear gas on peaceful protesters and called the police response undisciplined. He said he would have been court-martialed out of the Army if he responded the same way overseas.

During the several days of protests against police brutality and in support of Black Lives Matter in Kansas City, hundreds were arrested. Before deescalating their tactics, police used pepper spray and tear gas in the first few days. Protesters sustained bruises, one lost sight in one eye and another's leg was broken.

"This isn't the country that myself and (other) veterans fought for," Gillcrist said. "We made an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. And they're out here violating the constitutional rights of citizens.

"It makes you angry."

June 10, 2020

Is Stephen Miller really going to be writing Trump's speech about race?

If so, WTaF?


That is just too much to take. We have GOT to find a way to get rid of Trump in November.

June 9, 2020

Biden's name can be used more than one way.

His name actually couldn't be more perfect. Between now and November, we are just biding our time. So, we are Biden our time until November, then it is BYE-DON.

I cannot wait until that awful orange pro-rape Trump is out of our WH and not spreading his stupid any more.

June 2, 2020

If you are a cop and you find your orders involve pointing any kind of gun at a child,

it's time to stop and think about maybe standing up against those orders.

How the fuck can this guy sleep at night?


May 26, 2020

Little Fighter by White Lion

The song is about a Greenpeace boat named Rainbow Warrior which was destroyed by the French while docked in Auckland harbour New Zealand. Inside the Big Game album booklet where the Little Fighter lyrics are located it says "In Memory of Rainbow Warrior" in brackets next to the name.


May 6, 2020

Kentucky woman cuts hole in mask to make it 'easier to breathe'

SEE IT: Kentucky woman cuts hole in mask to make it ‘easier to breathe’
By David Matthews
New York Daily News |
May 04, 2020 | 7:28 PM

A Kentucky woman was caught on video shopping with a hole cut in he middle of her protective mask which she claimed made it “easier to breathe.”

In the video, Joe Samaan, a gas station clerk at S J Food Mart in Lexington, sees a woman entering the shop with a torn mask.

“Where did you get that mask from?” he asks the woman when she approaches the counter to pay for gas.

“Well, since we have to wear them and it makes it hard to breathe, this makes it a lot easier to breathe,” she replies.



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