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KarenS's Journal
KarenS's Journal
November 9, 2022

With every update the R's are getting closer,,,,

Katie Hobbs' lead has shrunk to 4k votes,,,, and Hamadeh is now in the lead for Atty Gen,,,, trying to stay positive but I am very worried again,,,,

January 21, 2022

Covid deaths in chronically ill people should not be treated as a silver lining

Covid deaths in chronically ill people should not be treated as a silver lining

I'm not trying to be anti-CDC but as someone who has emphysema and heart problems I have been avoiding ppl for 2 years now and have received criticism from folks I used to consider my friends,,,, my "joke" all along has been "if I die from COVID, they'll say I had underlying conditions anyway,,,,"

I am still avoiding ppl.

on edit: I don't know how to put the link behind other words,,,,
July 14, 2021

ok,,,, AZ Family reports on the Midday news that the Covid number was higher today because

of a reporting glitch for the past 2 days,,,

so when I add Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday together then divide by 3 to average it,,,,
I get

2412 / 3 = 804

still not great.

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