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The mystery of Donald Trump and the New Jersey cemetery.

This is the craziest thing I've ever heard. What the hell is he doing?

According to plans filed with local and state authorities, the Trump Organization has proposed to build a pair of graveyards at the site of its tony Trump National Bedminster golf course.

One would be small, 10 plots overlooking the first hole. It was intended — or so they said — for Trump and his family. “Mr. Trump . . . specifically chose this property for his final resting place as it is his favorite property,” his company wrote in a filing with the state in 2014.


The plan was big: 19 feet high. Stone. Obelisks. Set smack in the middle of the golf course. In Bedminster — a wealthy horse-country town 43 miles west of New York City — officials had some concerns about hosting a reality TV star’s tomb. The huge structure would seem garish, out of place. And there were ongoing worries that the spot might become an “attractive nuisance,” tempting curiosity-seekers to trespass on club grounds.

Trump offered a concession.

The tomb would be versatile.

It could also be a festive wedding . . . tomb.

“We’re planning a mausoleum/chapel,” Trump said, according to a news report from the time.



After today's SC decision, I have one thing to say to those with kids:


It should be obvious to everyone by now that we need a new generation of citizens who understand how important it is to vote. The Right has mobilized its voters; we need to get ahead of the game by creating VOTERS.

Don't expect the schools to do it. Talk about elections and candidates at home. Take your kids with you to vote (you do vote, don't you? If not, WTH--now's the time to start.). Talk about your values and what you believe, what you want for them and their futures, and make them understand that the only way they can have that future is to VOTE.

And if, someday, one of them decides to run for office, stand beside them, tall and strong, because they'll be in for a bumpy ride, but you'll know they have what it takes to make this country work once again for everyone, not just the rich, the corporations, and the religious.

Raise VOTERS. It's more important now than it has ever been.
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