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LPBBEAR's Journal
LPBBEAR's Journal
October 22, 2023

Meant as helpful


I was initially put off of this new version of the forum due to the changes to the homepage but upon spending more time trying to explore areas I used to visit occasionally I'm not sure why this new version was released at all?
Its no where near ready for primetime.

For instance take some time to explore the following link and while you're there explore the section on the left called "topics", an area completely missing from this new version.


Now try to find those topics anywhere here in this new version.

For instance one of the areas I enjoyed visiting was the "Computers & Internet" section. While I find hints that sub categories to that topic section are somewhere here I haven't yet actually found them. BTW the sub categories to that section appear to scattered in a couple non descriptive and unrelated forum categories under the navigate button. At least I think they are but again not actually finding them.

Since I know I posted in those areas I thought maybe I could use My Posts to find those topics but it appears my posts only goes back 90 days and has no option to set the range to a greater time frame.

Anyway what used to be easy is now really difficult and time consuming and so far, in my case, non productive. Many of you are saying things like "Well, we'll get used to it." Actually the new version is far from being on par with the old version. Use the link above. As absurd as this is in saying this you can actually use the link above to go to the Web Archive site and navigate around the old version far easier than this new version of DU!

Perhaps the hard working folks trying to make this transition are planning on implementing those missing user friendly features gradually, over time. I certainly hope so but as of now, other than the obvious surface functionality, this site is mostly non functional and non intuitive in comparison to the older version.

This is a critical site for the Democratic Party and Progressives in general. With the 2024 elections coming up its not a great time to be "experimenting". I could see running both versions in parallel while all of the flaws, bugs, and incomplete features were being ironed out but this is not ready.

Man, do I miss the old version of DU..... (Other than posting I guess I can use the Web Archive version....it works)

February 8, 2023

If someone from MSNBC is reading this....

Why the f**k are you putting that moron Steve Kornacky on a broadcast for the State Of The Union???? The SOTU isn't about your goddamn stupid popularity contest.

Fire that idiot!

February 12, 2022

The hacked account and suspicious donations behind the Canadian trucker protests

Source: https://www.grid.news/

A hacked Facebook account is behind some of the organizing

The entity behind some of the largest Facebook groups supporting the protests is an unknown person or persons who used the Facebook account of a Missouri woman. She says her account on the platform was hacked and stolen.

The account launched a handful of Facebook groups for the protest, all between Jan. 26 and 28, before the trucker convoy reached Ottawa. With a combined following of more than 340,000 members and more than 7,500 posts, the group names were variations on a theme: “Convoy to Ottawa 2022,” “Convoy for Freedom 2022,” “Freedom Convoy/Ottawa 2022 for Canada,” “Freedom Convoy 2022” and “2022 Official Freedom Convoy to Ottawa.”

Facebook groups are organized by administrators. Grid found that the only administrator account for these groups belonged to the Missouri woman. Reached briefly by phone on Monday, she said her account was hacked and she was not involved with the groups.

Read more: https://www.grid.news/story/misinformation/2022/02/08/the-hacked-account-and-suspicious-donations-behind-the-canadian-trucker-protests/

Thom Hartman mentioned this last week.
March 19, 2021

Jenn's Blues

A little adlib Blues Jam from a local Jam Session I host in my area. Features Jennifer Beauvais on vocals.

December 13, 2020

These traitors belong in prison.

It time to start looking at penalties for crimes committed. Time for local, state, and federal law enforcement to step in and arrest these people for insurrection, sedition, and treason.


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