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Hometown: Pasadena, Ca
Home country: USA
Current location: Pasadena
Member since: Tue Jul 19, 2016, 10:13 PM
Number of posts: 264

Journal Archives

A little perspective from a former prosecutor.

I just had a nice discussion with a good friend who happens to be a former Fed prosecutor. He spoke yesterday with a few friends from the FBI.
He told me that everyone he talked to yesterday said that Comeys actions created a huge rebellion at the FBI.
He is no fan on Comey and said that we was almost fired from his previous job for similar actions.
He then added that this will have very little effect on the outcome of the election. My friend is not even a Hillary supporter but did say confidently that a landslide is still coming.

Anyone feel

Like doing a happy dance?
Check out Sam Wang

Katy Tur

Reporting on Am Joy that Priebus is telling RNC operatives to do whatever is best for themselves.
He is no longer holding people hostage for withdrawing their support.


On how many more videos and or audios are going to be released? I say 6.

International Lefthanders day

Happy international Lefthanders day to my fellow southpaws. Especially a shout out to our incredible President.

Media has taken off the gloves, finally.

Lawrence O is going off. Questioning Trumps sanity. Just read a list of traits of a person with narcissistic disorder.

Hillary is feeling it.

She on fire. Great job of firing up the base. I truly didn't think she would get people this fired up.
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