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LibDemAlways's Journal
LibDemAlways's Journal
March 18, 2016

I have asked numerous times on DU for a Hillary

supporter, any Hillary supporter, to please make the case for her. Tell me why she deserves my vote. I have never received a serious response, and lately all I'm getting is because Trump is so scary. Trump's supporters are mostly assholes and Trump has done nothing to distinguish himself and is, in fact, an embarrassment and a buffoon. But so scary that we all need to cower in fear? I have no doubt that Bernie could easily handle Trump. Hillary has more baggage than the Duggar family on a world cruise and would spend virtually the entire campaign on the defensive. Is this really what we want? I predict if she's the nominee, Bernie will receive an unprecedented number of write-in votes. Hillary or Trump is like asking if you'd prefer moldy bread or rancid milk. Neither is appetizing.

March 16, 2016

She can't win without Bernie's supporters, Independents,

and crossover Republicans. The Hillary supporters here have no clue how much their candidate is hated out in the real world. There are voters who would crawl across broken glass on bare hands and knees for the opportunity to vote against her. There are legions of young Bernie supporters who will say, "Fuck politics. It's all corrupt," and will sit on their hands come November. There are seniors like me (age 63) who are beyond cynical and thoroughly disgusted watching a parade of greedy corporate owned hucksters of both parties (actually two sides of the same coin) line their pockets at our expense.

So the Democratic Party establishment can go ahead and nominate their corporate owned candidate with the full knowledge that given the choice between a Republican and a DINO, voters will go with the real thing every time.

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