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Member since: Sat Mar 27, 2021, 09:57 AM
Number of posts: 8,781

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He's overseas and bombing...............

His advisors suck. Democrats need to be front and center about how he is fucking up Florida big time.

Ya know what that means....................

none of the break-a-way independent countries from USSR are sovereign.

It seems natural for persons to run away when confronted by the police ....

majority of the time they are caught. Here in Los Angeles, which we are known for many things, one being car chases.

If the world go into a depression GQP billionaires ain't gonna have those billions nor ......

the weight of gold, silver, jewels. All will be worth -0- and they will be like the rest of us and like the 1920s, many will not be able to cope with it. Ya need to let the Democrats save the economy and screw those one sided vouchers and private schools that will teach the children nothing but hatred under the disguise of so call Christianity.

It could also mean GQP could lose some GQP politicians in the mid-term......

Republicans say it took 50 years . . ..

I guess they failed history, duh.

The horrors of this decision will be front and center and many republican women and many non-republican women will suffer and die alongwith many babies. Will they care, I hope so, but alas republicans do vote against their own interest.

Well Russia is stealing the grain and making money off . . ..

on the bodies of Ukrainian children, women and men.

To be honest . ....

the GQP cult ....... never mind.

Make it work . ..

Yes, but it would be one-sided . . . .

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