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Member since: Mon Nov 7, 2011, 01:46 AM
Number of posts: 6,367

Journal Archives

Is Ron DeSantis the Devin Nunes of Governors?

Destined to be the CEO of a shit, not woke, company that produces shitty products that nobody wants.

Jeff Beck- Sling Shot

Poor Little Mouse

WFMT has young Ukrainian musicians live in Chicago.

WFMT is the classical music station in Chicago.

They have a live stream.


For many MAGA, the vanity trading cards is a bridge too far.

They have their scruples.

Now they are moving on to DeSantis.

He's like Febreze,

perfuming those that had tread into The Bog of Eternal Stench on purpose and with fair warning.

Arizona got that Big Dem Energy

SKari Fake

She gone...

Waiting for the interviews of Republican voters in diners,

Focus pieces on house seats flipped from Dem to Rep.

Dire warnings to Democrats that this is a wake up call to appease MAGA.

A lot of desperate dem shit and more gas price analysis.

Even with all their malevolent bigotry, gerrymandering, voter purges and intimidation, we're still here.

MSM and the GOP can kiss my ass.

Five Magics

My Ted Talk

So back in the Seventies, this guy put out some good hard rock. His guitar work was not virtuoso, but it was fun and honest. His earlier stuff was the best. I am going to share 5 cuts. Comment if you'd like. He turned into a hateful old man.

These songs were from my teen years. They still hit like early Ted.

They are like addicts addicted to their hate endorphins.

trump makes them feel superior, and they can't let that go. They know better, but they can't face their own weakness and the fact that they're dupes. The desperate, clinging, white-knuckle grip on their self-deception keeps them from plunging into the abyss that was their principles. Yet many were already at the bottom of that abyss and having a good ol' time.
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