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Member since: Thu Jun 21, 2018, 06:33 AM
Number of posts: 424

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Elton John - Philadelphia Freedom Live On Soul Train 1975

A little apropos music!

Posted by MartyTheGreek | Fri Nov 6, 2020, 10:31 AM (7 replies)

Anybody notice he never called it the China virus while earning his own lil purple heart?

-Is it because he owe's est. $400 mil to Chinese Banks?
Posted by MartyTheGreek | Mon Oct 5, 2020, 10:20 PM (0 replies)

I smell a Bone Spur ride to the Exit...

Let's run some scenarios:

-He bounces back and becomes a wounded hero to solidify his base - says see the virus ain't that bad.

-He gives up power in ICU, recovers and Pence pardons him and the crime syndicate family.

-Many repubs jump to Pence now running as POTUS.

-Biden still negative reported doing push ups this morning at the hotel gym. Ok, that's brevity!
Posted by MartyTheGreek | Fri Oct 2, 2020, 08:40 AM (2 replies)

Q-Anon a Rusky Troll PSYOP: a few years ago, a story stated that ruskies inserted pedophile lingo..

...into Podesta's hacked emails!

With hacked emails you can insert anything and that's what they did. They used the FBI's "pedo" manual or other reference, for key secret code words and they used the word "pizza" quite often to infer that they were talking about children. Hence, the birth of Pizza Gate! And, the crazed shooter that drove up from SC or somewhere to "Free the Children being held in the basement."

I can't F!@#ing believe that no investigative Journalist has connected these dots and reported out on it! This is really pissing me off!

Will some Journalist worth his or her salt investigate this?
Posted by MartyTheGreek | Mon Sep 21, 2020, 09:10 PM (2 replies)

#TrumpNoseDandruff - Will some hashtag this? I'm not a Tweeter! n/t

Posted by MartyTheGreek | Tue Sep 8, 2020, 10:20 AM (5 replies)

Parody Material: Trump Navy Sinks - Get the vids of the boats sinking with Trump bragging about...

the Trump navy and all the beautiful boat people and parade!

Insert a fake news story about Antifa Navy taking out the boat plugs the night before. Use this! Can't wait to see the cartoons this week!
Posted by MartyTheGreek | Sat Sep 5, 2020, 07:50 PM (13 replies)

And In The Blue Corner, Joe Biden Challenges Stumpy Trump to Gimme 10 Push-ups!

And, Joe Biden will add ten! Maybe Stump will blow a gasket after two!

Will somebody send this to Joe's Corner please? Joe Biden Challenges Trump to a Push Up Contest!
Posted by MartyTheGreek | Thu Sep 3, 2020, 12:25 PM (8 replies)

This is Trump's WW III and he's going in courageously head first, bone spurs and all!

Heís smarter than the Generals, but he de-funded and abolished the CDCís Pandemic office two years ago. He said, there was no way that the US could have seen this coming, yet his own agency war-gammed a very similar global pandemic scenario just last Fall. He was first notified by NSA, ďDeep StateĒ on Jan 3rd and didnít do anything but in February he praised China, which he owes billions to Chinese Banks, for their response and transparency which was a lie, yet weíre supposed to believe it since heís a brilliant businessman itís ok if he has hotels and Trump Tower Moscow planned for the future when he told us he had no business deals with Russia, yet he had one floor of TT Moscow designated for Putin. Why do you think Michael Cohen, his fixer went to jail?

US General Trumpsí WW III, was the Global Pandemic Olympics and he never got close to even winning a Bronze Star so far and the Battle has just begun with the first wave ending and one possibly worse coming this Fall!

That said, someone should have checked him for doping! Watching the death count increase daily, Iím reminded during my youth watching the news on our old black and white TV seeing the body bags being carried out of the jungle every day wondering if I was going to have to go there too. I asked my dad, if thatís what I had to do when I got older seeing the neighborhood boys, just about one from each block and one even next door going away to serve but most coming back with that thousand yard stare that they always talk about. He said no, this bullshit war will be over by the time youíre eighteen. Now most Americanís have seen the body bags, and are wondering if they have to be warriors for Trumpís war against the invisible enemy only made more visible by testing which he does not want to do because it raises his numbers and he even told us so! He refrains from wearing a mask in public as not to scare his warriors, but secretly takes a medicine used against malaria just in-case he gets the enemy in his lungs and heíll have a better fight than you or I. What does that say about our General leading us into this battle where body bags wonít be counted, full contact tracing wonít be done, but you should go anyway and be patriotic and carry your share to be a good American?
Posted by MartyTheGreek | Sun May 24, 2020, 03:57 PM (0 replies)

Trump's Chloroquine is a Feint! It's Always Been About Remdesivir behind the scenes!

Look here not there... My post from yesterday on this...https://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=view_post&forum=1017&pid=577342

Joe Grogan, a former lobbyist for Gilead Sciences: https://truthout.org/articles/ex-pharma-lobbyist-embedded-in-white-house-tanked-drug-pricing-bill/

REF: From Wiki Gilead, Inc. "On January 21 2020, the Wuhan Institute of Virology applied for a Chinese "use patent" on remdesivir, for the novel use of treating COVID-19.[73]"

"China abruptly and recently stops 2 Remdesivir studies: Gilead previously confirmed that enrollment in that study has been halted. Evercore ISI analyst Umer Raffat told investors in a note on Wednesday that the large number of trials initiated in China to find a treatment for the disease may have made it difficult to find enough participants. However, he also noted that: "We can't ignore the fact that if remdesivir had overwhelming efficacy, trials may have enrolled." Last week Gilead published the first batch of data examining the response to remdesivir in patients with COVID-19 who had received the drug on a compassionate-use basis. Gilead's stock is up 14.7% year-to-date."

Many drug studies are stopped when they show strong effectiveness and little harm too.
Posted by MartyTheGreek | Thu Apr 16, 2020, 05:52 PM (5 replies)

Gen. Trump Proudly adds New War Insignia Device to his Uniform...

I made this in PP, maybe a real artist can run with it?

Posted by MartyTheGreek | Wed Apr 15, 2020, 05:56 PM (4 replies)
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