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Maru Kitteh

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Member since: Thu Dec 23, 2004, 11:06 PM
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Greetings from the last best place! The Crown of the Continent.

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Reminder: Mitch McConnell said there was NOTHING wrong with his health when

this photograph was taken, to which this nurse (me) calls bullshit:


POLITICS OCT. 23, 2020
What’s Going On With Mitch McConnell’s Hands?

Earlier this week, an arresting image emerged online: a tightly cropped photograph of discolored, purplish hands bearing a few small bandages, limply hanging from the sleeves of a black suit. They belonged to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Due to its haunting nature, the photo — which was captured on October 20 — quickly took off on social-media platforms.

Speculation about McConnell’s health abounded, and people pointed out that the area around his mouth also appeared bruised. There were several theories as to what could have happened, with some even wondering whether he might have had the coronavirus. A few days later, McConnell seemed to address the online uproar directly, insisting that absolutely nothing is wrong with his health.


More at link. Free article.

That is NOT a healthy dude.

I would be a liar if I said anything nice right now, so I'll just keep some of that crap to myself and call it good.

"I'm sure he had his reasons" - Shooter's mom wants us to "not judge" him

Just saw an interview with the shooter’s mother on CNN. Her comment to the parents of the dead? She hoped the dead kids can forgive her- and “I’m sure he had his reasons, so please don’t judge him.”

There’s no way I just heard that.

I’m out.

Found an article for context:


Heads up family. We are duly screwn. Get your meds filled and stock up.

In the Flathead Valley, almost 80% of the COVID tests I have done on people in the last two days were positive. The youngest was 2 MONTHS OLD.

I just finished a two-day-old burrito and a beer and I’m going to bed.

Love you all.

~ Maru Kitteh

State of Nebraska now recruiting UNVACCINATED NURSES, on purpose.

No COVID shots required: Ricketts behind Nebraska ads for nurses

The governor made the choice to pursue nurses opposed to vaccine mandates after the region’s top hospital systems announced the vaccine requirement, a spokesperson confirmed.

Yahoo news video at the following link explains Nebraska's governor, Pete Ricketts is recruiting unvaccinated nurses to work at Nebraska veterans' homes and hospitals as well as other state nursing jobs such as, presumably home health and public health.

Afghanistan fell because the MEN of Afghanistan prefer the Taliban.

Afghanistan never could have fallen with the speed and efficiency that it did without overwhelmingly strong local support. The men of Afghanistan were "standing back and standing by," ready to join the religio-fascist Taliban at the very first moment of opportunity.

The men of Afghanistan chose to resign their daughters to a life of sexual slavery and abject oppression.



Today George Floyd rises again, from the ashes of oppression, into power.

In the only kind of life after death that I believe in, and the only kind I believe to be meritorious, his life is resurrected. It's too early yet to know exactly how expansive and quickly changes on the horizon may come, but they are coming.

The defense would have had us remember Mr. Floyd as the physical manifestation of dark, seedy alleyway full of drugs and bad intentions. The barren and ugly vision they peddled is thankfully not what history will enter.

Mr. Floyd will be remembered as an ordinary man who, like all of us had good times and bad. He was loved by so many in his ordinary life, and in his extraordinary death he did just as his daughter said when she told our President, "Daddy changed the world."

Rest in power Mr. Floyd, a mournful grateful world pauses in your honor today, as we steady ourselves for the work ahead tomorrow.

We've lost the line . . we've lost the line . . . I'm bawling now.

For those not watching, they just played the audio of an officer calling out a warning to his fellow officers, he's clearly in tears/grief because they couldn't hold the line and telling others to retreat for safety and that finally just did it. I can't stop crying now.

I hurt so much for the brave people who suffered so horribly in defense of our democracy, and I'm afraid of the rage I hold for the fucking Trump bastards I see flying their TRAITORS flags on my way to work every day.

If you or your close partner/household member has tested positive for COVID

A number of us have either tested positive ourselves or had a close contact that has tested positive. I think it would be useful to all of us, hopefully, to share what symptoms you or your household member had at the time of testing.

If you would be so kind, I think if we listed ages as well as whether or not a fever was present in our posts, that could be helpful too.

Respiratory symptoms = trouble breathing, coughing, sneezing, congestion, runny nose, sore throat, sinus pain, etc.

GI symptoms = vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, etc.

Neurological = headache, muscle/body/joint pain, confusion, delirium, memory loss, loss of taste/smell. Loss of taste/smell is the most common reported neurological symptom and one of the most prevalent symptoms of COVID and will be included in many of the polling options.

"Atypical" = covid toes, skin rash, cardiac, blood clots, other (describe in post)

UPDATE: Man drives car into Super1 Grocery in Columbia Falls, MT, drives through store . .


MISSOULA, Mont. — Columbia Falls police confirm a suspect is in custody after a car plowed through the Super One grocery in Columbia Falls Thursday evening.

The man is believed to be 40 to 50 years old. Investigators say they do not have a motive. Witnesses say they are amazed no one was injured.

Witnesses tell us they watched a white car drive up and down the aisles.

We have a crew on the scene and talking with witnesses who say they ran and tried to hide behind the bakery counter.

Stunning video shows widespread damage in the aftermath of the incident.

More at link above, including video

UPDATE: https://www.kpax.com/news/western-montana-news/man-drives-through-columbia-falls-grocery-store

Looks like drugs. Lots and lots of drugs.

COLUMBIA FALLS — UPDATE: 10:14 a.m. - Nov. 13

A man was taken into custody on Thursday after driving through a Columbia Falls grocery store before crashing his vehicle and fleeing on foot.

Columbia Falls Police Chief Clint Peters said a man in his 50s drove his vehicle, a 1995 Chevrolet Lumina, into Super 1 Foods around 5:50 p.m.

After coming in through the front doors, the man then drove down an aisle to the back of the store, before turning around and driving down another aisle. He then left through the front doors and crashed the vehicle across the highway.

Within minutes, Chief Peters said police were advised of a nude male running down a hallway of a nearby retirement home that was near the area where the Chevrolet Lumina was abandoned.

Peters said the nude male fled on foot but was eventually taken into custody near the Columbia Falls mini-storage area. Peters said a short investigation determined that the nude male was in fact the driver of the Chevrolet Lumina that had driven through Super One.

Peters said the man showed signs of drug impairment at the time of his arrest.

The suspect was transported to a local hospital for non-injury medical issues and will be transported to the Flathead County Detention Center when he is medically cleared.

More at link above re UPDATE

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