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Member since: Thu Oct 21, 2004, 06:06 PM
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iphone photography: "bullet hole" and takeoff at sun set

Coming home, I lifted the window cover and found what looked like a bullet hole in the outside layer of the window

and on the second leg of the trip saw this sight at departure in Dallas.

Possibly the one and only thread I'll ever do

Ö.about cats

Never had one, and donít understand them. But visiting a niece who had cats I politely asked about them, since I had heard about her having cats, and that they recently also had babies.

I became enamored with them, and the photos show a real lack of concentration I just loved looking at them and playing with them.
Do NOT tell Dixiegrrrrl. She hounds me with images and jokes about that in her opinion my life will not be complete without a cat.

Hope you like them.

This is the Daddy

Here is the Mom

and now babies. There were 4 of them

the tiger lining made it hard to even distinguish babies from surrounding

I think that's the Mom again

Bonus today. "Wine County"

Went by train to a very nearby town to visit my niece. That almost put me into France. Very near Strassbourg. I saw with my naked eye the spire of its famous cathedral in the distance.
What I did not know was that I would be in wine country. At the end of harvest, not quite, but almost done.
A beautiful day.
Climb up the steps with me and see.

Now a few views from the top

Zeroing in

A couple more I saw walking back
one pretty, one weird

Towards Pleasant Surroundings

That is the literal translation to the sign on the bottom of the second photo here.

Today I was in a small town in "The Pfalz", an area of Germany very close to the French border, where the ruin of a castle I already showed you sits on top of a mountain overlooking the town. It's the location of the forest cemetery where we buried my brothers urn today.

The first photo is of that forest, but not with any graves. Just strange beauty.

Here the photo directing us to the pleasant surroundings on the right - which as Iím learning could easily be kilometers away, and people would walk it without complaint while in general staying slim and trim. The top of the sign names a small mountain, could or not be the pleasant surroundings.

The other photos are of what I think are very pleasant surroundings indeed. So I took a few photos of them to share.

The Donald - not our President

the title is a misnomer

JUXTAPOSITION - in admiration of Jimmy Carter

...and in loathing of the other one

A "Postcard" from Northern Germany for my DU friends

This is what I walked past yesterday. My spirits were lifted immensely. Sharing with you guys. There will be light for us again after the nightmare is over.

Self Preservation / self interest illustrated (...toon)

Poignant Michael Moore - projecting into the near future

Roaming in Southern Germany

As you, my friends, might have noticed, Iím in Germany for my brotherís funeral and for family togetherness.
These flowers from it were in my room for a couple of nights. Headaches ensued. Then these beautiful culprits moved to the entrance hall. I bet you can smell them...

Instead of an ordinary cemetery the burial of the urn is in a nature cemetery in a wonderful area that will allow a place under a chosen tree, where the internment will happen with professionals.

This is on our way choosing the tree. We chose a birch in a little clearing in a ring of chestnut trees.

Here are a couple of shots from the little town near the French border from where we drove up to the nature cemetery

On this one check the roof on the right

As you can tell it rained all day, which was not inappropriate for our sad task of choosing a grave site.
On the way home I spotted what might be the lair of Nosferatu.

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