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Member since: Thu Oct 21, 2004, 06:06 PM
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The physical appearance of 45 is seriously moving to the basement

of whatever the basement of "the dump" he lives in looks like.

I am a very visually oriented person, so this is not anything more than what I am saying. He seems to be melting into more and more ugly, the hair is almost not working any more, and the jowls and the color are getting worse, too. His gestures are overtaking his physique.

I had given his deterioration and departure til the last of August, and I lost.
I now think, the "Christmas" he wants to howl about (being again so important as a diversion) might be my next point of possible departure of this disaster.

Let's pray for it.
In whatever way you might feel comfortable doing it.

If you saw this at the side of the road - would you squeal the brakes?

Would you step closer and circle it with your camera, oblivious to the fact your companions are keeping the motor running, not coming out of the car with you, and cautioning you about folk with guns on the porch of the house next door?

I was thinking of you guys when I took these, and that you would be right there beside me.

On another note: I am not happy with the quality of the uploads on this new site, the name of which I now forget. The speed of the upload should have given away to me that the quality is suffering. None of the photos I took and posted in the last few days look as good reproduced here as they do on my monitor.
Back to searching for a new provider.

Enjoy this wild little barn in the Virgina back lands.

*** Entries for October contest*** "Doors and Gates" ---are accepted

Submissions will close tomorrow, mid day.
Thanks to all who entered, and to all who may still consider it.

Off the beaten path - more Sunday afternoon discoveries

I was traveling the beaten paths with friends, and coming back into NC from VA one of them took us off those to show me the house where his father was born.
I was told they do not plan to demolish it, and what you are looking at is my circling the house and the back outbuilding with my camera.

This last photo is an old tobacco storage shed.

Weeds - and a praying mantiss

I"m on a roll with this use of "postimage".
Who knew it could be so fast and easy to upload?

Today in Old Virginny - an ancient truck and perfect pumpkins

I used this to test "postimage" - mourning with clenched teeth that photobucket is dead for me - and guess what:
It was easy, very acceptable reproduction, and much much faster all the way around.

The whole world is watching and reacting. Go Hertha Berlin as you take a knee.

German football team Hertha Berlin have shown solidarity with sports stars in the United States by ‘taking a knee’ ahead of their Bundesliga match against Schalke on Saturday.

Just before kick-off, the starting XI lined up and linked arms, before taking a knee in similar fashion to a number of NFL stars in recent weeks.

The club’s coaching staff and substitutes also took a knee along the touchline, to the cheers of the crowd.


*** Leaving well enough alone *** decided against second entries in the October contest.

I've decided we have great photos and still a few days left until the 18th of October when I plan to stop the submissions.
We'll run with what we have then. If you have considered it, please enter a photo, it's fun and exciting!

The roots of our current problem with taking a knee simply illustrated

White House Adult Day Care Center - play schedule with cameo photos

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