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Member since: Thu Oct 21, 2004, 05:06 PM
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A story I found on facebook - store clerk analogizing the document storm with a personal experience

From Facebook, Tony Tamer, NC

I was once involved in a liquor store robbery where I was a clerk - I was about 51- the robber who was 22 years younger and outweighed me by 25 lbs , was next in line at check-out and while I was putting the bottle in the bag for the customer in front of him, he grabbed cash from my register and took off - out of reflex I grabbed after him - I caught hold of his coat and kept grabbing - he kept trying to get out the door - I made my way to his back and got him in a half-nelson and held on and forced him down eventually , he couldn't get out of my hold but I saw his eyes get big and stare at my main holding arm at the bicep - he opened his pearly whites wide and went for it - I knew he was going to bite but there wasn't anything I could do about it - I don't remember if I knew at this time he had a knife or whether I found that out a minute later - either way, I braced- he bit and bore down in his bite - lightning pain tore through me but I held on and after several long seconds, long enough for him to get breathless - he relented and I could feel the strength leave his body - I had him now. He pleaded that he'd just leave etc etc I told him to drop the knife etc etc. yada yada yada The police came ( our store was a block away ) the ambulance came - turns out I had a small stab wound right next to my spine in my back - I never knew until I saw some blood - The personnel director came to the emergency room while I was there and i felt in my pocket and remembered that just before the robbery I had put $375 in my pocket to make a drop in the safe in the office - so my register wouldn't be overstuffed with cash - I gave it to her - AND that's the big difference between the National Archives requesting top secret documents from trump for well over a year and Biden who turned over his as soon as he found out about them. If I had kept my $375 and they tallied up and requested it from me - and I would not turn it over - they'd fire me and soon the police would come to my house in short order . The National Archives requested the documents from trump multiple times - he had them in plain sight when they got there and trump's aides have said they moved boxes for him a few times earlier - YOU SEE THE DIFFERENCE ! ( and by keeping the $375 I would have shown I wanted to profit from having kept it and my company would have prosecuted - you see how that works ?? innocent vs guilty intent ????? )

Department of Justice: Today would be perfect. Just throw a dart into the basket of reasons

Making fun of what is really not funny

If you lack taste and imagination - use money. Other people's if possible. Right, Ivanka?

Can't think of a header. I'm too scared.

ART sprung up in my neighborhood,in NC. Thrilled to find it and show it to you.

My baby on the porch floor

She turned 6 years today
Some of you surely remember LOLA

Found another worthy one

My eye-sight problems have prevented me from really looking at my recent (first in a long time) photos. But I think I may be right that this one is worth seeing, It's in Savannah, environs of an old plantation, a few weeks ago.

Just in case you're not mad enough, here is some feed

A visual plug for the TELFAIR Museum / Savannah

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