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Member since: Sat Oct 9, 2004, 02:43 PM
Number of posts: 15,982

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Twang Twang on your ying yangs, losers

I put a group named Blooom in control of my 401(k), which is with another company.

I have everything in extremely safe and conservative, but Im still pretty happy with the returns and occasional little dividends. You are welcome to check them out if youd like.

Yes, it is spelled with three os

What he means is he's bumping off the profiteering competition. After looting the National Stockpile

and putting it up for auction, he wants the criminal proceeds going only into his pockets.

My cousin sent PDF's of family letters written to my uncles while they were overseas in WWII today.

My uncles have been gone quite a while; in fact, we're all getting along in years, too.

But, somehow, reading all these letters while we're separated, confined, and fighting our own attacks, I felt a real kinship with these family. They were younger, more vital and grappling with a world out of their control. They were - the people they were before I ever knew them. And the love and support they showed each other, the togetherness, the letters and packages and war bond drives and involvement with each others' lives - it was like I was reading a blueprint for what we can do. They never abandoned each other; they lived their lives with hope and confirmation and encouragement. They pulled through it, and came out of it to live remarkable lives filled with families and achievements; became the people as I knew them.

This is our version of what they were going through. I'll read their common-day letters of their extraordinary lives and draw inspiration.

You have a good plan, Genetic Other - Do It!

November 7th, 1944: "It's election night here, & Lowell's ear is glued to the radio while I scratch off this note. Of course Roosevelt will win he just wants to know by how much!"

We have our own Roosevelt to put into office.

Was he a Drifter?

Keep electing republicans. How's that working out for y'all?

But wait- I keep reading that Feinstein is old, useless, and in the way!??!1!

She's The Man of the Democratic Party Extablishment, keeping down the Young Progressive Firebrands who deserve to walk in off the street and Occupy her chair right now!

And not just Jill Stein and her cult of followers...

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