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Member since: Thu Mar 19, 2020, 04:26 PM
Number of posts: 423

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Sign up for ADA/Obamacare extended to Aug. 15th

One thing I love about President Joe is his undoing and improving the past ugliness of that other administration.

ACA offering lower costs and higher subsidies for more people.

I'm fed up with Govenor Brown

No vaccinations for disabled and elderly until next month or later Maybe those 80+ will be vaccinated next month.

Why? Because she wants schools to reopen and they'll be vaccinating teachers and staff. Schools are reopen and reopening now. During the worst time of the worst pandemic.

In the meantime, they haven't finished vaccinating healthcare workers or long term care residents.

The elderly are welcome to die and continuing to overwhelm our healthcare system.

OPB article on topic

New covid strain more dangerous for children


A senior nurse claimed they had a covid ward full of children.

The British government pushed back that the information was wrong

BUT the article says the new strain may be more dangerous for children.

If this new strain is more dangerous for children and the healthy that should be communicated to the public. If they don't know they should say so.

Any other reliable information out there?

Trump Family Circus Stars at Republican Convention


Even Tiffany gets a starring role. This is not from the Onion. Trump will speak every night.

Trump destroying the USA

Trump has crossed the Rubicon. He knows he can't win and is now determined to destroy the USA.

Whether through cruelty, malign corruption or revenge Trump is attacking Social Security, Medicare, the Post Office.

Congress must act to remove him or he will get worse.

He's just started in his destruction. We may not have much of a country soon.

Surgery during covid19 First topic

I have a mass in my pancreas. My surgery was postponed a month ago because the ORs were closed for covid.
I'll have surgery next week if my covid19 test (scheduled soon) is negative and I have no symptoms.

My husband won't be able to visit me in the hospital. We've been married almost 40 years. Because of his age and as a cancer survivor, it's too risky for him. The mass has grown, though it's still small. They did find pancreatic cancer markers from my biopsy. So they consider my surgery urgent. I'll be hospitalized anywhere from 5-10 days. I won't know how extensive it'll be until they go inside and look.

I'll miss my hubby, cat, and cell phone. Although the room has a phone. It might sound weird but I was thinking about bringing a stuffed animal for my normal "cat space" along with books.

Suggestions for what else I might bring?

Villians of the virus

Excellent editorial in the Daily Beast about those profiteers from death.


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