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Member since: Mon Jan 9, 2017, 05:35 PM
Number of posts: 2,507

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Can we think of DeSantis as a "coyote"?

When it comes to immigration, the term "coyote" just may fit DeSantis after his recent stunt.


Coyotes take advantage of vulnerable people seeking refuge in America.

Coyotes do this for their own personal gain.

Coyotes notoriously lie to their victims.

Coyotes arrange for their victims' transportation, and often leave them stranded.

Coyotes don't really give a damn about the people they use as long as they get what they want.

I'm trying to understand this special master thing

The documents Trump was not supposed to have should be obvious- they are the ones marked "secret" that the National Archive wanted back, right?

Why can't he be charged for possessing and storing the secret documents? Isn't that the crime? Who cares if the idiot had other stuff mixed in with the secret documents?

Why is it not a matter of quickly separating out the stuff he can be charged for and indicting his ass?

I am so sick of our democracy being slowly destroyed by technicalities and legal slights of hand.

Why isn't this special master crap considered obstruction?

It seems to just be a way of throwing a wrench into the investigation. I get so confused by the American legal system.

I heard a good one from a friend. Maybe you've heard it too.

What do you call Trump's cult?

Answer: Cult 45

Randy Rainbow: Lock Him Up, Like Yesterday

Tell me if I have this right...

Trump wants the affidavit unsealed because it will let him know who to intimidate and attack for outing him. Plus, it will compromise any ongoing investigation. Is that it, or is there some legit reason?

Trump to release warrant in two weeks

Another day of MAGA whining

If I hear the word "unprecedented" one more time I think I'll scream.

Randy Rainbow is the best!

They finally got what they wanted

My local right- wing radio morons are almost celebrating the recent mass shooting in Indiana because they finally got a "good guy with a gun" story.

Never mind that another mentally disturbed person was able to get a gun and use it to kill 3 people in a food court at a mall. Apparently that doesn't matter if you focus on the rare, last resort method of relying on "good guys with guns" to stop mass shootings. Well, they don't actually stop mass shootings completely, people still die, just less people die, theoretically that is. Anyway, my local MAGA radio station is having a great time even though people died.

I needed a quick rant.
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