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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Philly suburbs
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 09:01 AM
Number of posts: 19,832

Journal Archives

OK folks. Here ya go:

Letís just say that the dental world is very very small. A former staff member of this Dentist informed me that the reason the Trump attends his office is that this doctor has, shall we say, the same proclivities as his patient.

And hereís an article to make you feel even better about the guy in the White House:


I thought this was funny...or at least amusing.

83 days left...dominating the airwaves

1.204819277108434% closer Armageddon for the Trump so-called presidency and all of its skin-tags.

We are going to dominate for two more days with the pick and than of course with the virtual convention. Thatís about 12 days at least or about 14.4578313253012% of the remaining time.


Apparently, the right wing is posting a photo of Senator Harris with two white people questioning her African background because they are stating that these are her parents. The photo actually is from a gala from 2016 and these are two of her supporters.

Next theyíll be saying she was born in Kenya.

Joe Scum denigrating liberals this AM


You cannot trust a Republican. Ever. They revert immediately.

He is trying to say that the latte drinking liberals in the suburbs donít have a clue as to handle the problems of the cities. Meaning Black and brown individuals of course.

Here we go.

There are 84 days left and tomorrow constitutes

1.19047619047619% of the time remaining. Itís beginning to grow and grow! Each day we can appropriate the news cycle is that percentage less of time a Trump has to pseudo-rehabilitate himself. This VP choosing is good for three days straight or approximately 3.571428571428571% of the remaining time. A rough estimate.

I should not have done this...

I told the patient, a fellow progressive, the Biden had picked Ann Coulter as his running mate.

I thought she was going to have a stroke...

I know: Iím terrible.

Here's some great news you'll enjoy:

Trust me:


I had an important realization this weekend:

I had gotten off the phone with a patient who was blatantly lying to me. And I began reflecting that more and more people are telling me outrageous lies about things which occurred and they have no conscience, do not seem to care that their lies are transparent, are not concerned about any of the ramifications, and then expect me to operate as though these lies were the truth.

In addition, a coworker was making a grotesque error of action and judgment, was called to the carpet by the boss, stated that I had been informed of this and that I was OK with it, the boss knew that I had not been informed and did not have the temerity to call this person out on the lie. I spoke with the boss and she knows that this person lies and I told her that in my day, lying about such an egregious incident would lead to immediate firing on the spot. She agreed that should be the case, but it seems that lying has become normative.

I approached the coworker and said if you ever Lie. about anything that has to do with me again I will go to management and tell them everything that you were up to during the day involving your Internet surfing, your family communications, your communications with your husband, your communications with your boyfriend, and your leaving early when you think no oneís looking.

Iíve come to the conclusion that people just donít care anymore because they see the person at the very tippy top getting away with it so why shouldnít they? Personally, I donít really care on this level unless it threatens my job, my well-being, or makes me liable for professional sanctions.

As of midnight tonight

84 days left to Election Day. Tomorrow is 1.19047619047619% closer. That fraction grows each day. We need to control the news cycle and displace his attempts to shift the focus to him unless itís another catastrophic mistake.

Bleach injected and UV light up the rectum catastrophic
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