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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Philly suburbs
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 09:01 AM
Number of posts: 17,911

Journal Archives

You know, I was thinking as I was getting dressed this morning that

we all have our private moments performing personal tasks which are not the most, shall we say, appetizing and tasteful behaviors, but are necessary for survival. These include but are not limited to: wiping ourselves, showering and removing all that secretion and perspiration from our private areas, cleaning out our noses of mucus, both soft and hardened, draining pimples or small boils or even seborrheic cysts which might occur, removing whatever that is that collects under your toenails, and the like.

So of course I had a vision of Baron Golfin von Fatfuk needing to do each of these things but having a strange response to the need to perform such tasks, by way of explanation: sane, relatively normal and adequately adjusted individuals "downshift" and perform each of these acts almost rituallistically without giving any of them too much thought. Of course, witnessing a stranger performing them is often perceived as horrific or inappropriate if managed publically, but for the most part, people execute these without giving much thought while doing so and usually no thought thereafter, they are a necessity of life.

But I was thinking about your present resident of the White House: my guess is that he does not do well with these kinds of things; that he is queasy and sick about some necessities. Did you ever think what a germophobe might do in wiping him or herself after a bowel movement? Do they wear gloves? Do they use Lysol afterwards? Do they utilize an intermediate instrument so that their hands and fingers are nowhere near their anus? Enquiring minds want to KNOW! I was thinking about Eddie Murphy's character in Comoing to America wherein after relieving himself the Wipers are called in to finish the job. Yes I know this is disgusting but we have been subjected to such psychiatric ills, that I've taken a page from these guys and will state that THERE IS NO FLOOR for ridicule.

Many years ago during the Vietnam War, my mother, who was militantly anti Vietnam War (but not a pacifist) despised this woman down the block who had on her Ford automobile a bumpersticker which read "Better Dead than Red" and had two sons in the military. The feeling was mutual: she despised our family for our liberal (read: Communist) views. Anyway, this lady and her husband lost one of her sons in the War. My mother, after that day, never said a bad word about her ever again, and you must understand, my mother was militant and took no prisoners politically. She told me that in America, if someone loses a child in the Service, then hands off them personally: that they have and always will suffer with that, that you don't pile on.

So when the "Marmalade Shartcannon" went after the Gold Star family, I knew there was no floor because one of the few constants in America is the nearly-universal acknowledgement that military loss of life is acutely and forever tragic for the family of the deceased. That is why nothing surprises me or makes me wonder if we've hit bottom There is no bottom.

I will say King Tut is not looking well lately: he seems to have an ashen look about him and there's been a qualitative change in his skin texture and tone. Just saying...

I was named Pennsylvania's Man of the Year!

Thatís why Iím thinking of buying the Commonwealth itself! I mean, why not, right?

I'm considering buying Philadelphia with an eye towards

the acquisition of Pennsylvania and eventual expansion to South Jersey including most of the Shore Points.

Iím thinking about it. Iíll let you know what I decide in the near future.

I think I've found it...

The Eighth Circle of Hell is resided by the fraudulent. Dante and Virgil reach it on the back of Geryon, a flying monster with different natures, just like the fraudulent. This circle of Hell is divided into 10 Bolgias or stony ditches with bridges between them. In Bolgia 1, Dante sees panderers and seducer. In Bolgia 2 he finds flatterers. After crossing the bridge to Bolgia 3, he and Virgil see those who are guilty of simony. After crossing another bridge between the ditches to Bolgia 4, they find sorcerers and false prophets. In Bolgia 5 are housed corrupt politicians, in Bolgia 6 are hypocrites and in the remaining 4 ditches, Dante finds hypocrites (Bolgia 7), thieves (Bolgia 7), evil counselors and advisers (Bolgia 8), divisive individuals (Bolgia 9) and various falsifiers such as alchemists, perjurers, and counterfeits (Bolgia 10).

The last Ninth Circle of Hell is divided into 4 Rounds according to the seriousness of the sin. Though all residents are frozen in an icy lake. Those who committed more severe sin are deeper within the ice. Each of the 4 Rounds is named after an individual who personifies the sin. Thus Round 1 is named Caina after Cain who killed his brother Abel, Round 2 is named Antenora after Anthenor of Troy who was Priamís counselor during the Trojan War, Round 3 is named Ptolomaea after Ptolemy (son of Abubus), while Round 4 is named Judecca after Judas Iscariot, the apostle who betrayed Jesus with a kiss.


Take your pick...


not of calculus but of American Conservatism....

So when I was a kid, my progressive yet pragmatic father (as opposed to my bomb-throwing, noncompromising Socialist Mother) used to say that the fundamental tenet of American Conservatism was "Don't touch my wallet". He said that when it all boiled down to it, any program, appropriation, or other governmental action on ANY level was not going to be supported if it did not firstly, enrich the already-wealthy, and secondly, if it benefited the lower classes solely, and by lower classes he meant the bottom 98%.

But I believe that has changed under this megalomanical psychopathic narcissist: the FUNDAMENTAL THEOREM is now: anyone who hates people of color of any "stripe" are placed on an unassailable pedestal, for the crisis in their eyes is not fiscal but racial. That is simply, the whole ball of wax...or string...or whatever...

God help us....

I remember the killing of Oswald on national tv

And as a ten year old I thought: the truth will never be known.

Yes, I was that kind of kid and yes my mind worked that way even then.

No matter what documents, photos, video comes out now, itíll be discounted as fake or out of context. If they had Donald with two naked thirteen year-olds on his lap theyíd say he was trying to guess their weight.

I can only hope and pray

That these motherfuckers who are destroying families, caging children, ravaging communities, preying upon the weak and disenfranchised, suffer the most horrible fates imaginable: that pestilence and disease permeate themselves and their families and that their illnesses, suffering, and eventual demise are incredibly painful and destructive of the fabric of their lives and loves, if they are even capable of loving. And I further hope beyond hope that there is a Hell and that they are sent to the lowest circles wherein the sufferings of Eternity as per Danteís Inferno are meted out upon them. And after all is said and done they can join Tucker Carlson as he is repeatedly and forever speared with the burning lances, that smarmy hunk of stinking excrement.

My office window overlooks a Soulcycle

and now Iím angry.

They do a whopping business here starting at 5:30 AM every day.

I hope they go under slowly and excruciatingly.

This aftermath is a lesson to be learned...

When I was young, it came to light that the design of the Ford Pinto, an explosive death trap when in an accident, was maintained when it was calculated that the death claims which would have to be paid would be substantially less than redesign/retooling of the factories. It was at that moment that I realized that although human life has a dollar value which is calculated by various industries, the SANCTITY of human life is, from a corporate/government standpoint, worthless.

All this jabbering about T's and P's (thoughts and prayers) being extended shows you the worthlessness of the value of BEING: the importance and love within a family, the productivity and procreation of a lifetime, the contribution to the society. Corporate and governmental America does not really care: thus the horrific manner in which veterans were treated for centuries and to a fair extent, even now, despite their sacrifices, both real and potential. In their minds there are three hundred million people with plenty of replacements for employment and taxation. The deaths this weekend are but a blip on the continuum as far as they're concerned.

They lack the genes for altruism, plain and simple. Cold, calculating, evil at times: they are the enemy of righteousness and morality, all the while hiding behind the mantle of religiosity. It's beyond repulsive, it's subhuman.

Holy effing shit...I think I have the diagnosis:

(Yes, I know. I don't care what you think about television diagnosis)

From Wiki:

Tardive dyskinesia is characterized by repetitive, involuntary movements. Some examples of these types of involuntary movements include:[6]

Tongue movements
Lip smacking
Lip puckering
Pursing of the lips
Excessive eye blinking

Rapid, involuntary movements of the limbs, torso, and fingers may also occur.[7] In some cases, an individual's legs can be so affected that walking becomes difficult or impossible.[8] These symptoms are the opposite of patients who are diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. Parkinson's patients have difficulty moving, whereas tardive dyskinesia patients have difficulty not moving.[9]

Respiratory irregularity, such as grunting and difficulty breathing, is another symptom associated with tardive dyskinesia, although studies have shown that the prevalence rate is relatively low.[10]


I've only been doing this for 42 years...I saw him this weekend and it came to me in a flash. It accounts for almost everything including the inability to walk any distances and problems with steps.
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