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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Jersey Shore
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 09:01 AM
Number of posts: 24,456

Journal Archives

Just watched a film...Sisu. Holy crap.

Nothing better than dead NAZIS.

Remarkable movie…almost indescribable and very different from the usual.

Not for the faint of heart however.

Anyone else watching Ali Velshi subbing for Lawrence?

Great show: Swalwell, Ornstein, Jennifer Rubin…

Ali I think is genuinely angry about the direction of the country given the imminent shutdown. Great emotional questioning and honest moral angst on display.

Line of the night: Jen Rubin said that if these Republican House members were primaried and lost their jobs, what type of employment could they get? I mean, you wouldn’t hire them to feed your fish.


Believe it or not, Andrea Mitchell actually pushed back

Against the verbal diarrhea/Gish gallop which this republican asshole, was promulgating on MSNBC in reference to the so-called impeachment inquiry.

Thank God they had Dan Goldman on afterward who refuted everything this bastard said, but we could look forward to fire hose quantity and pressured bullshit and lies coming out of these peoples’ mouths.

Bad for my lunchtime appetite.

A thought for the morning...

I’m aware that many individuals cast aspersions upon this type of diagnosing by video, but in this case, the manifestations are just overwhelming.

This guy is decompensating very very quickly. All the defenses he built around himself for 70+ years are collapsing simultaneously, and he will be absolutely unable to withstand the somatic as well as mental tidal wave of disturbance, which is going to overwhelm him.

We know virtually for a fact that he has severe bowel control issues which are,I am nearly certain, secondary to severe psychological distress and pathology. Despite what he may say, or others may say about his calmness and stability during these “troubled times“, he is fast unraveling.

My prediction, and I may well be wrong, is that one day relatively soon he is going to cancel one of his so-called rallies, and things are going to go quiet for an indefinite period of time. They will probably say that he’s preparing his courtroom defenses, but in fact, he will be vegetating in an undisclosed location within his rundown palace.

No human being, rational or otherwise, could withstand this amount of pressure no matter what their pathology is, no matter what the degree of narcissism is. No matter how invulnerable he thought he was , he is on the fast track to full dysfunction and it is becoming increasingly apparent that the water is circling ever-faster in the toilet bowl.

I'm so mad/upset I could spit...

So this afternoon, a man came by the dental office in which I toil and paid his bill in cash. He made a special big deal over one of the bills , a $5 note, and when the receptionist turned it over it read: FUCK JOE BIDEN In capital letters written by a black magic marker.

She exclaimed shock and I said, “This country is going to Hell.” And she said, “You’re right. I feel like hanging this on my desk.”

I visibly winced and retorted, “Not in my presence, if you please.” and turned around and walked into my nearby office and closed the door, something I almost never do.

Terrible. And no…I’m not quitting my job and I’m not getting on a soapbox there. It’s my workplace. As an aside, the owners are liberals and good people and “warned” me about this in advance of my employment there. It’s South Jersey, home of the Klan.

Well it's another day and that means that

Joe Biden is one day older. I’m expecting at least one of the networks to put a Biden age clock in the lower right corner and you can watch him age as you watch your favorite program of tilted opinion mixed with a little bit of news.

The networks never fucking learn anything. As I posted on multiple occasions, all we heard was the coming of the “red wave“ for literally two years prior to the midterm elections. With that didn’t turn out the way they wanted it to, they had hours of analysis, and came up with a Brilliant Supposition that the Republicans were looking at the wrong things in their campaigning. Perhaps, I would posit, that the ignoramuses who run the news divisions and the networks were looking at the wrong things, and the Republicans were just feeding off of it.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and state it what I think is going to happen, presuming Trump is not incarcerated in a state or federal prison somewhere prior to the election, is that Biden will blow him away in both popular vote, and again reasonably in the electoral vote. The political pundits will gnash their blood stained teeth, look around at who to blame for the mischaracterization of the election for the last two years, fire a few people, and then predict that Biden is going to lose all his support in the midterms, because you know, The political party and power traditionally and almost invariably loses many seats in the midterms. Attention Jonathan Lemire… Lucy is holding the football.

Oh, and one more thing. Listen up here, media folk: forget the election… Let’s pretend that your family standing in a hotel lobby and is offered a ride by John Wayne Gacy, who, for the sake of argument, beat the rap on a technicality. Paul Newman steps forward and offers to drive and you shrug your shoulders and say, “ Look, no one has convicted Gacy of anything, he’s good-looking, and Newman is old and rode motorcycles for years so his judgement is in question. And Newman is married to Joanne Woodward forever, but I heard rumors that he’s cheated on her so until that is resolved, it’s another reason he’s not to be trusted. I dunno…I think we should go with the younger guy because his night vision is better.”

This is what you’re doing for the most part. You’re a bunch of hypocrites who will be sent the the Camps FIRST. Until your ox is being gored, right? You were nearly in tears on 1/6 because people you knew and worked with, perhaps were intimate with, were in danger in the Capitol. But all is well now, and you’re safely ensconced in your hi tech set. Trump keeps stating that you’re “an enemy of the people”. You had best better listen “before it’s too late” as he said about the Jews. This from a man whose only reading material mentioned in his life was the speeches of Adolph Hitler. Wake the hell up.

That’s my Yom Kippur Sermon. Now go make yourselves whole and report and opine that this cannot happen here, for if it does the experiment is over and we blew up the lab.

I have a real treat for y'all:

Remember, what seems like a thousand years ago when your “favorite“ former president was just a failing casino owner? Well… You may recall that before he left his first wife, he was surreptitiously shacking up with a young lady in or near Atlantic City who became his second wife and the mother of “what’s her name”.

I happened by pure chance to be very casually acquainted with the owner of the house in which the miscreant had her stashed, because the owner, believe it or not, was a dentist.

When he owned the house, which I believe he no longer does, this property was immaculate, year round. As you can see, not so much anymore. this is located on the boardwalk just over the boundary line between Atlantic City and Ventnor on the Ventnor side.

OK...my Senator has been indicted and

I have only one question:

Will the media state during every report that he is innocent until and unless he is proven guilty in a court by a jury of his peers?

Because that’s appended to every story about the indictments of the Trump 235.

Oh…and btw, the answer already is “no”.

P.S. I’m not defending this guy. Just the “balanced” media coverage of political indictments.

A thought for the early morning...

As many others here, I had the misfortune of watching that miserable, smarmy, revolting, sicko scumbag yesterday, chairing that committee. I got to thinking that of all the disgusting people who we are exposed to in that party, he ranks near the top, and I searched my soul for the reason or reasons he’s so loathsome and abominable and I have come to my own personal conclusions. For the record, I am not saying that this is generally the case or argument, but it is definitely specific for me.

As I’ve posted before, I went to a small private school in the 1960s and we were all required to participate in the sports programs in the season whether varsity or junior varsity. I attended the school for six years and had 18 letters, both varsity and junior varsity with some mild degree of success in a couple sports at the high school level. I might add that I was quite well aware that I would not even show up in college for any tryouts , so, as Clint Eastwood once said, I knew my limitations.

Of all the sports in which I participated, the wrestling thing was best described as bizarre. As most of you know, you are sorted by weight class and compete for placement on the team to wrestle in the matches with other schools. This was definitely not my sport, and was continuously, physically and emotionally denigrated. The coach whom they imported for wrestling, had, like the prick on Capitol Hill, been a college wrestler and formed these intimate relationships with the competent varsity guys, and gave passing waves to the less competent varsity fellows.

He was a cliquy, malevolent, angry son of a bitch, who took definite joy in watching people in physical distress and agony. If you’ve wrestled, you know that when you are in a wholly defensive position, there is a certain degree of pain, suffering and hopelessness as you are being manipulated into your pinned position. On top of everything else, you couldn’t take a leak in the bathroom without this guy telling you that you were holding your dick wrong and my joke was that he’d be willing to show you how at any given moment.

Now, after practice or meet, all of us would shower in the communal shower, including the coach for some “unknown” reason , and he would join a couple of the other miscreants, walking around naked, snapping towels at defenseless boys, who made the mistake of taking too long to get dressed. There was a sadistic malevolence about this guy, and he had the exact same tone of voice that this prick has with the anger, short sentences, sarcasm, denigration, humiliation, and clear ignorance of what makes human beings function above the base level.

After I graduated, I got to know some of the faculty and former faculty a little bit better due to alumni functions, I found out that this guy had more shit in his closet than anyone would have imagined. Many of us hated his guts, and literally wished him dead. Things did work out in that regard a few years ago, and believe me when I tell you that only occasionally do I smile when I see a death notice and his was one of those. I hope that slimy prick was in a great deal of distress before he died.

So I came to the conclusion that my visceral hatred of Gym Jordan has its origins in my adolescent psyche, and as we know about the judgment of adults by the youth, and that they are correct more often than not. I personally have no misgivings about this and every time I see that bastard or hear his name, my guts almost literally go into spasm.

Fetterman was my Senator when I lived in PA

Which was for 70+ years until recently

For whatever complaints I might have heard from the RWers, I never once heard any of them mention his casual dress when he was Lt Governor.

And you know what? All that matters is what Pennsylvanians think of him, because it doesn’t matter one with with somebody from Indiana or Mississippi thinks.
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