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Some of this is Winner's Glow

from having won so big. Everyone loves a good winner.

Some of it is Trump's big lie falling apart and his worsening mental illnesses.

But a lot of it is Joe setting a good example, just keeping his head down and doing the work, and being able to get stuff done. We'd be in a very different place without Warnock and Ossoff.

Finally, Joe is a decent man and reminds most people of what this country used to stand for. I hope he runs again in 2024. He would win.

Governing from unity quells the need for revenge.

That's why I doubt there will be a hard swing of the pendulum away from Dems after Joe. They know he's decent and loves the country.

I'm so glad he was our candidate. If we had gone with a firebrand this time, I would expect a snapback afterwards. Now I wonder if the Rs will ever have a majority. Certainly demographics are not on their side, and they are tied to white supremacist policies, which will be like an anvil to them as they drown.

Granted, there was a hard swing after Obama, but it was not for lack of him trying to govern the whole country magnanimously. Republicans never accepted a black man in the White House. Trump to them was the anti-Obama: unreasonable, stupid and egotistical. May Republicans be ashamed of him forever.

If it's any consolation, this was the last of the battles that

had to respect the office of president. He is now a private citizen, subject to law, as Mitch and Castor said. No fixers like Cohen or Barr. No Rosenstein to land the plane. No Roy Cohn to defend him, just a circus of ineptitude and bad-faith bluster. And a trail of crimes a mile long.

If it's insider trading, yes.

Trading on non-public information.

Best way to avoid that is do what they should have done and warn the public, what with them being public officials and all. Then sell. But they would have made less money.

Shows you their priorities.

As an aside, I think you hit on the culture war we're in.

Itís more of an urban/rural divide than anything else.

In cities, you can see your tax dollars at work; thereís public transport, street repair, libraries, etc. In rural areas, you donít; so they see government as taking their taxes and not giving them anything in return. We could argue that national defense helps them, and law enforcement helps them, but these are not as visible as public works projects. In most rural areas, law enforcement will not arrive fast enough in an emergency, so they rely on gun ownership for self-defense.

In this light, the D and R labels seem more like a symptom than the cause. I post this mostly to get us thinking of other ways to talk to any remaining rural voters who are not yet subsumed by the cult of Trump.

If Klobuchar is below 15% in most caucus locations,

where do her supporters go? Ideologically, probably closer to Biden or Buttigieg. For those wanting a female candidate, or someone who has never lost, there's Warren. In either case, I don't see Bernie picking up much of Amy's base.

Sanders and Warren share much of the same fan base, so Iowa will be zero-sum for them. If you can give everyone healthcare in a well-regulated capitalist system, that seems more viable to me than a socialist candidate. So I would favor Warren, but Bernie may beat her here.

All our major candidates are good, but I am leaning Biden at this point. We have to win it all, and he's the one who can win the midwest and thereby the EC. The fact that Trump is terrified of him, as we see in the trial, says a lot. If Biden's the nominee, Trump winds up in a New York jail and he knows it.

He was talking about 2016, right?

And worried about a Clinton/Sanders unity ticket.

Different field this time around. A lot of key events in the Ukraine saga coincide with the release of polls showing Biden trouncing Trump, which tells me he's terrified of Biden. I don't see Trump hunting for dirt on Sanders. Maybe he thinks he already has enough.

His win was the result of a coordinated foreign attack

from an adversary who considers itself at war with the United States and acts accordingly. Influencing our elections and our discourse to our detriment is their goal.

Putinís FSB is creating instability worldwide wherever it can, with weaponized psychographic techniques such as those pioneered by Cambridge Analytica. Brexit is one such victory. Trumpís election was another. We have a willing subject of the Kremlin in the White House, unconcerned about the damage he causes to our national security, public wellbeing, and treasury. Anyone who is not suspicious of Trump is either misled by propaganda or being deliberately disingenuous.

Since the day he took office, Trump has violated the Constitution by refusing to divest from his business interests. He is unfit for office, and his subsequent behavior bears this out. Those who opposed him since day one are correct. If saying so annoys those who worship him, that is to be expected.

My hope beyond hope

I wonít sugar-coat this; these are dark times. Our republic hangs in the balance. We have a malignant tumor but the surgeon lacks the will to operate.

In 2015, Russia hacked RNC email servers but is still holding the contents. Republicansí actions suggest they are under threat of blackmail and not simply fearful of a Trump nickname or a primary opponent.

Many Senators must secretly grumble about having to kowtow to Trump, but cannot oppose him publicly for whatever reason. But there is one thing they can do: boycott the Senate trial. Participating in a sham process only lends it legitimacy, right?

The Constitution specifies that ďno Person shall be convicted without the Concurrence of two-thirds of the Members present." Not the whole Senate, just those present.

If a handful Republicans view the trial as such a travesty that they protest with their absence, fewer votes will be needed to make two-thirds. They could do so while still publicly praising Trump and criticizing the proceedings, immunizing themselves from the tweetstorm.

Thoughts like this give me hope. We may see some combination of defectors and protestors that lower the magic number to less than 67.

The fate of our country is at stake, and I will not despair.

I don't care who gets the credit or blame.

We have to get the traitor OUT by any means, then we can restore democracy.

There will be plenty of time for finger-pointing later. ALL of that is of secondary importance. Besides, the traitors are already easy to spot with their public statements.

If your house is on fire, you don't care if the firefighters have muddy boots. You just don't.
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