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Gender: Male
Hometown: Alabama
Member since: Sun Jul 1, 2012, 08:43 PM
Number of posts: 1,374

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Polls show states that know the candidates best all support Obama/Biden

How are the people in the states who know the candidates best going to vote? Let's look at the latest polls:

Michigan - Mitt Romney's home state - Obama/Biden +7
Massachusetts - Romney was governor - Obama/Biden +20
Wisconsin - Paul Ryan's home state - serves as a Representative - Obama/Biden +4

Hawaii - Barack Obama's home state - Obama/Biden +27
Illinois - Obama represented as a Senator - Obama/Biden +19
Delaware - Joe Biden's home state - represented as a Senator - Obama/Biden +25

The states where people know them best all prefer Obama/Biden. That should tell you something.

Posted by RedStateLiberal | Mon Nov 5, 2012, 01:40 PM (2 replies)

EarlG brought a special guest with him to the DNC :P


Posted by RedStateLiberal | Thu Sep 6, 2012, 07:52 PM (3 replies)

Animated GIF: RNC - They Live

Put on your special sunglasses.

Special thanks to EarlG's fantastic photoshop thread:
Posted by RedStateLiberal | Tue Aug 28, 2012, 09:30 PM (2 replies)

FreedomWorks: "We've definitely taken over the Republican Party."

[div class="excerpt" style="border-left: 1px solid #bfbfbf; border-top: 1px solid #bfbfbf; border-right: 1px solid #bfbfbf; border-radius: 0.3077em 0.3077em 0em 0em; box-shadow: 2px 2px 6px #bfbfbf;"]Tea party influences GOP platform talks in Tampa
[div class="excerpt" style="border-left: 1px solid #bfbfbf; border-bottom: 1px solid #bfbfbf; border-right: 1px solid #bfbfbf; border-radius: 0em 0em 0.3077em 0.3077em; background-color: #f4f4f4; box-shadow: 2px 2px 6px #bfbfbf;"]TAMPA — When Republicans nominated John McCain for president in 2008, conservative groups associated with the tea party had yet to form.

Four years later, these groups claim they are practically writing the party platform ahead of the Republican National Convention here next week.

"We're extremely happy that the tea party can have this type of influence," said Ryan Hecker, a legal adviser for FreedomWorks, the conservative advocacy group founded by Dick Armey. "We've definitely taken over the Republican Party."

More than 100 delegates met Monday at the Marriott Waterside to draft the Republican platform in a sneak peek of the Aug. 27-30 convention. The platform is a 50-page document that provides policy statements that will guide Mitt Romney's presidential campaign from here on out.

Continue Reading at Tampa Bay Times

If elected, Mitt Romney will be nothing more than a puppet for the teabaggers. We must do everything in our power to ensure that does not happen.

Posted by RedStateLiberal | Mon Aug 20, 2012, 08:56 PM (7 replies)

Image: Don't Make Grandpa Live In The Basement

To go along with the Munsters theme...

From this:
Posted by RedStateLiberal | Sat Aug 11, 2012, 06:19 PM (6 replies)

New word submitted to Urban Dictionary: "Mitticism"


Definition: An unclever attempt at wit or stupid remark made by Mitt Romney.

Example: "Mitt Romney's latest Mitticism is calling the president's criticism of his tax policy 'Obamaloney'."

I hope they accept it!

I'll update if it gets published at UrbanDictionary.com
Posted by RedStateLiberal | Tue Aug 7, 2012, 03:28 PM (11 replies)

New Twitter Political Index has Obama besting Romney

What is the Twitter Political Index?

The Twitter Political Index is a daily measurement that evaluates the sentiment of Twitter users feelings about the candidates, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, relative to the more than 400 million Tweets sent about all other topics each day.

Check it out here: http://election.twitter.com/

More info at:

Explosive growth in political conversation on Twitter has created a massive data set that will form the informational foundation for the new Index.  The so-called “Twindex” aspires to reinforce traditional public polling by capturing the nuances of public opinion that are often missed in traditional polls.  Traditional polling is often very limited because, among other reasons, they use less specific questions and target a relatively small amount of people.

The Twitter Blog explained how the Twindex operates, saying, “Each day, the Twindex evaluates and weighs the sentiment of Tweets mentioning Obama or Romney relative to the more than 400 million Tweets sent on all other topics. For example, a score of 73 for a candidate indicates that Tweets containing their name or account name are on average more positive than 73 percent of all Tweets.”

Traditional polls are more reliable but this is fun to watch. I have no clue how they could weigh the sentiment of Tweets, but it's quite interesting.

If anything I think this "Twindex" shows that the youth are much more in favor of Obama. Sure hope they show up on election day.
Posted by RedStateLiberal | Thu Aug 2, 2012, 02:35 AM (0 replies)

An Obama quote taken out of context, yet again

Mitt Romney is at it again, continuing his dishonest campaign by trying to take yet another Obama quote out of context.

From: The Washington Post

“Barack Obama on the Economy”

— headline in a Romney campaign ad, followed by President Obama speaking:

“We tried our plan — and it worked. That’s the difference. That’s the choice in this election. That’s why I’m running for a second term.”


In other words, in an inelegant way, Obama is trying to compare Democratic philosophy (raise taxes on the wealthy — “our plan”) with Republican philosophy (don’t raise any taxes — “their plan”). He also appears to be trying to hitch his presidency to the economic success of the Clinton years. He can rightly argue that he’s never had a chance to do what Bill Clinton did — raise taxes on the wealthy — because Republicans have blocked his efforts.


Still . . . the Romney ad starts off by claiming that Obama is talking about today’s economy. And then the ad is filled with comments from ordinary Americans about how they are suffering today.


The Pinocchio Test

It may well be disingenuous of Obama to wrap his policies in the mantle of Bill Clinton, but he was talking to a roomful of Democrats. We also make some allowances for awkward language uttered off the cuff, especially if it appears to be a one-time statement. (The Romney campaign did not supply any other examples of Obama claiming his economic plan worked.)

In any case, the Romney campaign clearly ripped these words out of context, leaving them untethered from their original meaning — in order to score political points in a highly misleading way. Obama was not talking about today’s economy, but about different philosophies of taxation.

Four Pinocchios

Posted by RedStateLiberal | Mon Jul 30, 2012, 03:52 PM (5 replies)

A DUer's Guide: How The Olympics Hurts Romney

The 2012 Summer Olympic Games offers plenty of potential attacks on Mitt Romney.

1) Romney has a horse named Rafalca competing in the Olympics in the 'sport' of dressage..

- He's out of touch and can't relate to the average American.

- He tried to get a huge tax write-off ($77,000) for the horse. (Brings the narrative back to tax havens and releasing tax returns.)

- Dressage is cruel to horses.  I don't think there's any direct evidence the Romneys were involved in animal abuse (other than the dog of the roof of the car) but it is questionable how horses are trained for this 'sport'.


2) Romney's 2002 Olympics outsourced USA uniforms to Burma 

- He has a long history of outsourcing jobs overseas. (Brings the narrative back to Bain.)

- Burma's human rights issues.

- Romney wouldn't comment on the 2012 controversy over outsourced USA Olympic uniforms that are made in China.

- Romney commissioned official Olympic pin in his likeness that was made in Bangladesh and/or China.


3) Romney's 2002 Olympics took in much more federal money ($1.3 billion) than any previous time it was in the US. 

- Counters the out-of-context "You didn't build that" lie.

- He touted this as a good thing and bragged about it when running for governor but now opposes federal stimulus. (Hypocrite)

- Counters the claim that he was responsible for "saving" the Olympics. (He didn't do it alone - we all did with our tax dollars)

- Romney's Olympics were not profitable.


4) Romney told Olympic athletes that they didn't get there alone.

- Counters the out-of-context "You didn't build that" lie.

- Shows Romney is a hypocrite.


5) Most of the records from Romney's 2002 Olympics are either unavailable or destroyed.

- He is secretive. (Brings the narrative back to releasing tax returns, when he really ran Bain, and offshore tax havens.)

- He promised “complete transparency” when he took charge of the scandal-plagued Salt Lake City Olympics. (Where are his tax returns?)

- He also hid records from his time as governor by buying hard drives.


6) In advance of Romney's trip to London for the games, a campaign adviser made racist comments when comparing Mitt's ethnic heritage to Obama's to a newspaper reporter.

- Speaks for itself. The dog whistle is now a bullhorn.


7) Romney's advisers are criticizing President Obama on foreign soil.

- Shows his complete lack of respect for the POTUS and that Romney is a hypocrite.

- This has long been a conservative complaint whenever any Democrat criticizes the president while in a foreign country - especially when we are at war.


8) Romney is traveling abroad so don't forget about his offshore money and tax havens. (tax returns, tax returns, tax returns)

- He is raising campaign money on his overseas trip. (This has also been used as an attack on Obama for doing the same.)

- Reminder that he outsourced jobs, was an outsourcing pioneer, tax havens, etc.


9) Romney’s shady connections from Salt Lake Olympics are still paying off.

- Questionable business associates. (Bain)


10) Romney claims he left Bain to run the Olympics in 1999 but it has been proven that is not true. He signed documents showing he was CEO, president, chairman of the board, and sole stockholder until 2002.


11) The British press doesn't like Romney and his remarks about the London Olympics.

- How will he be on foreign policy if he can't even get through a trip to the Olympics without controversy?


I'm sure much more will come out in the days ahead while Romney is on his Olympic trip. Please feel free to reply and add your own ideas and links.

Posted by RedStateLiberal | Thu Jul 26, 2012, 12:30 PM (10 replies)

Yep, they went there: Blatant Racism From Romney Adviser

Do NOT let the mainstream media ignore this!

Mitt Romney would restore 'Anglo-Saxon' relations between Britain and America

As the Republican presidential challenger accused Barack Obama of appeasing America's enemies in his first foreign policy speech of the US general election campaign, advisers told The Daily Telegraph that he would abandon Mr Obama’s “Left-wing” coolness towards London.

In remarks that may prompt accusations of racial insensitivity, one suggested that Mr Romney was better placed to understand the depth of ties between the two countries than Mr Obama, whose father was from Africa.

“We are part of an Anglo-Saxon heritage, and he feels that the special relationship is special,” the adviser said of Mr Romney, adding: “The White House didn’t fully appreciate the shared history we have”.

Mr Romney on Wednesday embarks on an overseas tour of Britain, Israel and Poland designed to quash claims by Mr Obama’s team that he is a “novice” in foreign affairs. It comes four years after Mr Obama’s own landmark foreign tour, which attracted thousands of supporters.


How the HELL would your ethnic heritage have any impact whatsoever on whether you can "fully appreciate the shared history we have" with England???
Posted by RedStateLiberal | Wed Jul 25, 2012, 12:55 AM (13 replies)
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