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Smackdown2019's Journal
Smackdown2019's Journal
February 7, 2024

Tomorrow and the future decision will be a stepping stone.

Marjorie Taylor Green, should be worried.
Even though she already went through her insurrection trial in Georgia prior to her last election, she did violated her oath of Office in 2023.

That oath of office was to defend and support the US Constitution and Amendment 14, disqualifies anyone, "given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof."

What act did this vile congresswoman do?

In March 2023, she went to the DC Jail amd high-five the Insurrectist defendants, giving pat on the defendants backs and chatting, "lets go brandon" are clear indicators of giving comfort to this country enemies.

Remember, these Insurrectist carried a battle flag, it was the Trump flag, which is a small army that took over the US Capitol.

January 30, 2024

Abbott thinks it be a Political Blunder on Biden

So the Great state of Texas believes it could ignore the US Supreme Court and continue its defiance onto the US Government. The oath of office for Governor explicitly states to "preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States", if Governor Abbott os creating an issue that goes against the US Government in violation of the laws, therefore Governor Abbott could be charged for crimes against the US Government. So the political blunder has already been done, if Biden Federalize the National Guard, Biden is upholding his oath of office.

January 4, 2024

The Law and the US Constitution

All Laws have been implemented by means of legislation of Federal, State, County or Municipal actions. What set's the laws into proper enforcement is the Executive and Judical elements of our government.

What binds the three tier system and the lower government bodies is the US Constitution granting then to exist.

That same US Constitution that grants government bodies to exist, also grants the US Supreme Court to exist.

If the Supreme Court Judiciary goes against the US Constitution, then the US Constitution is weak. All US Supreme Court Judges that are allowed to vote against the law of the land, but for their belief of choice of politics, shall be impeached for failing to uphold their Oath of Office.

Thus, I believe trump will succumb to the Laws of the Land and evidently be removed from the ballot and lose another case at hand.

Supreme Court does go by the Laws of the land, it be unprecedented if they go for an Insurrectist favor.

December 27, 2023

Gun Wielding Mark McCloskey lost his appeal

The St Louis lawyer Mark McCloskey and his wife, who took their weapons in 2021 and brandish their weapons to the protesters, lost their appeals to aquire their weapons they lost after pleading guilty to the weapon charges.

December 24, 2023

Tired of hearing let the voters decide

When I hear or read that the voters should decide, they are gambling MY rights away when there is a clear law forcing the system to prevent those who violate their oath of office or was found "in court of law" to be an Insurrectist.

If they took arms or support against the United States, then they should never have any doings with the United States, that should include pensions.

14th amendment is quite clear, its for preservation of the United States from those who tried to hurt or Nation.

So next time you hear someone says they should let the voters decide, replied back, they tried to take your vote away on Jan 6 and they lost they rights after that.

December 23, 2023

Nixon vs Fitzgerald

In this case, it was brought forth to settle the issue of immunity of the Presidential powers when in office and it was settled in cleared words. In which it states." that the President is not immune from criminal charges stemming from his official or unofficial acts while he is in office" . The case went further on talking Official Acts. Meaning speechs that are of an official capacity of the Office of the Presidency. The Jan 6, 2023 should Not be an Official Act of the Presidency for no mention of the government interest was spoken and the event was set as assembly of Trump Supporters to gather to Stop the Steel /Save America rallies.

In 2023, lawsuits and criminal charges have been impose over the lies of the Presidential 2020 Election that brought forth the ralliers that then turned in Insurrectist. One court even found Trump to be an Insurrectist over this rally and should be barred to hold any public office.

So, perhaps the Supreme Court actually did do it right and require the court appeals to take the case. In that future Court of Appeals case, they could use other court opinions and the Nixon vs Fitzgerald ruling to assert Trump has no immunity over his Non-official Acts on January 6, 2021. Once it is appealed to the US Supreme Court, a decline to take the case could again be easily given as the current decline over the case; thus keeping Mr. Jack Smith case on track for start of the case. United States vs. Donald J Trump

December 20, 2023

Justice Boatright decision is incorrect

In dissenting, Colorado Justice Boatright stated, “In the absence of an insurrection-related conviction, I would hold that a request to disqualify a candidate under Section Three of the Fourteenth Amendment is not a proper cause of action under Colorado’s election code,”

After the Civil War, they didnt hold trials to convict Confederate Soldiers of insurrection, they simply look at the evidence. After the Civil War, Confederate Soldiers were paroled and returned back to their lives. An insurrection is an act against the United States, either to overthrow or to destroy. 14th amendment was created to prevent a repeat of a violent take over or peaceful takeover by election means.
One could insurrect and dont have to be convicted, but still could lose all citizen rights without a trial if evidence is proven in court.
Example, dead robber found at the scene of the robbery. Dead robber is not convicted, but is proven to at the scene robbing. Conviction is not necessarily if prove is concrete.

December 20, 2023

Insurrection is TREASON, meanwhile in Trump Campaign headquarters....

Trump, "@$#^^@^^^#&&@%%#&&^%@^&&!$$@^%@%^#&@^%#%&@&%#&&@^%#^@^^"

His Aides...... are currently looking at other campaigns. 😀

Early Christmas presents everyone...

December 19, 2023


So the GOP and the Nazi party is wanting to close off the border to immigrants.

Which border?

Our Nation is vast and connects to THREE oceans; Atlantic, Pacific and Artic Ocean. Including international borders we share with direct or indirectly with. Directly, Mexico, Canada, and Cuba. Indirectly with a body of water less than 20 miles, Russia, Great Britain Territory, and Hayti.

If we close the border totally like North Korea does with their Borders, imagine the cost and impractical means? If and i say If this was to be the case to actually be pulled off, it be the first since our borders expanded since 1780s. In other words, its just a high price talk point to get votes.

So who will we close the border to?

Granted, there is a fine line to advert those that fail to go about legal means and those who are legitimately running for safety.

If the GOP and Nazi talk point is just shut down the border, HOW?

I have the solution, simple!

Main reason that immigrants are crossing into the US is for saftey. Economy is another factor.

So, drug lords are the evil force of immigration, we declared war with them in the 80s, lets do that again and root them off the face of the earth!

December 18, 2023

Lets be real on the GOP Inquiry.....

Lets say they foolishly voted to impeach Biden.... GOP and the MAGA Deplorables that is....

Are they wanting to put Vice-President Harris in the Oval Office? The answer is no. They know there is NO way it will even get to the Senate, for there is nothing but lies they are spewing to their base to garner more money for their campaigns and somehow thinking they are tarnishing Biden.

So if you have a colleague that is talking how much they want Biden impeached, remind them Vice-President Harris is next in line...... then watch their reaction to that!

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